January 31, 2014


"Getting to know alllllllllllll about youuuuuuuuuu"

Today I'm linking up with Leslie for a 'Getting to know you'

I thought it would be fun to switch it up, to keep 
things freshie fresh here in pinkland.
Hi friends, my name's Pinky!

I'm a 30 [eek] year old gal that lives in Northern Virgina, 
right outside Washington D.C.
When I was young I moved around a lot, because my father was in the Army,
but we've lived in the NOVA area since I was in first grade. 

I've worked at the same communications conglomerate for seven years.
What started out as just a job for a year or two has become a job
that I don't really care for, but one that allows me to have a life I enjoy.

I've been able to travel for mission trips to 
Brazil[x2], New Orleans[x2] and Mississippi [x5]
which all were amazing experiences. 
I also have enough vacation to be able to travel for various
kickball tournaments all over the US. 

Speaking of kickball, that is the sport I was playing
when I met the man of my dreams aka Le Husband.
We met playing kickball on the National Mall three years ago
and started dating a few weeks after we met. 
The past three years have been the best years of my life
with many wonderful memories and fun times.
Winning the championship in Vegas in 2012 
is one of my favorite memories with C.

This past September we were married, in a perfectly us ceremony,
surrounded by our closest friends and family.
We're still in the newlywed bubble and enjoying our time
together as just husband and wife.

Le Husband is the perfect addition to my already 

My family is extremely close and I'm so blessed to 
call each of them MINE!

We're LOUD, full of energy and love and somehow
everything has the opportunity to turn into a party
when we're all together.  

My friends have nicknamed us the "Brady Bunch"
and it's nickname I ADORE!

 My Mama is one of the kindest most genuine people you will ever meet. She has more energy than me sometimes, and has the biggest heart in the world. I'm her 'minime' in the looks department and often in the antics department too. As many mother-daughter relationships, we've had our ups and downs but, she truly is a friend, as well as a mother. My wedding wouldn't have been HALF what it was without her and we had so much fun on my wedding day.

 Daddy is the foundation of our family. Poor introvert is surrounded by four, female extroverts and often gets out talked. He takes it in stride though, commenting on how the oxygen is constantly 'sucked' out of the house from all the talking. He's the calm of the storm and the man I've measured every boyfriend against. Being the first born I was named after him and that's an honor I hold dear to my heart. Having him walk me down the aisle and give me away at my wedding was amazing. He kept me calm as always and we had a blast surprising everyone at the reception with a special dance during our Father/Daughter dance.

My two sisters are my best friends and I can't imagine life without them. We always got along, but it took us all going to college for the best friend bond to truly form. They are who I call when I need advice, when I'm upset or when I see something funny. We are always laughing [at each other or together] and when we get together watch out, it's a party and a half. I mean who else wears weird hats meeting a sister at the airport?

They were my co-maids of honor and they did an amazing job. I had the best bridal shower and bachelorette party and they helped me out when I felt stressed. I can't wait to be there for their weddings and beyond. They are my super heroes and role models and I love watching them rock the world!

 2013 was the most incredible, whirlwind of a year and now I finally feel like I'm back on solid ground. Le Husband and I aren't quite ready for children as we have many travel plans and things to accomplish before we get the title of Mom and Dad. 

Our biggest goal for 2014 is figuring out exactly where we are going housing and job wise. I personally, am ready for a drastic job change, but need to know where I will be living before I start looking at WHAT I want to do or be. 

Ideally I would love to work in the sports industry
 or with children in some capacity, but we will have to see
what the future brings.

Pinkpersistence was created  in 2010 as a creative outlet and a place to focus my thoughts, while in a tumultuous relationship. I didn't have a comment for the first year, but enjoyed being creative and posting my thoughts on the internetz ;)!

The past three years plus I've learned a ton about myself and met some incredible women. I've formed friendships that I would never have found without blogging. Crazy to think that the internet brought these amazing ladies into my life. I've learned a lot about blogging and myself and am looking forward to what 2014 holds for this lil space.

A few random facts:
I despise feet.
I've never broken a bone.
I was a huge tomboy growing up.
I like dogs more than cats.
I didn't break 100 pounds until sophomore year of college.
I have never seen the movie, The Patriot.
Spy Game is one of my favorite movies.
I've visited four of the seven continents.
I can cross my pinky toes.

Well, that was fun. I hope you enjoyed getting to KNOW me!

Looking forward to learning about y'all today :)!

January 30, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

It's been awhile since I did some 'Open Letters'
so I thought I'd bring em back today.

Dear Woosh: Please happen quickly, kay thanks.Dear cold weather: Feel free to skedaddle anytime now. I appreciate the beautiful snow you've gifted us, but I'm completely over the frigid temperatures.  Dear pink puffy coat: Yes, you are a children's coat, but my goodness you are so very warm. Thank you fore keeping me from freezing this past month.

 Dear Sparkles, I kind of love you a lot!

Dear Sleep: I love you lots, please stop escaping me at night. Dear massage: You really need to be scheduled ASAP, this body is full of knots. Dear The Good Wife: You are so GOOD! Must have more episodes soon!
Dear Winter Olympics: EEEK! You are so flipping close, I can't wait to hear the National Anthem as we kick those other countries' butts ;)! Dear dumb@$$terrorists: If you even think of messing with my games, I will hunt you down. STOP being horrible humans.
Dear Downton Abbey: I'm really digging you too. Thanks for making me realize how STUPID our generation sounds. I'm investing in a Thesaurus post haste. Dear juice pulp muffins: You may not have risen as muffins are supposed to, and kind of crumble, but my do you taste good. Thanks for being healthy too :) Dear Husband: I'm having the time of my life with you! Dear Superbowl: Even though I don't really care about either team, I'm excited for our Superbowl get together and the good food it will bring. YAY ROTEL and turkey sliders! YUMMY! Dear Daddy: Happy Birthday on Saturday! :)

Dear blog readers: Have a fabulous day!!! :)

January 29, 2014

Waiting on the WOOOOSH!

Like many people at the beginning of the year, Le Husband and I
vowed to get our tails back in shape.
We are both tired of feeling sluggish and being much heavier
than we should be right now. 

We've been hitting it hard at the gym for the past three weeks.

I'm talking really hard. Heavy lifting three times a week and I'll throw in a day or two of cardio if I have time. Usually Zumba or a short run or sports game [soccer, flag football, dodge-ball].
I feel strong 90% of the time, although there are days where
I feel just like this:
Tooooooooooooo heavy!
I've basically been mirroring what Le Husband is doing, to see if that gives me different results than my normal workouts. I know he will have success quicker than I will, darn boys, but it's nice to be doing the same thing so we can work out together.  Gym dates make the workout more fun too. 

I can see/feel myself getting stronger as the weight lifted
has been increasing steadily.

When we first started, I was maxing out at 65 lbs on most chest exercises and 80 lbs on squats. Now I'm up to 80 lbs on chest and 100 lbs on squats. Every time I increase my weight and make a full rep I get excited. I'm looking forward to watching the weight increase more as we lift more and more.

Dead lift
Lat Pull-down
Good Mornings
Dumb Bell Fly
Ball Curl
55 X 8
45 X 8
40 X 10
30 X 10
15 X 10
10 reps
65 X 8
55 X 8
45 X 10
30 X 10
15 X 10
10 reps
70 X 8
65 X 8
50 X 10
30 X 10
15 X 10
10 reps
75 X 8
75 X 8
50 X 10
30 X 10

10 reps
70 X 10
65 X 8

65 X 10
55 X 8

While the strength is awesome, the fact that the number on the scale isn't going down is not awesome at all. I'm not to the point of frustration yet, because it took me four months to accumulate the extra weight, so I know it's going to take l o n g e r than four week for me to really see/feel the effects.

I'm just waiting on the WOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

The start of the

The point where the ell bees and the inches start [dropping].

And the clothes start feeling looser.

The point where I can actually SEE a difference in my body.

That's what I'm desperately waiting for right now.

I worked so incredibly hard the last three months before the wedding
and even though I felt there was more I could have done
to be more cut, I toned up well.

I even toned up a lil too much and my dress was a tad bit
loose, which made for a fun safety pin moment
on the big day :)! Thank goodness for amazing bridesmaids.

I'm soooooooooooo ready to get back to that girl.

Hopefully the clean eats, lifting and cardio will be my ticket
back to the body I know and love.

So woooooooooooosh, hurry your tail up mmmkay?!

January 28, 2014

Why I'm Not Ready For A Child

I have a confession to make. I love me some Baby Mamas.
Especially blog Baby Mamas.

 I love y'all, I really really do! I think y'all are rock stars x a bazillion and your lil bundles of joy are the cahhhhhhhhhutest lil things ever. I'm not prego [phew] but I love reading Mommy blogs, because the kids are so stinkin' cute. Especially these two:
 Keep posting pictures, because I like looking at em!

But, just because I adore Baby Mamas and their babies, does NOT mean I'm ready to be a mommy quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite yet.

Here are JUST a few reasons why!


I like my sleep.  A lot! I am not someone that can function on less than seven hours of sleep well. I can kind of manage on five, with lots of coffee and water, but totally am a monster if I have to do that back to back days. I've heard that lil humans require a lot of work and don't sleep very long either. Which means Mama ain't sleeping much either. When the time comes, I'll be a happy insomniac I'm sure, but right now, bring on the extra sleeping in ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs!

Travel, travel, travel. We like to travel, we like, we like to travel. It's mostly just weekend trips here and there [for kickball] and sometimes we take longer trips with family or just ourselves. We enjoy the freedom of being able to travel at the drop of a hat and of only planning for two adults. I can't wait to have kids and take them on awesome trips, full of miss-haps, memories and fussing, but for now, ensuring two adults get on a plane is enough for me to handle.

Home is an apartment. A quaint, adorable, perfect for two apartment. That is ]bursting[ at the seams with all of our individual and combined wedding stuff. We've purged everything we could, but there is still stuff that has to be smooshed to get it put away. I can't even fathom trying to fit a crib, changing table and everything else that is needed for a child in our place. It honestly couldn't happen without a storage unit and that would not be easy or fun. Plus, we are thinking of moving [hopefully] by the end of the year and I can't begin to describe how much torture I think moving while pregnant or with a six month old would be. I'd much rather be settled into a new place first than be in limbo with a child.

I don't wanna get fat ;)! Yes, I know it's all for the baby and that a woman's body is an incredible baby making machine, but I'm scuuuuuuuurred to gain that much weight. I've always had a petite, athletic build and I'm not ready to watch it all go away yet. Granted, I'm ecstatic for the bigger bubbies [ittybittygirlhere] and a more feminine figure, but I'm not ready for stretch marks or weighing 20 to 30 pounds more than I do now. My biggest fear is looking like Jessica Simpson did during her first pregnancy, woof! I need the next year or so to get in tip top shape, so I can jump right back into it after everything baby.

I'm way too selfish. I like shoes, and make up and shopping sales whenever I want. I do admit, that since the wedding I've been really good about not shopping for unnecessary things. I delete sale emails more than normal and don't feel the neeeeed to shop just because there is sale. BUT, I like the luxury in KNOWING I could if I wanted to. My financial adviser calls kids money munchers and talking to fellow mommies, it's the truth. Right now I'm happy not having to decide between pampers and those sweet, hot lil pink pumps ;)!

Enjoying Husband and Wife time. I've heard from multiple, multiple sources how important it is to have just husband and wife time. This advice has come from old couples, new parents, and even couples that lived together before getting married. Everyone says that everything changes when a baby comes into the mix and having a solid husband/wife foundation can only help right?! Obviously, things happen for a reason for everyone and if we were to begin the journey of having a child today I'm sure we'd be fabulous, but for now I'm enjoying and loving the time I have with just my husband.


I am so excited for the day when I am a mommy and hope to have a big family of cute cuddly children with Le Husband. My dreams has always to be a mom and it will surely be the most important role I will ever play. But, God willing, that won't be for a year or so. 
I'm hopeful He doesn't have other plans :)!

Linking up with Kristin for the my FIRST
[and probably last, for awhile at least ;)]

January 24, 2014

5 Easy [HEALHTY] Pinterest Recipes

Today we're talking Pinterest food.

Healthy Pinterest food that I've found to be tasty and pretty easy.

Food is a big deal in my life, if you couldn't tell. 

I love to eat it and I love to make it.

Since I'm back on the health train, 
I thought I would share some fun, yummy recipes that 
I found [and used] on Pinterest.
1] Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt
I made this recipe earlier in the week, with a few modifications and it was fantastic. I added in a scoop of protein powder, a teaspoon of Nutella and just used regular chocolate chips, instead of minis. I decided not to freeze the mixture, but instead had small portions after lunch each day this week. If you like chocolate, peanut butter and need an afternoon sweet treat, I totally recommend making this quick, cheap easy snack.

2] Avocado, Mango, Tomato Salsa
This recipe just screams summer to me which is something I'm desperately wanting right now, with all the snow here on the East coast. I've been feeling snacky lately, so I'm trying to find new recipes to curb the snack monster. I prepped this recipe Tuesday night for work and it was super delicious when I tasted it that night. I have to admit, it wasn't as great the next morning, but I think that's because the juice from the tomatoes and mango kind of muddled the avocado. Going forward, I'll still prep things, but keep them separate until I want to eat the dip. If you're craving summer, try this recipe.

 3] Philly Cheese-steak Stuffed Peppers
C and I are always looking for new ways to make dinners that taste great, but have little to NO processed carbs in them. This is especially important on non workout days, where we choose to add in more fats instead. I found this recipe on Pinterest awhile ago and have made it before. We had it on our meal plan this week and it made a yummy addition to our normal  rotation. There were a few modifications [we cooked our own 'roast' the night before instead of using roast beef] but it was still a pretty quick and tasty meal.

4] Sweet Potato Chips
I love me some homemade sweet potato chips. They give that crunch I'm always craving, but are a gobzillion times better for you than normal processed carbs. Word to the wise, you really truly need a mandolin to make these chips. Trying to cut them thin enough with a knife is way too much of a hassle and for the most part a mandolin will keep all of the chips the same size. Which comes in KEY when baking them in the oven. The chips are a slight labor of love, but completely worth it.

5] Tilapia packets

 While I haven't replicated this exact recipe yet, I have my own variation that I've used. Fish is such a great, lean meal and when you 'beef' it up with some veggies a very filling meal too. I love how fresh this looks, with the dill, lemon and greens. Hopefully I'll be able to give this one a try sometime next week. 

Do you have any fun, healthy recipes to share this week?

*linking up here again!*

January 22, 2014

Words You'll Never Hear Me Say

Everyone talks differently. Accents, inflections, dramatizations and "likes" all make our conversations go round. People use different vocabulary words to describe certain things and for the most part, I think I'm on par with what's 'hip' or trendy in speak.

But, there are a few words/phrases that most people use, that you'll never hear come out of my mouth.
M0*st - UGH! Probably my least favorite word EVER! I will do ANYTHING to not say [or hear] this word. I know that as a foodie and dessert lover I should be okay with the word, but ugh eww no! Just call the chicken juicy or tender, those words work just as well.

P3netr@ate - Pahlease understand this before reading on, that I'm talking about the use of the word in SPORTS and sports only. Get ya mind out of the gutter y'all. If you're familiar with sports, as an athlete or a fan, you've heard the phrase "*BEEP* the defense". And EVERYTIME my coach uttered that phrase I winced or squirmed, just soooooooooooo not the word for me.

Kiddo/s - Children incur many a nickname growing up and for whatever reason, this is just NOT one of them that I enjoy using. I'll call em kids, chickens, munchkins, lovebugs, and kidkats which probably aren't terms many other people use, and that's totally understandable. To each their own. But the word kiddo/s just reminds me of a movie/cartoon I saw growing up, where a dopey old man would say "okay kiddo/s, let's...." and well, that's so not me!

LOL - I've been known to use OTHER abbreviations [wth, omw, brb, btw], but I've never been on the LOL [smileyface] train. I'd rather just say haha or heehee. To me, that's the same thing as 'laughing out loud' and only one or two extra letters.

Hubby/Hubs - C is my husband. That's it. Nothing about him or his personality evokes the word "hubby or hubs". I know many people use these terms as nicknames, but I prefer to use honey or love instead. And if you use hubby/hubs, more power to ya, but C just isn't a 'hubby/hubs' kind of guy.

Piss [as in, "take a ...] - I'm the first to admit I am no angel and have been known to utter multiple curse words or inappropriate phrases. However, I've never considered myself 'crude' which is why this phrase is so not me. I don't care if it's a dude or a gal, the phrase 'I need to take a P***' just sounds gross. I'm not one for discussing bodily anything [which I'm told will change completely when a I'm prego and have a baby], so I'm the girl that says "I need to use the restroom/bathroom" if any explanation is needed.

Athazagoraphobia [Fear of being forgotten] - But, that's just because I can't pronounce it! :)

Are there any words you don't like or won't say?!?

Pinky's Do's & Don'ts of Wedding Planning

Good morning ladies!

I hope everyone is doing well.

We're still dealing with snow and our tax dollars have been hard at work with school's & the federal government closed. Sadly, my company does not give us free days off work, so I've been 'slaving' away while others get to sleep at home. The snow is beautiful though, so I can't been too upset.

Since my Wedding OOOPS post was such a hit [thanks for the sweet comments friends], I thought I'd share my DO's & Don'ts of Wedding Planning today. I, by no means, am ANY kind of expert planner [wedding planning is not on my top 1000 things to do btw], but as one of the few post wedding girls that linkup, I thought it would be fun to share some advice that I wish I had known before planning. 


DO... take time to enjoy your engagement.
Whether you choose to have a LONG engagement or a short engagement take at least a week or two to BE IN the JUST engaged bubble. It should be one of the happiest times of your life, so wallow in the happy, joy and mushiness. Once planning gets started, stress happens, so splurge on going out to dinners, having extra cuddle time and staying up late together. The magic of your love will never fade, but the magic that is the engaged bubble will, so enjoy it as much as possible.
Siiiiiiiiiiiigh, what a great moment!

DO... remember that a wedding is JUST a DAY, but a marriage is a lifetime.
YES, a wedding is important and a fun and special day. BUT, it's just a day. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and something that will last forever. Stressing about colors, dresses, gifts and details REALLY isn't worth it for just one day. Definitely take the time to make it wonderful and your own, but also concentrate on WHY you are having the wedding day too.

DON'T... let people steal your sunshine.
This is YOUR wedding, don't let anyone take the fun out of planning it.You can't control other people's attitudes, opinions or actions so don't try. You will just make yourself miserable. People won't be able to come to your wedding and they might have some opinions to share regarding things you want to have, but don't let that steal your sunshine. Sometimes compromises will have to be made, but remember it's your wedding and stick to your guns when it's something important.

DO... make your wedding unique/special to you and your fiance.
It doesn't have to be expensive or anything grand, but have something that makes you two as a couple unique on the day. Whether it's programs, gifts, cake, your dress or anything else, just have something SPECIAL and unique to you both. It will make the day truly yours and give your guests something fun to remember as well.

DON'T... be fooled by Pinterest.
Sure, Pinterest is a great place to go for ideas and pretty pictures. But, it's also very easy to hide the costs and work and make you think everything is cheap&easy. That beautiful boquet that looks whimsy, yeah probably $200 to recreate. All the shabby chic decor that looks DIY friendly, yeah probably done by a professional to LOOK that way. DON'T stress yourself out perusing Pinterest too often. I only REALLY used Pinterest to get wedding dress ideas, to find my bridesmaid dresses and for hair and makeup. Everything else was just pretty pictures and mindless entertainment. 
DO... other things besides JUST wedding stuff while planning.
Remember to date your fiance and enjoy each other. Wedding planning will take up the bulk of your time for sure, but don't forget to still date each other and enjoy each other. Make plans to be together for dinner or to go out for ice cream or just go for a walk together. You are going to be with each other the rest of your life, so make sure you keep the joy and fun alive :)

DON'T... wait too long to order your invitations. TRUST ME
Yeah, just don't wait too long, it will cause way too much stress. 

DO... delegate/ask for help.
You don't have to be superwoman girlfriend, let others help you. Unless you have horrible friends and family, this is the one time in your life where everyone is asking to help you out, so let them. Even if it's just making phone calls or if it's something as major as being in charge of setting up, delegate to people you trust so you don't go crazy.

DON'T... sweat the small stuff.
STUFF happens and there is nothing you can do about it.Things will go wrong, you'll missplan, things won't arrive on time and you can either pitch a fit and get upset [which I've done] or build a bridge and get over it [which I've also done]. As mentioned before, the wedding is just a day, so don't let minor things keep you from enjoying everything about the wedding and the fact you're getting married.
[and who wants to walk funny?]
DO... workout.
You'll need the stress relief, the endorphins and will feel better about your body on your special day. Make a plan and stick to it. Maybe you have to workout in the mornings, maybe late at night and maybe only for thirty minutes, just make sure you get some sweating time [that kind of sweating time will work too ;)] Looking back I could have worked out harder earlier on, but I think I'll be where I want to be come my wedding day. My gym sweat sessions really helped keep me from going coocoo!

DO...take a step back and remember you're getting married to the love of your life.
You're getting married, that's what matters! You will be starting a life together as man and wife and that is so exciting. All that matters is walking down the aisle after the ceremony as ONE COUPLE! If the rings are forgotten, if the limo doesn't show up, if it rains and your dress gets ruined or anything else happens that wasn't planned.....IT'S OKAY! You will still be married and starting your new life together. ENJOY the moment and the fun. WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!


There are probably other tips I should be sharing too, but these are the most important ones, I think. Married ladies, any other tips you would share? Brides-To-Bes anything you wished you knew?!?!

Wedding Wednesday

NC Belle in Boots

***If you didn't see my post yesterday, please take a moment to ready Teddy's story and send his family some love and prayers***

January 21, 2014

Tuesday for Teddy

If you follow a bunch of the same blogs I do, you've probably seen a post or two about a lil boy named Teddy Fish. His story is so heart breakingly sad. There really are NO other words, besides unfair and horrible, to describe what he and his family are going though. 
I first heard about Teddy's story from Alex, via her blog.  I remember crying at work while reading her post about Teddy, back in December. I had NEVER heard of Menkes before, and was astounded that this poor, precious little boy had NO CHANCE of surviving this horrible disease. 

As I hurridly wiped my tears away, I thought 'What a horrible situation to be in as a parent'. There I was upset and crying and this child wasn't even mine. I can only imagine the anguish and heartbreak Mary and Alex deal with daily. It's struggle enough for me when a friend is in trouble and I can do nothing to help, but watching/reading about Teddy's plight and how helpless his parent's are truly hurt my soul.

Alex has pledge that all of her future Tuesday posts will be 'Teddy centered', so I thought today I would post and spread the news about his situation as well. 

His Caring-bridge website *here*. I've had friends in the past that use Caring-bridge and can not say more about what an amazing website it is, especially when you are hoping for news of a loved one. I've been following Teddy's story there since December and his mother, Mary, has such a moving voice.

You want, you can donate *here* to help provide financial support to Mary and Alex Fish, as they continue to incur mounting medical expenses. I've been assured that every cent donated, will go directly to assisting the family and nowhere else. No amount is too small to help either.

Please, if you have a moment visit Teddy's Caring-bridge site and leave Mary a note letting her know you are praying for or thinking of her and her family. And do what you can to share the story of Menkes. I had never heard of it before reading Teddy's story, but now pray for all families that are dealing with this unfortunate disease. #FUMENKES!

January 20, 2014

Work It Out Weekend

Whew, this weekend was a doozy of a fun
and packed with a heck of a lot of stuff.

If you remember, Friday was Le Husband's birthday
so we went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican joint
with La Familia. 

As usual, dinner was delicious and the mariachi band was lots of fun.

After stuffing ourselves with yummy Mexican
we headed to our favorite froyo joint, Menchie's for dessert.

It was a wonderful, low key celebration, which is just the kind
of celebration C wanted this year. 
He also enjoyed my card, almost as much as I did buying it.
First birthday card to my husband :)
Saturday morning I was up BRIGHT and early to meet Babyspice
for a four mile memorial run. 
This past week in Richmond, a woman was killed by a drunk driver while
on her morning run, leaving behind a husband and three children. 

The community quickly galvanized behind the family and Saturday was 
#MEGSMILES day. Everyone was encouraged to run in honor
of Meg and so Babyspice and I joined the 90,000+ runners Saturday morning.

A friend of hers joined and we ran freezing in the 32 degree weather,
but we realized we were blessed to be able to run. 
It wasn't as bad as anticipated and I felt good about doing my part to honor Meg.

You'd think my workout would be done for the day wouldn't you?
Well, you're not married to captain active like I am.

Babyspice and I subbed for C's flag football team and despite my initial hesitation, I had a lot of fun, caught a few passes and even scored a touchdown.
Actually, all three of us helped with scores so we looked like allstars ;)!

The plan was to get home, veg out and then go out to dinner,
but we were both so wiped we decided we would rather stay in to eat.
So we manned up, hit the grocery store for the week, cooked a banging dinner
and watched tv and movies before passing out early.

But, before we passed out, I made good on my promise
and backed this deliciousness. #SINFUL!

Because we wanted to enjoy our Sunday afternoon, we chose to wake up
for early church, instead of the usual 11am service.

We enjoyed the service, came home and got more done before noon
than we've done in a whole day.

Before we left for the gym, we put together an amazing slow cooker chili,
that was the best thing to come back to after kicking
our own butt's at the gym. HURT SO GOOD!

Since everything was done early in the day, we were able to be lazy and
enjoy playoff football all afternoon. I love being lazy, after working hard.

How was your weekend?

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January 17, 2014

Husband's Birthday FIVE

Good morning and happy Friday y'all!

Today, in pinkland it's indeed a special day,
as today we celebrate le Husbands birthday!

The love of my life turns the big 3-3 today,
so I'm dedicating my five on Friday post to him.

We've had some incredible moments together, but of course
there are a few memories that stand out.


Here are my Five Favorite Memories with le Husband.

About nine months into dating, C told me that he had qualified for an all expense paid trip to Cancun, Mexico for being a bad@$$ at work. Okay, not really, it was because he was one of the top six performers and exceeded his sales goal by a large amount. I was super ecstatic for him, but knew in the back of my head that since we weren't married, I probably wouldn't be allowed to go. 

Until I got a call two weeks before the trip and was told "Get your passport ready, we're going to Mexico"! Wooooooohooo! It was our FIRST big trip together [minus Vegas for kickball] and it was incredible. All inclusive and all expense paid is the WAY to go, let me tell you. 

It was fun hanging out with all his work friends [who were all much older than us with at least two kids] and one guy drunkenly told us we should get married in Cancun, on the trip. HA! We explored Chichen Itza, at delicious food and just enjoyed our days. It was a wonderful FIRST trip together!

2] Winning the WAKA Kickball Championship in Vegas
If you haven't been reading here before, you'll probably say KICKBALL, CHAMPIONSHIPS?!?! Yes, there is a kickball championship and in 2012 the team C and I play on won, WOOP WOOP! [I guess I should also point out that we met playing kickball, back in 2010].

2012 was a long year of kickball for me, as I worked to make the A team on the new team we joined. C was a great coach and helped me get better and I became much more of a confident player. When Vegas came around in October, I was ready and super stoked about our team's chances at winning.

We played lights out and despite some mistakes in the finals WE WON!!!! It was one of the best athletic feelings in the world, winning and being able to share that moment with my boyfriend. I still remember jumping on him and hugging him hard saying "WE DID IT"! That moment was so special to both of us, that we included the picture on our Save the Dates :)!

In November 2013, C and I took a cruise from New Orleans down to Mexico and it was such a blast. We had already been in NOLA for a kickball tournament, so we found a cruise leaving from a NOLA port after the tourney. It was a Carnival cruise and luckily it was three weeks before the meltdown of Carnival ships so we didn't have anything to worry about.

It was a fabulous five days of cruising, excursions, indulging in delicious food and some much needed quality time together. We swam in cenotes, rock climbed, zip lined, lounged, read and slept. Since we were at sea, we were completely unplugged and it was so nice to just enjoy each other and the world around us.

All too soon the cruise was over, but I have many lasting memories for this wonderfully amazing trip with my boyfriend. 

Every girl remembers the moment her man proposes to her, no matter HOW extravagant or how simple. It's a moment burned into our memories and of course, I remember our engagement like it was yesterday.

C did an amazing job, 100% surprised me and gave me such an amazing gift in the fact he allowed my sisters to help and be present afterwards. I still remember being completely surprised when I went to his apartment and calling my family and best friends after everything happened.

 I was thrilled he asked my dad for permission and that he updated one of my late grandmother's rings. That night was one of the most special nights of my life and I am so thankful for how everything happened. February 17th was the day I stopped having a boyfriend and finally had a fiancĂ©!

As I've previously posted a 2304820348023842 bazillion times, our wedding was the best day of my life. Everything that we had planned for in the seven short months before came together and our service, pictures and reception went of without too much of a hitch.

Walking towards him, down the aisle was a perfect moment and the five minutes we stole right after the service are incredibly special to me. The day was filled with such love, happiness, joy and blessings and I wish I could experience the EXACT day again.

I am so thankful God created this amazing man to be my husband and helped us find each other in our very different walks of life. I remember being 27 and praying to find the right man and God answered my prayers, in his time [through kickball haha] to bring me to the man of my dreams.

2013 was the best year of my life and the past four months have truly been incredible. I am so excited for what the future brings for us and am ready to conquer the world, with C by my side.


Dearest Husband,

Happy, happy birthday my love! This is the THIRD birthday I've been blessed to share with you and I'm so excited I'll be there for the rest of them. I hope that today is a wonderful one for you and that you enjoy your first day of being 33! You are the heart and soul of my life and I'm so thankful you've chosen me to be your forever. To the MOON and back my darling!

All my love, 

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