January 21, 2014

Tuesday for Teddy

If you follow a bunch of the same blogs I do, you've probably seen a post or two about a lil boy named Teddy Fish. His story is so heart breakingly sad. There really are NO other words, besides unfair and horrible, to describe what he and his family are going though. 
I first heard about Teddy's story from Alex, via her blog.  I remember crying at work while reading her post about Teddy, back in December. I had NEVER heard of Menkes before, and was astounded that this poor, precious little boy had NO CHANCE of surviving this horrible disease. 

As I hurridly wiped my tears away, I thought 'What a horrible situation to be in as a parent'. There I was upset and crying and this child wasn't even mine. I can only imagine the anguish and heartbreak Mary and Alex deal with daily. It's struggle enough for me when a friend is in trouble and I can do nothing to help, but watching/reading about Teddy's plight and how helpless his parent's are truly hurt my soul.

Alex has pledge that all of her future Tuesday posts will be 'Teddy centered', so I thought today I would post and spread the news about his situation as well. 

His Caring-bridge website *here*. I've had friends in the past that use Caring-bridge and can not say more about what an amazing website it is, especially when you are hoping for news of a loved one. I've been following Teddy's story there since December and his mother, Mary, has such a moving voice.

You want, you can donate *here* to help provide financial support to Mary and Alex Fish, as they continue to incur mounting medical expenses. I've been assured that every cent donated, will go directly to assisting the family and nowhere else. No amount is too small to help either.

Please, if you have a moment visit Teddy's Caring-bridge site and leave Mary a note letting her know you are praying for or thinking of her and her family. And do what you can to share the story of Menkes. I had never heard of it before reading Teddy's story, but now pray for all families that are dealing with this unfortunate disease. #FUMENKES!


  1. I heard about Teddy through Leslie at A Blonde Ambition a week or so ago and it just BROKE my heart. He is the same age as Caleb, so I cannot imagine the heartache this sweet family is enduring. So, so sad. Thank you for sharing, P!nky.

  2. I have read Teddy's story a few times, each time my heart breaks a little more. He is such a sweet boy, I can't imagine what his parents are thinking. Just heartbreaking.

  3. Every time I read his story I am heartbroken. Thank you for sharing again!

  4. What a heartbreaking story. I can't imagine what they must be going through. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It is absolutely heartbreaking--I can't even imagine how one goes about dealing with something like this. They must be incredibly strong people...thanks for spreading the word!

  6. I heard about this story from another blog as well! Such a great example of the caring people in this blog community! Thank you!


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