January 22, 2014

Words You'll Never Hear Me Say

Everyone talks differently. Accents, inflections, dramatizations and "likes" all make our conversations go round. People use different vocabulary words to describe certain things and for the most part, I think I'm on par with what's 'hip' or trendy in speak.

But, there are a few words/phrases that most people use, that you'll never hear come out of my mouth.
M0*st - UGH! Probably my least favorite word EVER! I will do ANYTHING to not say [or hear] this word. I know that as a foodie and dessert lover I should be okay with the word, but ugh eww no! Just call the chicken juicy or tender, those words work just as well.

P3netr@ate - Pahlease understand this before reading on, that I'm talking about the use of the word in SPORTS and sports only. Get ya mind out of the gutter y'all. If you're familiar with sports, as an athlete or a fan, you've heard the phrase "*BEEP* the defense". And EVERYTIME my coach uttered that phrase I winced or squirmed, just soooooooooooo not the word for me.

Kiddo/s - Children incur many a nickname growing up and for whatever reason, this is just NOT one of them that I enjoy using. I'll call em kids, chickens, munchkins, lovebugs, and kidkats which probably aren't terms many other people use, and that's totally understandable. To each their own. But the word kiddo/s just reminds me of a movie/cartoon I saw growing up, where a dopey old man would say "okay kiddo/s, let's...." and well, that's so not me!

LOL - I've been known to use OTHER abbreviations [wth, omw, brb, btw], but I've never been on the LOL [smileyface] train. I'd rather just say haha or heehee. To me, that's the same thing as 'laughing out loud' and only one or two extra letters.

Hubby/Hubs - C is my husband. That's it. Nothing about him or his personality evokes the word "hubby or hubs". I know many people use these terms as nicknames, but I prefer to use honey or love instead. And if you use hubby/hubs, more power to ya, but C just isn't a 'hubby/hubs' kind of guy.

Piss [as in, "take a ...] - I'm the first to admit I am no angel and have been known to utter multiple curse words or inappropriate phrases. However, I've never considered myself 'crude' which is why this phrase is so not me. I don't care if it's a dude or a gal, the phrase 'I need to take a P***' just sounds gross. I'm not one for discussing bodily anything [which I'm told will change completely when a I'm prego and have a baby], so I'm the girl that says "I need to use the restroom/bathroom" if any explanation is needed.

Athazagoraphobia [Fear of being forgotten] - But, that's just because I can't pronounce it! :)

Are there any words you don't like or won't say?!?


  1. I am sooooo with you on #1....that word just completely disgusts me!!!! And I am soooo not an LOL person either. It just seems so stupid to me when people say it all the time! haha I love this post! I have a few of these no-no words myself, I need to do a post!

  2. I am in agreement on the piss one. Just seem so crass and not needed. Now hubby/hubs I never called M that but would refer to him as it. What word annoys me is that my friend calls her husband hublet and he calls her wifelet... gag me....

  3. I interchange between honey and hubby so much - I need to pick one and stick to it d*mnit haha love this post!

  4. Do you watch New Girl? They had this funny line about girls not liking #1 on this week's episode and it was hilarious!

    I call my niece kiddo, mostly because she is 13 now and still lets me. I used to call her Little Booger so she learned to pick her battles!

    I am totally with you on hubby/hubs. My husband and I both hate those words and he has even said "please never call me that on your blog..." No worries there!

  5. Totally agree with mo!st and hubby!! Can't stand the first one and for some reason hubby/hubs just makes me shudder. I can't stand it. This is a good list!

  6. Omg! This is great! I totally agree with kiddo...yuck. I also hate the term hubby/hubs...no. Just no.

  7. Well, apparently you don't like a lot of the words that I use....mainly LOL and kiddos. I know I used the M word to describe a cake the other week when talking to you, too.
    So, is this a post to tell me to stop using them? haha

  8. I don't understand the hatred towards word #1, but it seems to be an issue with more and more people. I work with a girl that cringes at that word. I've never been an LOL kind of girl either.

  9. I use to really overuse the LOL but dropped it. I don't have a problem with #1 but mostly because I bake a lot so it is in reference to cake or cupcakes.

  10. Although guilty about saying some of these (especially hubby for husband), there are DEFINITELY some you will never catch me saying. Especially #1 and #6 - ugh on both of those!

  11. I hate the words moist and hubby.

  12. HAHAHA! This is amazing...that first word is the WORST word in the English language!


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