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January 15, 2014

Wedding Weds: The OOOPS Files

Yes, you read that correctly. Today we are talking the oooopssies of the wedding day.

Bride-to-be's TRUST ME, when I say something will go OOPS on your wedding day. Don't try to prevent it, just own it and the day will be that much smoother, I promise.  The more you stress about making the day perfect, the less you will enjoy the actual day. Remember, what really matters is the fact you are getting married to the love of your life. The end. Finite. Period.

Revel in the day, because it goes by all to quickly.
 [waaaaaaaaaaay too quickly for my liking]

I went into the day excited about getting married to my best friend, surrounded by those I cherished and trusted that everything would work out the way it should. I had no stress or worries and I rolled with the whoopsies that came my way.

But, I thought it would be fun and worthwhile to look back at those oops wedding moments that just kind of happened on our wedding day.
Because, let's keep it real, I'm the farthest thing from perfect ;)!


1] Altar flowers boogie on down - I have to preface this one saying how much I adored, loved and was blown away by all of our flower arrangements and bouquets. Our florist was amazing and he did an incredible job. People had so many comments on my flowers and I know at least a few guest already have them bookmarked in their mind for their 'future' wedding. ;)

But, back to the subject at hand, our Altar flowers. The arrangements were breathtaking and I loved all of the vibrant and beautiful colors I saw when I walked down the aisle. It provided a beautiful back drop in my gorgeous church and made the pictures pop.
Gorgeous right?!!?

I'm not sure if you noticed in any of my previous posts, but the flowers seem to disappear from view. That's because they boogied on down to the floor. Literally, they fell down. Both of them. At different times, during the service. Leaving me with pictures like this.

And in the end, this.
I could have chosen to cry, or get upset or get flustered but I didn't. My pastor is incredible and very witty, so as the first arrangement tumbled down he turned, looked back at the audience and said "Don't mind him, he just had too much to drink last night celebrating". Everyone chuckled, including myself and the groom and we continued with that part of the service. 

When the other one toppled, my pastor didn't even turn but just commented "Him too", to more giggles. During communion, my music director [and friend] walked to the alter and put both arrangements behind the altar so everything looked normal, which is something I was incredibly grateful for as the "kiss the bride" pictures turned out beautifully with the bare backdrop.


2] The case of the missing wedding rings - That's right, our wedding rings were MIA for that all important moment. The morning of the wedding, our wedding planners were at my parent's house bright and early to pick up things for the reception. C had given me the wedding rings as they had asked to hold onto them, instead of worrying about the best man keeping track of them. Made total sense to me, so I handed them over and didn't think anything of it. 

Cue the "May I please have the rings" moment. I looked at the best man and his face of "I don't have them" was priceless. I, of course, thought he was kidding and then he and C exchanged a look and C said to me "You gave them to the planners right"?!?! Yes, yes I did. Guess they weren't given to the best man after all [more on why in the next ooops].

During this moment you can imagine the restlessness of the guests, because they didn't know what was going on, but knew something was wrong. We were all just looking at each other going "Okay, where's the planner and if they aren't here, now what?!?!"

And then all at once my pastor, all the groomsman and my dad started to take of their rings, so we would have something to exchange. My heart was so touched and I thought "Well, let's just roll with it". 

Luckily, the planners realized what was going on and quickly walked them down the aisle. Again, our witty pastor broke the 'tension' by saying "Fedex, they deliver on Saturday too". Everyone joined in laughing and I'm 99% sure this is when my photographer snapped this shot, which is one of my favorites.
After the wedding, everyone kept asking me if I was 'freaking' out when the rings weren't there, because everyone was watching everything go down. I can honestly say I wasn't in the least. It was just a 'oops' moment and having everyone near reach for their rings is a moment I'll keep forever. Honestly, C and I can't seem to do anything without laughing or doing something silly, so it was perfect to have that moment in the wedding.


3] Groomsman socks and my flower clips joined the MIA club - Yes, yes, another MIA moment. Both have a slight bit of a back story, so please forgive the length [and lack of picture] here. 

Part of C's gift to his groomsmen [along with paying for half the suits, the shirts and the tie] he bought them pink and green argyle socks, to match the wedding colors. We saw cute picture on Facebook in the beginning of planning [wow, that's so long ago] and wanted to recreate it on our wedding day. 

During the week before the wedding, he and I spent time packing everything up, labeling back so nothing would get missed on wedding day. Since we catered our rehersal dinner [which I need to blog about because it was amazing] there was a lot of back and forth and bags being shifted from car to car and so on and so forth. 

Cue the morning of the wedding while the guys are getting ready and the socks are NO WHERE to be found. C checked his apartment, his car, the suite his brothers car, but no dice. Well, since they groomsman were told not to bring socks, all of a sudden they don't have ANY socks to wear with their dress shoes. RUT-ROH!

Of course we had the best wedding planners ever, and one of them went to the mall by the hotel and purchased socks for all. And didn't let on about it at all when she came to see me. I wasn't told until after the ceremony by C, which made me laugh. Which also figures into how the rings didn't get presented to the best man, as she was buying socks.  Selfishly I'm glad C didn't forget his socks as the pink socks picture is one of my favorites!

The only oops that I was really upset about [but not too upset] was the fact that my hair flowers were misplaced for the reception. Since my aunt made my veil, I knew I didn't want to have it on at the reception so we didn't have to worry about it falling or getting ruined.

A friend of mine, owns a consignemnt wedding dress and designer accessory shop, so I went and looked through her merchandies and found a set of beautiful flowery hair clips. They matched the whimsy of my gown, without being too big or too much in my hair. Once they arrived, I put them in a bag for the big day and gave it to our planners the day of the wedding.

Well, at the reception when I asked for them, they didn't know what I was talking about. It was my fault for not explaining, but I had thought since it was marked on a bag we would know what to do with it. So, they brought me the bag and no hair box in it. I was bewildered and a bit crushed becuse I was so sure I had planned and packed them before hand. My sisters improvides and put some wedding flowers in my hair and in the end it didn't really matter. 

Cut to the end of the night, when we are moving things out of the reception hall and I walked by the presents table. Wouldn't' you know, there was my hair clip box. Since the set had to be created, the designer wrapped it in a beautiful box and wrote Congrats Pinky on the tag, leading my planners to believe it was a gift. Honest mistake, of course, so I just put them on for the after party at the hotel bar.


Looking back, the day was still perfectly us and I can honestly say it was the best day of my life. Things weren't 'perfect' but the day was incredible.

Wives: what was your oops moments on your wedding day?

Bridestobe: Repeat after me "My wedding day will be amazing, even if it isn't perfect". Now remember that on your day :)!

****Unless otherwise stated, all photos are the property of PinkPersistence and RMN photography. Please ask permission if you wish to use any photos***

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love all these oops moments! They are the best part of the wedding! I love how your pastor was able to make everyone laugh and cut the "tension" thats is awesome!

  2. When the flowers fell, and the pastor said what he said, I CRACKED up laughing. I had one of those laughing in church moments, where I had trouble reigning myself in...I kept giggling to myself about what he had said cuz it caught me off guard and made me laugh.
    Love that the little oopsies were LITTLE and nothing ruined the day--just gave you funny stories to look back on :)

  3. Opps moments are the best, mine was my flower girl splitting her lip 5 minutes before go time and having a red stain on her dress and the moms of the flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle with them (both 8 months preggo)... they create the best memories

  4. omg, it's so true. Not to scare any future brides but something *will* happen. You just have to roll with it :)

    I love how you turned these oops into cute stories!

  5. Your pastor saved the day! I cannot believe your flower arrangements fell down!! Such a bummer because they are gorgeous. It's funny because I was pretty stressed all week before the wedding but when the actual day came, I was just able to let it all go and roll with the day. Thank God!!

  6. Yep...there will be oops at our wedding too. And I don't think I will really care. Because you are right, it doesn't matter in the end. What matters is that we are married. This is a great post!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. These stories are so cute. Love your outlook on your wedding, it was perfect no matter what happens because you married the love of your life.

  8. Needed to hear that today! 44 days out from our March 1 wedding and I know everything won't be perfect but you are right in the end all that matters is that I am marrying my favorite person in the world!

  9. My grandma's shoe broke so she walked down the aisle in her panty-hose feet haha... the picture of that actually makes me crack up :) Our ceremony really went flawlessly, but at the reception the DJ couldn't get our slideshow to work, which really made me sad. Jared had made it himself and spent a lot of time on it AND it had worked perfectly earlier that day when we tested it.

  10. Oh my goodness! I love this post! And your attitude about everything! and I about died laughing with "Him too" - that was so witty of him! HAHA!

  11. Love this!! :) So glad you handled all the "oops" moments so well! Our biggest oops was that the chairs we ordered for the ceremony didn't get there until about 5 minutes before the ceremony, so the guests all helped set them up! BAH!

  12. awe I am so glad I am not the only one that had some oops on my wedding day. I know now that there is no way that there will be no oops at a wedding and that is just a fact of life. Luckily our priest made us give him the rings before the wedding for a blessing so he was in charge of them for the time being in order to prevent this same confusion. However leading up to this moment I was left in charge of the rings and was kind of worried I wouldn't have them or forget them at my Aunt and Uncle's but it all went over without a hitch and 7 months (today actually) I am still smiling whenever I look at our rings!

  13. Ahh we had some oppsie moments that bothered me at the time, but looking back it doesn't matter!

  14. Your Pastor is clearly amazing! Its so great that you were able to just shrug off and even laugh about the OOps!

  15. Sometimes those 'Oops!' moments are the best! I didn't know it at the time, but one of those moments at my wedding was the lighting of the candelabras at the beginning of the the ceremony. The ushers could NOT get our candles to light and almost lit the place on fire trying, lol! Eventually it worked out and I was told about it later, but was left wondering for a bit why on Earth it was taking so long for the procession to get started!:)

  16. Love the picture, too! And hey, you had exchanged vows already, mission could have been complete anyways :-) Did I have a real oops? I don't think so.. Maybe because I planned minimal for the wedding and simply enjoyed everything big time!

  17. Love that your pastor used humor to deflect it! Oopsie moments are bound to happen and you two seems to roll with it, which is awesome!

  18. I LOVE this post about ooops on the wedding day! As a wedding photographer this is something I always talk with my brides about. You try so hard to make it perfect and can let one little thing get you upset. I always say it's the little imperfections that make the day uniquely perfect and your own. A recent bride was upset because her cake was the wrong shape and the wrong flavor but I said, although it's upsetting because it's not what you ordered, your guests are non the wiser! Roll with the punches! :D

  19. Okay. Just reading this post gave me anxiety!!! You handled this quite well, because I am pretty sure I would have been ugly crying (worse that Kim Kardash)! That pic of you after the rings have been delivered is priceless. Such a good story to tell later on in life!

  20. I have an anxiety disorder so I know my wedding day is going to be a constant battle with myself to not panic - especially because there is potential for family drama - but I also have this amazing ability to be panicked BEFORE things happen and then as they happen I just roll with it and move forward and not stress. It's like this complete role reversal happens in me and I just take charge and get things done.

    I am hoping that this is what happens but in the meantime, I'm chanting your mantra!!

    P.s. I can't believe you didn't panic about the wedding rings!!

  21. there were a couple.

    I stayed up too late the night before with one of my moms friends who came from afar and i had not seen in a long time (cue since i was 18 and i was 32 when we got married, almost 33). Like way too late, we all stayed at a hotel the night before and i got 4 hours sleep, if that. Anyways, i had a million bags/boxes with us, we filled a trolly times 2. In all my planning i forgot the most important box with my garter, shoes and all accessories at the house so 1:30 am we go back and wake everyone sleeping on the couch lol.

    Our professional photographer only got 1 picture of the whole wedding party because too much time was spent on my family, they seemed to call the shots even though i was the one paying. I didn't even realize it until i got the pics back.

    I did up gift bags for all the kids with things to do as they are usually bored. One of his female cousins has a male name and no one told me and i never met her so i did a gift bag with her name on it, with boy's stuff inside. That must have been embarassing, i never did meet that family.

    My make up artist was his cousin and while she was awesome with make up for our social i was so disappointed with my look. She did not do what i wanted and would not change it. I pre paid, not much i could do. I rolled with it and was not happy.

    My hairdresser who has been my hairdresser for over 15 years did my hair the weekend before for our bachelorette party and she did so awesome. She misunderstood something i said so my hair was not near how i wanted it. Between the 2 i did not feel pretty. I went back and got pics done this past june as a rock the frock and i feel i looked much better in those ones.

    The band had my ipod for in between music and garter toss etc. I had single ladies for the bouquet toss and hot in here for the garter. We ended up not tossing either (i wanted to give them away) so when he took it off (by mouth lol) they played single ladies, and kept it on instead of changing to the other song. People must have been wondering wtf lol.

    Also at the church i asked someone to open the doors for us and my MIL said i will get someone to do it so the one i asked and i thought it was taken care of. ya, no, i opened my own door lol.

    There are more but that is a good enough story lol

  22. OMG the heels and socks picture is adorable- love it!

  23. haha wow the oops were so great! I love the story about the rings, how sweet of people to offer theirs! Kudos to your planners for buying socks - and for C for not telling you until after the fact! Nice work!! haha awesome stories, and I will repeat that over and over and over! Thanks for the advice!

  24. Hahaha oh know! Those were fun to read! The flowers disappearing from the pictures is funny :) Following from the link-up!

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  26. This is great!! Too funny, and I'm glad that you are such an all star and took it all in stride ;) I can't really remember oops from four years ago, but I know the decorations were blowing a bit much in the wind, and my grandma was a biatch that morning. She was being such a diva about not getting invited, but I was like um...we eloped! No one was supposed to be there! I know this sounds heartless, but you know I wouldn't say it if she didn't deserve it...or if it was the grandma I really liked. Haha

  27. we had a few ooopsie moments and i'll be blogging them later, but the flowers, omg i would have probably freaked out from the actual falling not the fact that they fell. Your pastor was amazing, that totally helped!! ours told jokes to us during the service.

  28. My husband and I had planned on getting married on 11/11/11 so we thought we had a bit to plan. Just a small wedding. On moving day we got the call from our landlord telling us he was coming over to get the copy of the marriage certificate before he would allow us to sign the lease. Uh, what?!?!?!?!

    We told him we were getting married on 11/11 and he told us that until we produced a marriage license we couldn't sign the lease and stay in the house. We explained to him that we were already in the middle of moving the first truck load.

    Needless to say, we stopped, called a couple of friends, the Justice of Peace and grabbed a couple of quick showers and got married. It was horrible. But we said I Do and that is all that matters.

    @TrinaO'Neil from
    Walking My Own Path


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