April 26, 2012

Linkup: Thirsty Thursdays

My happy hour topics today are SPORTS & MAKEUP! Rando I know, but hey it's MY HAPPY HOUR CONVERSATION so enjoy mmmmmmmmmmkay?!?!

Despite the fact that my blog is a PINK PARADISE, full of sparkles, glitter, PINK and sunshine,
I am one heck of a tomboy!

Always have been, always will be, it's in my blood.

I have been around sports my entire life and have 100% enjoyed being the "Sporty" Spice within my circle of friends. Yes, I'm girlie, but I LOVE SPORTS!

Which means I LOVE my sports teams and ALWAYS get invested in any game I watch. If I don't know the teams, I'll pick a reason for cheering, just to be invested.

Okay, this is NOT a lesson on my sports allegiances [that's for another day]. No, today is about....
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [drumroll]

One of the MOST wonderful sports times of the year.
[Ok I LOVE the OLYMICS; WORLD CUP; March Madness; Bowl Week and NFL Playoffs too]
But THIS first round of the playoffs have been AMAZE to the BALLS!

We are talking legit hockey! 2 Legit to QUIT fights! Amazballs passing and goals! Game 7s!
The PENS are out in the first round [sorry hollywolly]
Rangers [#1 seed] on the verge of being kicked out by the Canucks [#8 seed]

I don't watch hockey MUCH during the regular season,
unless it's a CAPS game, then you best believe I'm rockinthred.
But, come playoff time, every night the tv is turned to WHATEVER playoff game is on primetime. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

YUP YUP, they got it done son last night and KNOCKED the defending champs the Bruins
on their butts in overtime!
So happy! So excited!

Now, on to my second point....MAKEUP! Despite the tomboyish sports nature, I enjoy looking girlie and through different blogs have learned and almost mastered some of the makeup trends out there.

I will be the FIRST to admit I am no GURU when it comes to makeup but I know what works with me and that's what I stick to.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Unless the CVS Wet and Wild brand you love is discontinued!

Yes, I use Wet&Wild from the drugstore. No matter WHAT anyone says, I do not believe in dropping $35 on a brush, eyeshadow, mascara or whatever.

Luckily, Miss Lindsey of The Bargain Blonde approaches make up with the same philosophy and opened my eyes to the Eyes, Lips, Face aka ELF line.

I bought a few products a couple months back
[which I meant to blog about darn!]
and therefore was on their mailing list.

Similar to most, ELF sends out weekly updates about different new products
and weekly/monthly sales. Normally I delete them immediately, because well come on, otherwise I'd be
broke as a joke.

But, look at what I received yesterday...

Spend $30 and get

Yes, I bought ALL of this and will also get 10 FREE EYE SHADOWS!

Ummmm,  I think you should head over to ELF and procure some beauty products of your own.

Hurry, sale ends 4/30 and I don't think you wanna miss out.

Oh yeah before you go.....

April 25, 2012

30 by "Thirty" Late to the Party

Happy Wednesday friends, I hope your week is going well.

I was reading through some blog drafts yesterday and found this gem.
(I also found some truly ridiculous drafts...neither here nor there though)

I can't remember WHEN I actually wrote this list
but I believe it was VERY early in my blogging stage.
I had seen the 30 before 30 going around, wanted to join the fun,
but never pulled the published trigger.

Well since the big THREE OH is very very very close
(too close for comfort in my opinion)
I figured I should publish what my goals WERE back then and see where we are on the list.

FYI, not very far!
cue sad face :(

Here is my Thirty by Thirty List (In no particular order)

1) Get Engaged

2) Buy my own place (or a place together with a spouse)

3)Run a Marathon

4) Cook a whole Thanksgiving/Christmas meal

5) Get Married

6)Go back to Brazil for mission work

7)Volunteer with the youth at my church

8)Go to a Yankee's game in the new stadium

9)Go to a NCAA National Football Championship

10) Go to a Dallas Cowboys Football game at Cowboys stadium

11) Go with C to a Bengals game

12) Take an Destination Unknown trip with C

13) Visit Baby Spice at law school

14)Go Camping for the weekend

15)Ride in a hot air balloon

16) Do something CRAZY trendy with my hair

17)Sing a solo/duet/quartet at my church

18)Get better at math (not use a calculator all the time)

19)Tell people about my blog

20)Write regularly to a solider over seas


22)Set a fitness goal and stick with it for at least 6 months

23)Decorate my place on a budget

24)Do a 'New Recipe a Month' program for a year

25)Become fully reliant on myself (not my parents)

26)Hike Old Rag mountain with C

27)Visit Nashville

28)Truly be able to tithe at church

29)Have all my Christmas shopping done by Halloween

30)Consider starting a family

WOW, I was pretty ambitious back then. Although, 2ish years did seem like a decent amount of time to accomplish everything.

I am kind of sad so many of my goals will not be reached by next year.
(GAH I SAID IT....GAH!!!!)

No fear, I will update this list and make new goals for 33 by 33?
Or something like that!

What are some of YOUR 30 before 30 goals?

April 24, 2012

Panty Parfait Bachey Gift

 As promised {for once} here is the Panty Parfait post. This gift is super adorable and tons of fun to create and depending on where you get the panties pretty inexpensive.

Babyspice's college roomie and soccer teammate is getting married this May and the whole family is invited. Miss S is a super sweetheart and a good friend of all of the B ladies. Seriously we adore her. She is one of the classiest and most stylish ladies I know, so I wanted to give her a fun, seksi gift but nothing to tawdry. I mean, check out the Bridal Shower pictures.

Yes ma'am, that's a CAKE!!!!

Sissys and the beautiful bride-to-be

*****PaNtY pArFaIt*****
Finished product
I found this FABULOUS gift on Holly's blog eightsixeleven and KNEW I had to create one for our bride-to-be. Holly has fantastic directions if mine don't work for you. Check out her post *here*!

As you can tell, the whole concept is to buy seksi fun under-roos then package them to look like a parfait. Each pair has an accompanying rhyme that you can personalize for the bride-to-be. All you have to do is type out the verses, attach them to some pretty paper, tie them to the panties and voila, a panty PARFAIT!

To last all the way from old age to your wedding day
with all the pink and gray
panties for every occasion
a sexy underwear parfait!

This pair is for your honeymoon
so sexy-red and lace
we hope you leave the hotel room
'cause Hawaii's a gorgeous place.


For your first knock-down, drag out fight
as a married couple
when F sees you in this little number
he'll forgive you on the double

A pretty white pair for your first anniversary
you may be feeling a little naughty
F still won't be able to believe
he married such a hottie

When the time is firhgt for you and F
and don't be saying maybe
you'll wear a little pink or blue
in honor of your baby.

After 5 or 10 married years
you'll still be going strong
but if you need a little boost
just put this beauty on.

When your years of wedded bliss,
become the old 2-5
just slip this little number on
to keep the spark alive.

And finally when you're old and gray
with these you can't go wrong
but sorry F at that age
you just can't wear a thong.

I wasn't able to make the bachelorette party because I had the wedding on Saturday. However, my sisters tell me the bride loved the gift and they took video, which makes me very happy!

Anyone gonna try this for their next bachey party!!??!?



April 23, 2012

Wedding Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was packed, super fun, and a little drunktastic, but THANKFULLY there was ample recovery time.

I was an exhausted pup by Friday and all I wanted to do was sleep. Too bad we still had to go shopping for C's outfit for a wedding Saturday night. After 4 stores we finally found an amazing coat and pants and pink socks! YAY!

You would think I would eat dinner and pass out? Nope, had to finish a bachey present for a friend that I was missing Saturday because of the wedding. I got the idea from my girl Holly for the Panty Parfait and will post tomorrow. SERIOUSLY, best bachey IDEA EVER!!!

The wedding was a morning/brunch wedding so we were UP and at em pretty early. Everything went smooth, I loved my hair and make up and we left early so we could get there early. Well, wouldn't you know, there were 2 different metro track closures and a Lupus walk closing down ALL important DC streets. I'll spare you the drama but we got there 2 minutes before the time stated on the invitation.

Luckily, the bride and groom had a cocktail hour before the actual ceremony. YES, first mimosa at 1045am thank you very much! The room and the view was to die for....I LOVE living in the Nation's Capital.


This is myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy city!

Lovely ladies during pre ceremony drinks

Mimosa and the White House....CHEERS!

Gorgeous table arrangements

The wedding ceremony was so sweet. I LOVED the verbage the Pastor used. This is an amazing couple and I LOVE that they have found love and are continuing their life together as Mr. and Mrs.
Heart them
After the ceremony it was time to chow down. OHEMGOSH the food was to die for! Waffles, omelets, ham&biscuits, fruit, croissants, french toast, baked brie....so delish!

STOP.THE.WORLD, is C eating carbs? Why yes he is!

Yummy cake!

They are sports fans so they had everyone sign a baseball, how cute!

Such a gorgeous bride

Had to do a redo with out the stunna shades

All the dapper gentlemen

Hmmm, did I say gentlemen?

White House, Monument and Jefferson Oh MY!

Stunna Shades on

Boys with a view

Ladies with the Bride

Guess I got the giggles?

Couple with the ladies


After the wedding, brunch, more drinks it was time to move to the next venue. The couple kept the wedding ceremony small, but then invited a bunch of people to a bar close by. I must say I was pretty proud of myself for being together after copious amounts of mimosas.
Then this happened.....FOUR TIMES
Senorita with a flower in her hair
Yes, I decided to inhale 4 glasses of Riesling like it was my job. And then proceeded to grab a different prosecco cocktail after purchasing celebratory shots for the couple!
Yeah, the night gets a blurry right here
Joining team irresponsible! I have been kicked out the responsible section of Websters' Dictionary
The upside to attending a morning wedding is being in bed, after eating pizza by 10pm. 12 hours of sleep later I was 100% ready to just hang out Sunday with C. We made an amazing breakfast, got my car, went shopping, read, cleaned and then watched the CAPS lose in overtime (SLAY ME!).

I realize there were very few pictures of C and me together so I grabbed a few from the Iphizzle

Frametastic right here

I LOVED my outfit, hair and jewelry. So happy I am getting the hang of looking pretty in public :)
Normal bathroom look at my outfit picture

I love everything about this picture
I enjoyed my weekend, how was yours?!?!?

April 20, 2012

Confession Fridays

Join up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition

1}I am a spoiled girl! The birthday love I received last week and weekend was OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD. I am SO BLESSED it's crazy! The blogging world continues to amaze me, because I had two bloggie ladies reach out and send me love! My girl Janna sent me a super adorable and SWEET SWEET card that made me smile so big!
Thank you Janna sweetie! <3 you!
As you know, my girl CLo and I share the same birthday (April 15th what what?!) Wellllll, we decided to exchange gifts which I was super excited about. I have mentioned how a like we are, but STOP.THE.WORLD I swear we are twins separated at birth (forget the she's tall and blonde and I'm short and a brunette).
We sent each other almost the SAME gift. Don't believe me, check out her post here! Do those socks and cards look familiar?!!? YEAH I KNOW! CRAZY!
Oh my CLo, we are one in the same!
2}I poked myself in the eye with my mascara wand, not once, not twice, but thrice in a row yesterday morning. What the heck? I've only been applying mascara since I was 16....sheeesh!

3}Last night was "Opening Day" for kickball season and I was stoked! Kickball Opening Day is > MLB Opening day in my opinion!

4}I wish I could have seen the Brat Pack in concert. Those men make me swoooooooon!

5}My sad meter was on HIGH Wednesday night after I heard about Dick Clark passing away and Pat Summit stepping down from coaching. I'm going to miss DC for New Year's Eve and watching Pat pace the sidelines during Lady Vols basketball games. Super sad face :(

6}I went to Whole Fortune (Foods) yesterday for some lunch and to pick up a few things. Everything I bought was Fair-Trade and organic, so everything cost a few extra bucks. No big deal, I'm trying to do my part to help the planet. Too bad all of this 'helping the planet' went out the window when I ran my dishwasher containing 4 plates, 6 utensils and 6 cups. Yep, #goinggreenfail!

7}Kickball last night was fun, but sad. A couple on the team has stopped dating and the girl is no longer playing this season. I understand and respect their choice, but she was one of my besties and I miss her tons!

8}Even though today is Friday, I am in a dress, accessorized, made-up with my hair down. All because my good coworker friend is taking me to lunch for a belated birthday lunch. She's the best....told you I'm spoiled!