April 9, 2012

Easter and an Angel


Easter service is SUCH a joy!

I love the trumpets! The Timpani! The Choir! The Colors!
The Story! The Flowers! The Music!

A soloist sang one of my FAVORITE Easter songs this Sunday.
I blogged about it *here* two years ago and my LOVE for it is still the same.

After a lovely church service the family (minus Sportyspice in Hawaii) headed out to a fun Easter Brunch. While we all had a good time visiting and hanging out, the brunch was a little lackluster. Maybe it was because they didn't have as much to offer in terms of my new style of eating or maybe it was because we had the late seating, but whatever the reason everyone was underwhelmed.
However, we did NOT let that shadow the day.

After food the family headed home to hang out and chill out together. Daddy passed out in his chair and the three ladies sprawled out on the couch and had a DRAWESOME contest.

Seriously, the three of us sat next to each other, chatting and playing each other in Drawesome!
Babyspice is uber talented and Mama B is UBER cute when playing. Sissy and I are TRYING to get Mama B some new colors, but it's taking awhile since she only plays the 4 family members.
Only 100 more coins to go ;)!

All in all it was a fun, blessed and joyous Easter!

As a Christian, Easter is an amazing example of God's LOVE for us and of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made. Good Friday is a trying and sad time but the JOY of Jesus triumphing over death and the grave on Sunday is indescribable. Because of his sacrifice, death is not the end.

But, that doesn't make death any easier. Sunday marked four years since I lost my maternal grandmother Mo and it STILL hurts. I teared up at Good Friday service and bawled on the way home because my heart hurt so badly. We buried her the Saturday before Easter four years ago and the Easter message has always been THAT much more poignant to me.

I wish I could write more about this amazing woman, but the tears have returned and I really can't continue. During the sad times I try to remember that our sweet MinaMo is our very own Angel looking down on the family. I PRAY she knew/knows how much we love her! Our lives are empty without her smiling face and delicious food. Mina-Mo you are MISSSSSSSSSED! I love you to the moon and back!

If you could, please send a quick prayer for Mama B. She was okay yesterday, but I know how much she misses her mom. Thank you! 


  1. Praying for your mom - its tough losing someone close to you...even when you know that one day you'll see them again! I feel ya girl. It sounds like you had a great Easter though:)

  2. Prayers for your Mom. It's always hard no matter how many years pass. I'm glad you had a good Easter celebration yesterday :)

  3. Love this Easter post, its so important to remember why we actually celebrate it! Praying for your mom as well.

  4. i'll be praying for your mom!

  5. I'm praying for your mom! I'm happy you had a nice Easter though!

  6. How fun is your blog with the pink!


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