April 23, 2012

Wedding Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was packed, super fun, and a little drunktastic, but THANKFULLY there was ample recovery time.

I was an exhausted pup by Friday and all I wanted to do was sleep. Too bad we still had to go shopping for C's outfit for a wedding Saturday night. After 4 stores we finally found an amazing coat and pants and pink socks! YAY!

You would think I would eat dinner and pass out? Nope, had to finish a bachey present for a friend that I was missing Saturday because of the wedding. I got the idea from my girl Holly for the Panty Parfait and will post tomorrow. SERIOUSLY, best bachey IDEA EVER!!!

The wedding was a morning/brunch wedding so we were UP and at em pretty early. Everything went smooth, I loved my hair and make up and we left early so we could get there early. Well, wouldn't you know, there were 2 different metro track closures and a Lupus walk closing down ALL important DC streets. I'll spare you the drama but we got there 2 minutes before the time stated on the invitation.

Luckily, the bride and groom had a cocktail hour before the actual ceremony. YES, first mimosa at 1045am thank you very much! The room and the view was to die for....I LOVE living in the Nation's Capital.


This is myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy city!

Lovely ladies during pre ceremony drinks

Mimosa and the White House....CHEERS!

Gorgeous table arrangements

The wedding ceremony was so sweet. I LOVED the verbage the Pastor used. This is an amazing couple and I LOVE that they have found love and are continuing their life together as Mr. and Mrs.
Heart them
After the ceremony it was time to chow down. OHEMGOSH the food was to die for! Waffles, omelets, ham&biscuits, fruit, croissants, french toast, baked brie....so delish!

STOP.THE.WORLD, is C eating carbs? Why yes he is!

Yummy cake!

They are sports fans so they had everyone sign a baseball, how cute!

Such a gorgeous bride

Had to do a redo with out the stunna shades

All the dapper gentlemen

Hmmm, did I say gentlemen?

White House, Monument and Jefferson Oh MY!

Stunna Shades on

Boys with a view

Ladies with the Bride

Guess I got the giggles?

Couple with the ladies


After the wedding, brunch, more drinks it was time to move to the next venue. The couple kept the wedding ceremony small, but then invited a bunch of people to a bar close by. I must say I was pretty proud of myself for being together after copious amounts of mimosas.
Then this happened.....FOUR TIMES
Senorita with a flower in her hair
Yes, I decided to inhale 4 glasses of Riesling like it was my job. And then proceeded to grab a different prosecco cocktail after purchasing celebratory shots for the couple!
Yeah, the night gets a blurry right here
Joining team irresponsible! I have been kicked out the responsible section of Websters' Dictionary
The upside to attending a morning wedding is being in bed, after eating pizza by 10pm. 12 hours of sleep later I was 100% ready to just hang out Sunday with C. We made an amazing breakfast, got my car, went shopping, read, cleaned and then watched the CAPS lose in overtime (SLAY ME!).

I realize there were very few pictures of C and me together so I grabbed a few from the Iphizzle

Frametastic right here

I LOVED my outfit, hair and jewelry. So happy I am getting the hang of looking pretty in public :)
Normal bathroom look at my outfit picture

I love everything about this picture
I enjoyed my weekend, how was yours?!?!?


  1. I love the pics of you and C! Cutie-pa-tooties!
    Also, I like the pic of you with your hands on your face, looking so innocent! haha, so funny! Sounds like an awesome weekend, chica!

  2. That is such a cute idea for a wedding! Mimosa's and brunch? Sign me up ;)

  3. Looks like a great weekend! You looked so pretty!

  4. Drinking before the ceremony?!?! That is AMAZING!! My kind of wedding! You looked beautiful girl, love that dress!

  5. You looked FANTASTIC! I seriously can't believe C ate carbs....almost don't believe you ;) What a fabulous backdrop for a wedding, I LOVE DC. Glad that you had a blast and I can't wait for panty parfait! Haha.

  6. Gorgeous as always! & that location is simply amazing!

  7. That view?! Seriously!! WOW!! What a great spot for a wedding!

  8. Gorgeous wedding! I love your dress and the bride's too. Your pictures sooo make me want to do another long weekend trip to DC. I love it there!

  9. Looks like a gorgeous wedding! That last pic is SO CUTE!!! SERIOUSLY! Framer! :) Also - that dress is adorable!! Details please!


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