April 20, 2012

Confession Fridays

Join up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition

1}I am a spoiled girl! The birthday love I received last week and weekend was OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD. I am SO BLESSED it's crazy! The blogging world continues to amaze me, because I had two bloggie ladies reach out and send me love! My girl Janna sent me a super adorable and SWEET SWEET card that made me smile so big!
Thank you Janna sweetie! <3 you!
As you know, my girl CLo and I share the same birthday (April 15th what what?!) Wellllll, we decided to exchange gifts which I was super excited about. I have mentioned how a like we are, but STOP.THE.WORLD I swear we are twins separated at birth (forget the she's tall and blonde and I'm short and a brunette).
We sent each other almost the SAME gift. Don't believe me, check out her post here! Do those socks and cards look familiar?!!? YEAH I KNOW! CRAZY!
Oh my CLo, we are one in the same!
2}I poked myself in the eye with my mascara wand, not once, not twice, but thrice in a row yesterday morning. What the heck? I've only been applying mascara since I was 16....sheeesh!

3}Last night was "Opening Day" for kickball season and I was stoked! Kickball Opening Day is > MLB Opening day in my opinion!

4}I wish I could have seen the Brat Pack in concert. Those men make me swoooooooon!

5}My sad meter was on HIGH Wednesday night after I heard about Dick Clark passing away and Pat Summit stepping down from coaching. I'm going to miss DC for New Year's Eve and watching Pat pace the sidelines during Lady Vols basketball games. Super sad face :(

6}I went to Whole Fortune (Foods) yesterday for some lunch and to pick up a few things. Everything I bought was Fair-Trade and organic, so everything cost a few extra bucks. No big deal, I'm trying to do my part to help the planet. Too bad all of this 'helping the planet' went out the window when I ran my dishwasher containing 4 plates, 6 utensils and 6 cups. Yep, #goinggreenfail!

7}Kickball last night was fun, but sad. A couple on the team has stopped dating and the girl is no longer playing this season. I understand and respect their choice, but she was one of my besties and I miss her tons!

8}Even though today is Friday, I am in a dress, accessorized, made-up with my hair down. All because my good coworker friend is taking me to lunch for a belated birthday lunch. She's the best....told you I'm spoiled!



  1. Yay for birthday love! and yay for lookin hot on a Friday! Woop woop! I was sad to hear about DC too. I saw a pin on pinterest that said something about "Dick Clark has died. We can no longer ring in the New Year. Well played, Mayans. Well played" haha.
    Loves ya chick, as always!

  2. I cried about Pat Summitt. I live in Knoxville and she's just an institution and irreplaceable in the sport. Sad day for the Vols and women in general! Glad you had an awesome birthday!

  3. Glad to hear you had a great birthday and TGIF!! I am the same way about going green, I try hard at times but end up being mindless the rest of the time!

  4. awe!! that is so sweet of your blogger friends! i love it! i hate poking myself in the eye w my mascara! it literally ruins everything & you cant put anymore on until you stop tearing up! haha!

  5. I was super sad about Dick Clark, too...Such an icon! Glad you liked your card!! So happy that I could send it to you!

  6. We are seriously the same person. LOVE LOVE LOVE. :)

    And I poke my eye with mascara too sometimes. WORST FEELING. OUCH! :(


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