July 29, 2011

Kickball Recap

Sooooo, it's no secret that I'm a Kickballer-baller. I play in a kickball league, I travel for kickball games (FLO-RIDA) and I've been to Vegas for the National Kickball Championship. If you call me a dork, I'll agree with you, but check it before you judge it.

Anyway, Saturday (the 9th, eeesh this is so late) was the Super Saturday aka Championship Saturday for my DC kickball team. It's pretty much an all morning and afternoon thing. My team is pretty serious and for realz we are pretty darn good. We were slated to win this league and really it was our to lose. Luckily everyone showed up and we dominated play until the Championship game, which was a pretty tight game.

However, my team was VICTORIOUS and we are now the CHAMPIONS!!!! WHOOP WHOOP! I wish I had gotten some pictures of games, but alas I was too busy being an athlete and playing while cheering on my teammates. It really felt good to get this win and everyone was really excited to get it done. :)
This guy is the oldest on our team and had never won this division. C, organized a couple of guys to dump water bottles over him circa a championship winning coach ritual. I tried to get it on video but alas, was too late.

1st place (in red) and 1st loser team....okay sorry, 2nd place team ;)


Not that I tweet, but #WINNING!!!!/div>

Me and the girls making a STAR cause we are winners

Ladies with the Championship Cup

Teammate couple pic by the Washington Monument

Aren't they presh? They started dating a month after me and C :)

Now it's our turn :)



The next weekend we took kickball to the next level and my team competed in the Circuit DC tournament, otherwise known as DCK365. Yes, you read that right, I competed in a kickball tournament. BabySpice came up to join the fun cause she is a megastar athlete and I thought our girls could use the boost. It was awesome having here there because it just makes everything I do more fun.

Case in point 1

Case in point 2

Running to first after a decent bunt.

I think I've mentioned before that my team is good but we have never have done well in a tournament. Well guess what bishes....WE DONE MADE IT TO THE FINALS!!!

OH heeeeeeeeelllzzzz to the yeeeeeeeessss!

Okay, you got me, I didn't say we won, we got 2nd but WE MADE IT THERE! That is huge huge huge for my team!!

Wanna know how we got there? Oh I'll tell you lucky lucky girls.
So we did really well in pool play 3-1, but drew a tough seed for the first round of elims. This was a new team from PG county that had some very fast dudes and some very....umm TOUGH individuals. We managed to knock them off to make it to the next round. OMG the next game took FOREVER!!!!! We were losing 5-1 then I helped lead the charge to make it 5-3 (pat on the back thank you very much) then some of our boys worked their tail off and we were in a 5-5 tie when the game time ran out. However, since it was an elimination game we went to overtime which in kickball is a mess. 1 less guy on the field which means girls are moved everywhere and formations change after every play. Poor little BabySpice was put in the outfield, 1st base, SS and then catcher. She did really well though and I couldn't have been more proud of her performance. Long story short we won and made it to the semifinals against the best team in the Circuit.
We played them really tight and we were winning for the whole game which made me nervous. I hadn't made a PLAY the ENTIRE tournament, except for kicking and I just had a feeling the ball was gonna come to me for a big play. So it's the bottom of the last inning, we are winning by 1 run, the other team is kicking with 2 outs and I KNEW I was either going to make a big play or botch a big play.
Guy kicks the ball....it comes to me right by second base, but I'm not fast enough to run to 2nd base to make the force out. Time slows down as I try and figure out what to do and how to do it. So, ya'll I just threw the ball at him to try and tag him out and....

WE WIN!!!!!

I immediately looked to C to make sure I did the right thing and all I saw was him running at me grinning and everyone else running towards me screaming. They lifted me up and everyone was cheering at ME?!?! It was one of the most incredible feelings in the world. I've been parts of different teams and helped win games, but I've never been THAT PERSON that wins it. It was incredible something I will never ever forget.

We played really well in the Finals but lost 1-0. I am so proud of my team and couldn't ask for a better group of teammates.

Team Pictures!

After the Finals.

There is always a party after the tournament and even though we were exhausted we made it out. It was alot of fun but I was SUPER TIRED and my feet hurt sooo much. I usually am the girl making the rounds and C is just hanging out, but we swapped roles this time. I just hung out with the Sissys and my teamies!

Real Clothes Pic

Super awesome teamies!

Great weekend with my kickball loves.

July 27, 2011

Don't know WHY I do this to myself

Soooooo, I'm chilling at home right now after a pretty miserable day at work. Life has gotten me down in the worst way and I really am tired of it. I went to the gym even though I shouldn't have, cause of my legs but EFF THAT NONSENSE!

I ate a smoothie for dinner cause I'm lazy and don't want to cook. And I'm drinking wine. Can we say wine-o?!?!?!?

OH yeah, and I'm watching the movie TAKEN and I HATE HATE HATE scary movies. I can't help it, I am sucked in even though I know it's not my kind of movie. And wouldn't you know, C is out of town right now so I'm all alone in my apartment. I'm gonna try and stay busy recapping my life to post later next week. Hopefully that will help.

I'll let you all know if I make it....eeeek

July 22, 2011


So these posts are super-way late, but oh well. This blog is first and foremost a journal of my life and I don't want to forget things from the end of June and beginning of July.

NO, don't freak out, C does not have a child. This adorable little boy is Nate and the son of S's (C's buddy) girlfriend.....you got that ;)? S came up to visit for a week or so and brought V (his gf) and her son Nate to tour the DC area. C was super sweet and let them stay at his place, which meant he stayed at mine (Shhh don't tell Mama B). I didn't get to hang out with them too much but it was nice to get to know them when we chilled. I actually had to entertain them when they arrived cause C was coaching a baseball camp. Good think I'm SUPER OUT-GOING huh?!?!?
This pictures was taken when we were in Gtown for dinner, which was DELISH! We ate at a mafia style Italian restaurant....authentic and the wine-o was divine-o. Heehee! I always forget how good C is with kids, since we aren't around them a lot together. I ADORE them and he wants to have kids but isn't around them all the time. I am glad he likes them :)

Holy Moly the 4th of July has already come and gone?!?! Can I just say how **Lucky** I am to live where I live, ESPECIALLY around the 4th of the July. I don't care who you are or where you live, you ain't got nuttin on DC 4th of July fireworks. Celebrating our nation's birthday in our nation's Capitol is AMAZING!!! You should really come and see for yourself.

Hanging out on base with the fam, C and my friend J. We played BS and I WON!

Fireworks over the monument = Amazing!!!

Oh hey hippy chick

Oh hey goober head.

iPhone pic to keep us busy while we sit in traffic.

Later that week C and I went the Nats vs Cubs game. This was not just ANY bball game though, C actually coached one of the relief pitchers for the Cubs so we went to see him play.

It also happened to be the game Mama Obama decided to show up in support of military families (which I find a little bit of an oxymoron, but won't get preachy). We could see all of the sniper teams sitting on different parts of the roofs which was pretty cool.

Here's a picture of C's boy. We tried to meet up with him after the game at the player's exit, but boys being boys didn't plan it very well. Luckily we went to another game later in the week and they were able to meet up. It is INSANE how long baseball boy friendships last. I was glad he was able to catch up with his friend.

It was a fun filled but super busy few weeks. It is so nice to have someone to do things with and I am glad we are both flexible (that's what she said ha) in planning. I think if I were more Type A I would have gotten annoyed because things changed constantly. But, with boys, really, what can you do?

ps.com I have never watched so much baseball in one week EVER! I forgot to mention we HAD to watch the baseball college world series the week before. Lawd have mercy!

July 21, 2011


A sad today for Miss Pinky today. Sweet little Raga-Muffin has gone to the dog parks in the sky. Mama B took her to the vet today to be put down because she has not been doing well for awhile. Today was a really really bad day for her at home, I think she was telling Mama B, "I love you very much Mama B, but I'm done. And since I am too stubborn to go on my own, please help me".

For real, this honeybear is stubborn as ALL GET OUT! I mean, she is 15 years old, which is pretty old for a Mini Schnauzer. I think she really doesn't want to leave, but her poor poor body can't support her attitude. She isn't eating and gets tired walking a few feet. Mama B was hoping to get back down to Tennessee in August to bring her 'home' but I think Muffin knows this is now her home. I will be honest sometimes she and I got into it because she thought she was Alpha, but I'm really gonna miss her. She had the cutest lil hitch in her giddy-up.

I'm honestly really sad and worried for Mama B. Muffin was her mother's dog and when Mo died 3 years ago we inherited her dogs. I don't think Mama B would have started the healing process without Muffin. I know she views her as the last earthly connection she has to Mo. Please pray for her, she will need it.

Pictures of lil miss sweetie pie! I'll post more at a later date.

Dearest sweet lil Muffin,
You fought the good fight sweetheart. We will miss you so much here at home, but know you are ready to feel better. Thank you for keeping Mama B company these past few years after her mother Mo died. I don't think she would have started to heal without you. Thank you for the precious moments when you actually let me hold you. I will miss your cute little stretches when you want to be scratched and your jealous nature around other dogs. You will always have a place in my heart lil girl.
I love you so much. Wish I could be there with you today when you meet Jesus in doggie heaven. I know you will be waiting impatiently for your son and the rest of us to join you. Please give Mo a big kiss for us okay?!?! I know she will be SO HAPPY to have you back.
kisses, licks and big hugs Muphen!!!

July 17, 2011

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!

WOW, 1 Year with C, I can't believe it. :)

And it's my 100th post!

Have a great one ya'll!


July 16, 2011

DC OPEN K365!!!

This is just a pre-post. But we made it to the Finals! We got second place, but that's okay!

My team made it to the finals.

And yours truly was the MVP of the tournament! Insane in the membrane!

I will never forget the feeling of making the last out and having my whole team rush toward me and lift me up. I am not bragging just in awe of that feeling. WOW! Sports make life amazing.

More to come soon, it's just been and insane week and weekend!

July 13, 2011

Fresh Prince of my HEART

That's right, I got to see my FRESH PRINCE!!! Since L is setting up her new home, I wanted to help her out and see my boobear! OMG ya'll he is getting SOOOO SOOO SOOO SOO BIG!!!

He is WALKING by himself and a talking machine (pot hi kettle winky). Chatty chatty boy he is. And such a mommy's boy, which is 100% A-ok with me. It was Mommy Mommy Mommy when he didn't know what was going on. Since I hadn't seen him in awhile there was a definite hesitation when he first met me. But, once he figured out I was a friend it was come and play with me, yay!



Attempting to get a picture together, he's not very into it though.
Can you so say PRESH to the ISH!?!?!?

Here's a video of the sweet baby boy. I was so proud that he started to say Pinky. Although it came out more as tinky, but that's okay. He will learn it soon enough.
(HMMM VIDEO WON"T LOAD!!! Be back with it when blogger is my friend again)

Dearest Fresh Prince,
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BIG BOY! You are growing up so fast! I promise I will be spending more time with you soon. And I know you are going to be the bestest big brother in the whole world. Don't worry, you will have a very special place in my heart for the rest of your life. I hope you are looking forward to our dates. I will teach you how to treat girls, although you are never allowed to date...haha! I hope you know I will always be here for you sweetness.
Aunt Pinky

July 8, 2011

Late Night Ramblin's

It's almost midnight on a Friday night and I'm blogging?!?!? Yep you saw the time correctly. Yours truly is UP and on the comp right now. I'm trying to waste time until I have to do a midnight update for work....lucky me right!?!?! Since I use my time wisely at work and blog, WHY NOT NOW RIGHT!?! No way could I keep it together for a real post, so it's a list and it's a random one.

1) I need more sleep. Haven't had more than 6 hours in the past 1.5 weeks. Now for many of you that's okay, but not for Miss Pinky. I can tell if I don't get my normal 7.5-8 and I am miserable. But, life has just gotten in the way. Looking forward to next weekend when I will catch up...I think.

2)EEEEK next weekend C and I celebrate 1 year!!!! What is going on and where did Miss Pinky go? I'm the 6 month and I'm out kinda gal...a year, wow! Haven't hit that since the college bf.

3) Thank you Lord for not giving me a brother. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my two little cousins but man oh man are they work. Little girls....yeah I know them. Pink, sports, dress up and games, no prob. But boys are hitting, wrestling, farts, jumping on things and loud noises. Lord have mercy on me the rest of the week.

4) I have a kickball tourney tomorrow morning and I am sad to admit I'm nervous. Our team isn't performing and I'm worried we are gonna drop the ball again. I really hope my shins behave and that I'm able to be injury free after 4-5 games.

5)My boss at work is at a Mach 2340830248 times infinity. For serious the passive aggressive emails are all over the place and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. Thank goodness for good work friends and spouses that can cheer me up and help me figure out this new BAU.

6)I miss BabySpice. She isn't home with the boys and it makes me sad. We'll see her this weekend though.

7) Anyone out there watching Toddlers and Tiaras?!?! I caught part of an episode last night and man oh man it was AWESOME. A BOY beauty queen.....HOLLA!

8)I really need to get back in shape. I'm not sleeping well and am feeling sluggish because of the no exercise I am on. It sucks and my eating has been suffering too cause I'm in full pity party mode. Clean eating monster where are you?!?!

9) I was recently bored and watch reruns of Greek from ABC family. Hotness Monster ya'll?!

10)Wow this has only taken 15 minutes....it's amazing what no pictures will do to help the formatting. I really need to get someone to help me with a new blog. Any takers?!?!

Okay, maybe I should pack everything for tomorrow and do a little cleaning...or watch T&T on tv. Anyhoo I'm Audi 500 ya'll! xoxo

July 7, 2011

DC's being INVADED....

By the CUZ-CUZ!!!!!!!!!! No, not the Fuzz, they are always here. My two baby cousin's are coming to visit this week and I am uber excited about it. They are 9 years old and will be the brothers I never had this week.

I wanted to write more about the visit but work has been RIDICULOUS today and this week. I will def have some awesome pics to share after! Happy Thursday all!