August 31, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Sneak Peek!

Morning and HAPPY WEDDING WEDNESDAY!!!! Sportyspice married the MAN of her dreams on August 20th and it was the most incredible day celebrating their love. I was so honored to stand up as a matron of honor to bear witness to this wonderful love. 

It was a CRAZYPANTS week leading up to the festivities, though. We had blackouts [twice], people who never RSVPed texting and asking questions about the wedding, a planner who didn't QUITE get it and a few other minor odds and ends which had to be taken care of late into the night. I'd do it ALL again in a heartbeat, to ensure Sportyspice enjoyed her best day ever. I hope you enjoy a few of these sneak peeks!

I mean, could she be any more gorgeous?!?! I don't think so. It truly was the bestest wedding and I'm so thankful everything went swimmingly for our beautiful bride. Send her some happy vibes if you could, she's going to be living the single life for a bit while her Airforce husband is away at school.

Also, could you send me some healthy vibes? After hitting it hard for 21 days straight my body is rebeling and I'm fighting off a nasty fever and sore throat. There is no sick time in retail/fitness, so I'm trucking on as best I can. I miss y'all and will have a 'what's been going on' post tomorrow!

August 19, 2016

SportySpice Gets Married TOMORROW!

Another Friday, another post it seems. Not sure why this is my posting schedule, but I'm just gonna go with it. Sooooo, it's wedding week. I mean, it's the FRIDAY of wedding week. Sportyspice gets married T O M O R R O W! Wow, I mean, wow!

This week has been insane. Both in good ways and in meh ways, but isn't that the way of wedding week? I drove up to NOVA on Tuesday so I've been helping as much as I can to get everything set up. I managed to sneak away one night to have dinner with one of my besties and it was so much fun catching up. I have to admit, I feel like an outsider now with the traffic and everything going on where I used to live. Tennessee is so much more chill than northern Virginia and it's crazy three months later and I'm already OVER the traffic ;)!

While home I've managed to do some organizing of our things at my parent's house and put together another couple throw way and give away bags. Living in someone else's house really opens your eyes to what you need to get along. I can't remember the last time I went shopping for non workout or wedding related things. 

Speaking of wedding, the past two days have been a whirl wind. Not only have we been hitting it hard and taking care of business, we've also been dealing with two blackouts in two days! YES, two in two. Wednesday night we had a pretty severe thunderstorm, which is normal during the summer, but about 45 minutes in our lights just died and poof, blackness everywhere. Despite a few eeeeks, the Brady bunch was undeterred and we continued to pack welcome bags and finish up place cards in the dark. I even managed to get in a squat workout, too!

There was also a shenanigans leader who brought out the uhnce dance party in the kitchen and continued to make us laugh while we finished our assignments. The giggles helped keep the bride calm because, yeah, a black out three days before the wedding isn't necessary what you want.

You know what you also don't want? A RANDOM black out Thursday night of wedding week when you're hosting a family get dinner for everyone in town. We didn't want it, but we rolled with it for sure. This time the outage was due to a car hitting a telephone pole, causing a fire and a line to be cut. Clearly that person was having a worse day than we were but it was one of those 'REALLY' moments. 

Again, undeterred Mama B jumped in the car and drove to our church to finishing cooking the meal and we all sat down in the evening light to enjoy a meal. Thankfully the power came on before we are finished and I was ecstatic because I thought it meant lava cake for dessert. Sadly everyone was too distracted to make it so that will just have to wait until Sunday, drat. 

Today we will be getting our nails done, finishing up last minute things, rehearsing, eating dinner, meeting family for cocktails, putting the last touches on speeches and then tucking Sportyspice in for her last night as just a Brady. I'll be honest, it's a bit surreal to think in less than 48 hours she'll be married. I'm so thrilled for her and her fiancé and am hoping Saturday is their best day ever. If you have a moment, please send them alllll the good vibes and prayers. Follow me on Instagram here for fun pictures and snaps this weekend. I promise to show you all the good stuff ;)!

August 12, 2016

Hay, Y'all HAAAY!

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, there is a NEW post here. Shocking, I know, but I've finally made some time for this poor neglected space. It's been hard being away, I miss reading about everyone's lives and interacting every day. I think I have a modified scheduled figured out going forward, however things could change on a dime so I guess we will see.

What have I been up to you ask? Well, I guess I'll tell you.

Last weekend was a doozy as Sporstpyce brought 15 of her closest friends down to Knoxville for her bachelorrette party. Yes, you read that right, 15 girls in my aunt and uncles house for a weekend. EGAD! It was a lot of work, a lot of planning and a lot of corralling but it was also a ton of fun and everyone had a blast. #stillneedmoresleep

I'm still working part time at the front desk for Gold's and teaching Bodypump. My body was all out of wak the first week of work as this experience is my first foray into anything retail or service. Standing for six hours is not a walk in the park [not that I thought it would be] and learning all the ins an outs took a bit longer than expected. I will say I am pretty good at greeting everyone with a smile ;)! This was my third week mixing in the front desk with teaching and my body [and mind] has finally found a rhythm. I've been doing a TON of subbing for BODYPUMP and will FINALLY be getting my own evening class at the end of the month. There has been a lot of positive feedback which makes me smile and there is also talk of me pursing a personal training certification which is mind boggling.

Searching for a nine to five job is still in the works and yes it's gotten a bit frustrating. Things that appeared to be moving forward have just stalled. Le Husband and I knew it wouldn't be easy to make this transition but there have been moments harder than expected. I'm praying for the right job or the right path and hope soon to have great news to share. Thank you all for your support, it means a ton. We're managing to keep our optimism and I truly believe this was the right move for us in this stage of life. The people here have been great, my family continues to be amazing and we are both slowly starting to find a tribe down here. Everything will come in time and this view always helps.

Sportyspice is getting MARRIED in eight days, OH MY GOSH. I'm so beyond excited, y'all! I'll be heading home next week to help get everything ready and I can't wait to celebrate her prefect day. Blogging will totally be sporadic next week, but I'll be popping in share some of the fun pictures.

The weekend after the wedding will be another busy one for me as I'll be pursing another Les Mills certification, BODYATTACK. Originally I had hoped to get CXWORX or BODYFLOW however those trainings are much further off and this one is right here in town. I've only taken two attack classes under my belt but an incredible instructor has offered to mentor me so I'm taking a HUGE leap and just going for it.
Of course I can't sign off without talking about the OLYMPICS!!! Y'all know I'm an OLYMPICAHOLIC and it's honestly killing me to not be posting more about the events and everything down in Rio. Working at my old job I was able to stream events live and watch them live as well and right now that's not really an option. Thankfully I've caught all the big events in the evenings. Gymnastics has been phenomenal, swimming is rocking it and I cannot WAIT for all the track and field events. Let's GO, USA!

Wow, that's a lot of stuff in one post. So, yeah, that's my life right now, haha. I hope you are all doing well, I miss you lots and lots and hope to do some jumping around today in blogland. Wishing y'all the best weekend! < 3