June 30, 2014

My Top Ten

Inspiration found *here*.

The Christmas season.

Setting an athletic goal and then accomplishing it. 

Hot, fresh espresso/macchiato in the morning.

Winning Kickball tournaments.


Having my hair washed/played with by someone.

Hearing my husband say, "Hey Love".

Summer vacation at the lake in Tennessee.

Pictures of my new, blended family.

This wedding picture.
 What are your top tens?

June 27, 2014


I'm not a huge Bravo fan. Totally not a fangirl, because some of their stuff is puuurdy craptastic. But, I can't seem to stop watching the Real Housewives series [except ATL] no matter how hard I try. I guess it's because I really can't believe grown women act the way they do and that we care so much that they keep creating shows.

I was both intrigued and wary when I heard Bravo was starting a series across the pond. British women already have an air about them, so part of me couldn't wait to see how they acted with a camera on them 24/7. I also was very interested to see how things were portrayed regarding the USA vs GB ladies.
I very much enjoy Marissa, as she seems very down to earth, has a job and seems very genuine in her interests. Juliet is the most 'American' of the ladies and while I find her say what ever she wants attitude a tad bit annoying, it's fun to see some spunk. Annabelle is beyond gorgeous, and I think just is so set in her ways that she doesn't really care much what people think. I think it's incredible that she was McQueen's muse and can only imagine how hard it must be to still be involved in fashion without her friend. I'm not sure what to make of Noelle yet. She seems to be trying a bit too hard, but I can't imagine dealing with her relationship drama. Caprice seems like just another model, but one that has a British air to her and one that makes mountains out of mole hills. And then there's Caroline. At first I couldn't stand her, with her nose in the air and "I don't know what the 4th of July is about", I mean really? But, I find her mentality of staying out of drama that doesn't pertain to her extremely refreshing and and interested to see how her character develops throughout the season.

I must say, that dramawise I find this show extremely refreshing. So far the backstabbing, rude comments and vulgar language has been kept to a minimum, which I personally like. I find myself often thinking "you can't be serious" watching the other series of RH's, with most of the women acting like children still in high school.

What do you think of' 'Ladies of London'? Who's your favorite and who do you not care for at all? Any predictions for the rest of the season?


ps.com You know what you pompous Brits? We LOUD Americans not only KICKED YOUR ARSE ONCE, but we had to save it twice. So, keep your high and mighty nose in the hair, but remember, we could conquer you in a heartbeat...ya wankers ;)

June 26, 2014

A Coffee Date

Morning ladies, let's have a virtual coffee date today, okay?!
Sometimes instead of big ol post, I just wanna talk to y'all. Cause y'all are my friends and I enjoy our interactions, even if they are online. So, just for today, let's pretend we are actually meeting in a coffee cafe, in person.

If we were meeting for coffee, I'd have you meet me at this wonderful lil joint I discovered last month. They have delicious coffee and yummy espressos too. If I knew you well enough [which I probably do], I'd get both our usuals and have it waiting at our table. And once you arrived, I'd probably greet you like this:
I'm all about the big hugs, squeals and "Oh Soooo gooood to see you". Sometimes even my friends are all 'sideeyewhatwhat', but that's just who I am, and I'm so lucky they indulge me. And really, who doesn't like a big hug right?!?! RIGHT!

Once we were settled, seated and sippin' we'd immediately start gabbing. I'm sure it would start with the classic "I love your outfit, where did you get X" and the "that purse is so fabulous, love it". You know girls, always talking fashion something or other. And handing out compliments like they're going out of style.

We'd probably segue into the 'hows life' chat. I'd tell you things at work have been a lil stressful this week. Nothing too crazy our out of the norm, but now that my boss is gone, stressful is a bit more of a yellow flag for me. Luckily, our new boss seems competent, but there's talk about moving buildings which kind of makes me see red. Hopefully, like in the past, it won't happen and I'll continue my easy, opposite traffic commute. I'd ask you about your job and if you're happy there. Are you looking to further your education? Is there a promotion on the rise? Do you have any fun/crazy/say what stories to share about your job?

Since it's summer, I'm sure we'd talk a lot about vacation plans and pool time plans. Do you  have any big plans coming up? Travel destinations on your bucket list? I love a good travel bucket list, so I'd share the many places I'd love to visit one day [eello Australia and Europe]. I'd share with you my exciting vacation plans and some vacation secrets too. There would probably be a 'Holy cow, how is it already the end of June' moment.Obviously, allllllll the kickball tournaments would be mentioned and I'd talk about how many more I have this year [6?]. I'm sure you'd look at me like I was cray-cray, but you know I am, haha.

Then I'd also ask if you've watched any good shows recently. I'm pretty much a creature of habit when it comes to tv, I have my NCIS, Elementary, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, Chopped and other cooking shows, but don't really JUMP into anything that's popular. You  might be able to convince me, or I might be able to get you hooked on some of my shows. I'm pretty good at suggesting shows, if I do say so myself.

Of course the conversation would turn to relationships. Are you dating someone new [if you're dating] or how are things with the S/O?  If you're engaged, I'd ask all the wedding questions you could handle, because I'm such a lover of weddings and love. If you're going on a date this week, I'd squeal in anticipation and happiness for you too. I'd try my best not to over share, when I talk about marriage and the past few months. I'm insanely happy and love everything about being a wife. Naturally, I'd comment on how fast the year has flown by and the fact that our one year anniversary is JUST around the corner [WHAT!!?]. And no, we aren't any closer to having kids than we were when we got married. We aren't the type to feel the need to rush and are enjoying our 'just us time'. Since relationships aren't only romantical, I'd check with how you and your friends are doing. Any drama/issues? Any new friends? If there was constant drama, I'd tell you cut em out. From experience, it's the best thing you can do. I had to do it not too long ago, and losing the negativity and drama in my life was like dropping ten pounds of weight. Holding onto bad/toxic/draining friends is bad for your health and mind and life's too short to be anything but happy.

Before we'd wrapped up, I'm sure we'd talk about the world, what's on trend and maybe, celebrations in the future. We'd probably end up staying at least thirty minutes over our planned time, but hey, that's totally okay right?!? We're girls and we were catching up, I think it's in our rule book or something.

When it's time to finally leave, I'd grab you in another big hug and say the cliche "Let's do this again soon", but I'd mean it. Friends and coffee catch up time makes my day better, so the more the merrier my life will be. You'd also receive the cliche, "thanks for meeting me" text when you got to your car. Because, yeah, I'm that friend...but you know you love me!

Another virtual coffee date soon, okay?!?!

June 25, 2014

Confessions of an Over Packer

Summer's here and that means trips, trips, trips.

Which means, packing, packing, packing.

And that means.......it's time for CONFESSIONS of an OVER-PACKER.

I've said it a bazillion times before, but I'll say it again...

I over-pack like crazy, because I never want to be left 
wanting something while I'm on a trip. 

Don't believe me?!

Check it...

Exhibit A: VEGAS 2011- 3 days, 4 nights

SHOES: 10 pairs for 4 Days!!!
It was only my second trip to Vegas and I really wanted to do it up after my first trip. I was there for kickball tournament so the cleats, flips and gymmers don't really count right?!?! But yeah, I ended up packing two pairs of shoes in Le Husband's [Le Beau at the time] suitcase. I think I brought three dresses, two skirts, two swimmy suits and a pair of booty shorts.

I posted a picture on Facebook and everyone gave me the Heather Dubrow!

Exhibit B: Cancun 2012 - Five days
In 2012, Le Husband [Le Beau at the time] kicked some major arse at his job and qualified for an all expenses paid trip to Cancun with other people in his company. And, he was allowed to bring his S/O for free too....HOLLLA! I was super stoked for a free trip with my man, but we had only been dating for six months and everyone else going were older married couples, with kids. So I was a bit nervous about looking like 1] Flavor of the month and 2] A college kid. We only had one excursion so all I really needed to pack was three swim suits, a cover up and an outfit for dinner each night. Yeah....you don't even wanna know how many outfits I packed.

Exhibit C: Vegas 2012 - 3 days, 4 nights
While I was a bit more organized for this trip, I still was a bit of a mess. As you can see there was A LOT of pink packed and I totally brought four extra outfits. I think most of that had to do with the fact that Vegas is the one place I thought I could still wear my sloooty girl clothes. But, when I was there, I found I just wanted to wear a cute dress or skirt. I will say that this trip I was much better with shoes. I only packed six pairs.


So there you have it friends, my over packing confessions. I know a list helps, but I'm always the girl that thinks "hmmmm, but I might need this...just maybe...I think". At least I'll ALWAYS BE PREPARED!

Are you an over-packer or an awesome packer? Any tips you want to share?

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June 24, 2014

You Will Never Catch Me

Inspiration from *here*.
Saying no to a glass of wine.

 Without a hair thing on my wrist or in my purse.

Continually dealing with petty bs.

Looking for confrontation, unless we're on the athletic field.

Not supporting my family [bloodisthickerthanwater].

Without something pink on...I promise.

Using any form of social media/internet on my honeymoon.

Standing still when music is playing.

Holding on to a relationship that doesn't make me better.

Without a water bottle.

Wishing for the next phase in life.

Swiping the first bite of your dessert.

Sharing the first bite of my dessert.

 Wearing clothing that's too tight or too short...gotta grow up someday.

Enjoying a beer...blech!

Spending over $40 for workout clothing...notcountingshoes.

Watching RHOA...too much yelling.

Without coffee, first thing in the morning.

NOT writing a thank you note after a gift [of any kind] is received.

Organizing a night out until 3am.

Consuming alcoholic beverages just to get hammered.

Choosing a fruit tart over a chocolate dessert.

Complaining that it's too hot/humid.

Wishing for cold weather.

Not in the Christmas spirit.

Say "no thanks, I have enough friends."

June 23, 2014

A BALL Of A Weekend

A kickball…soccer ball weekend that is.

Phew, another jam-packed weekend in the books.

This weekend I...

:: Played in my fourth tournament…in four weekends.

:: Brought ringers to a charity tournament to help out my bffer.

:: Didn't get enough sleep because we had too much fun catching up.

:: Rocked the phrase "Sun's Out…Guns Out" with our team.

:: Realized there are some very un-athletic people that play sports.

:: Surprised many a team with my speed and kickball skills.

:: Enjoyed it.

:: Ruined a picture…or two.

:: Learned that charity events always run late.

:: Didn't eat enough lunch.

:: Rocked matching Commits with my bffer.

:: Only lost two games.

:: Meaning we came in 2nd place.

:: Learned that getting second still sucks when it's for charity.

:: Had things put into perspective when a Wounded Warrior came over and told us good game. The charity tournament was to support him and his family and after talking to him didn't feel too bad about losing a game.

:: Craved a hot shower.

:: Watched Babyspice crush a quesirito!

:: Learned that even though Johnny Walker Blue is super expensive, it's not my kind of drink. TOO SMOKY!

:: Loved hanging with good friends.

:: Took Mama B to get a pedicure.

:: Forgot to set an alarm and was late to my soccer game.

:: Learned that I'm no spring chicken, my body was sore.

:: Enjoyed a margarita while waiting for the USA vs Portugal game.

:: Gasped when Portugal went up 1-0.

:: Still believed we would score, and possibly win.

:: Screamed, hugged, jumped and shouted when we tied the game.

:: Did that x 5 when we went up 2-1.

:: Learned that 94 minutes is not enough time to win a game.
:: Almost cried when the game ended.

:: Screamed at M. Bradley for not passing the ball.

:: Felt like a tie was a loss.

:: Still believe we will move out of our group.

:: Learned that my husband will turn on Finding Nemo to make me feel better.

How was your weekend?!?

June 20, 2014

Macaroni Spaghetti Meatballs

To the windows...to the walls...it's FRIDAY all you dolls?!!?

Ha, Lil John I am not, but I AM super stoked it's finally Friday. 

I'm in the midst of my bazillion weekends of stuff and while I'm a tad bit exhausted, I'm purdy excited about all the fun this weekend will bring. Obviously there's some kickball involved, but also my bffer, Le Husband and some much needed pamper time. WOOP WOOP, let's get after it!!!!

Favorite article of the week: The World Cup Is Your Kid's Last Hope, is hilariously amazing. The language is NSFW, but trust me, you'll find it extremely entertaining.

Favorite Pins of the week: This is too funny...in more ways than one.


Favorite cause of the week: Pantene's #ShineStrong campaign makes me so happy. Yesterday, they released a 'NOT SORRY' video and I love, love, love it. We women, need to STOP apologizing when we don't need to, because we are strong and capable. Read this article and watch this video, NOW!

Favorite video of the week: Macaroni, spaghetti, meatballs!!!

Favorite moment of the week: I'm sure this won't come as any surprise, but my favorite moment of the week was watching the USA beat GHANA in their first WORLD CUP GAME! The energy at the bar was incredible and I was on such a high when the game was over and we had won. I can't wait for the repeat performance, this Sunday against Portugal. #IBELIEVETHATWEWILLWIN! [dearjozygetbetterasap].

Hope your week was wonderful and that your weekend is brilliant!

Breathe, stretch, shake...
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June 19, 2014

Brain Dump

Hey friends, did you miss me yesterday? No? Yes? Either way, that's okay. My life has been uber busy recently and that, coupled with World Cup action, means this lil place might recieve lil less love than normal. Don't hiizzate, I'll still be here pretty regularly, but real world life trumps blog life #truth.
Here's some randomness from the past few days.

*My BOFF's alma mater's baseball team is currently competing in the college world series [#CWS] and I've found it makes it easier to tolerate all the baseball. It's also fun texting her during the games. Thanks BOFF and #GOFROGS!

*I must admit though, that I'm watching a heck of a lot more soccer than baseball, PTL. Our apartment might have been a war-zone if we had competing sports at the same time. See, we don't waste money on a dvr and neither of us are big "Let's go to a bar to watch a game" just to drink, so we watch most sporting events at home. Obviously, I'll be partaking in the USA games at a bar, because chilling with all my soccer homies is more fun than yelling/cheering at the TV all alone. But, I'm lucky I have a tv at work, only miss 15 minutes of one match on my way home and then am done with soccer at 8pm. Hooray for same time zones!

*Lately it seems as though I have 2034803284 bazillion things to do and more and more stuff is piling up. I've made lists, color coordinated them and then all of a sudden...
What was I just doing?!?! Is this an attention thing or just getting old?!?!

*Speaking of old, there is an old man that sits next to me at work that drives me insane. Okay, he's not old, he's just older but uuuuuuuuuuuuugh, he's just gross. He constantly sniffle/snorts and drinks loudly with a straw. Fun right?!!? Oh, but guess what...this week, he's decided to enjoy multiple NOW&LATER candies a day. LOUDLY! Hashtagimgonnablowagasket.

*Summer is flying, just flying by. And part of me feels like it hasn't truly started yet either. Maybe that's because Sportyspice is in school [sorryallthoseotherteachersbraggedandturnedkarmaonyou]. It's almost the end of June...say what?!?! Mybraincannotcompute.
I love Captain Awesome!
Okay, that's all I got...told you it was random! Happy almost Friday!!!!!!!!

June 17, 2014


Monday was epic! Just an epic, awesome soccer day. 

I started the day off right, all decked out in USA COLORS!

I was able to crank through some work early during the day,
but once the afternoon hit, it was kind of a lost cause. 

I got pumped watching the #IBELIEVE video
and chatted with friends online, in anticipation of the game.

I also, sent a USA picture to my girl, Babbling Brookelyn. So glad I have a new soccer fan friend. We were texting during the game. Her namesake helped us win too ;)!

After work I headed to a local bar to meet up with Sportyspice and a soccer teammate and her coworkers. I was there 1.5 hours before the game and I still wasn't able to get a big table. But, I'm not complaining, it's pretty awesome seeing so many soccer fans in one place. 

We enjoyed some snacks, drinks and chat and then it was game time. 

The game was awesome. The first minute was incredible! Dempsey's goal was out of this world, as was the eruption in the bar. Shouting, screaming and jumping around all while OMGing. That early goal was a huge relief, as Ghana has ben our nemesis in the past two world cups. The team played pretty decent after the goal, but we were all excited when the first half was done. 

We aren't going to talk about 3/4ths of the 2nd half [math moment], but I'll just say our defense needs to tighten up  like whoa. Ghana's goal was well executed, but we gotta mark better. And we need to find a new nutritionist, I don't understand why so many of our guys kept cramping up. Get on that team doctor, GET ON THAT!

While most of the 2nd half was spent on defense, thankfully, BROOKS got it down in the 86th for us. Everyone screamed, shouted, jumped and I knocked over a stool. People were high fiving and hugging and U-S-A chanting. Then came the longest ten minutes ever, but then….GAME OVER…WE WIN!!!
Up next, Portugal. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

One of the most awesome sports moments, ever.


June 16, 2014

Seven Days Can Change Everything

For real…

Last Saturday we lost a tournament…badly.

This weekend, we won handily. 

And I learned…

:: Leaving earlier than seven pm on a Friday to the beach is dumb.

:: Bad traffic is easier to deal with when you have fun people in the car.

:: Chick fil-A for the win!

:: Staying up till midnight all week doesn't make me a good front seat passenger.

:: Sleeping cold keeps people happy.

:: Having a first round bye is amazing.

:: Summer weather is gorgeous.

:: I can be our teams best girl bunter if I concentrate.

:: My body still performs when it needs too.

:: Our team is resilient. 

:: Winning is fun and so much better than losing. 

:: We win every time we go to VA Beach!!

Smallbackstory: I try to keep it light and happy here, but also keep it real. Last week was a pretty crazy one because there was some turmoil on the team due to all the losing. It got pretty crazy, but there was a 'come to Jesus' moment and hopefully this win will be the first step in the right direction.  Obviously, it's just kickball but when something that's such a big part of your life keeps going wrong, because of stupid choices, it gets to be a bit much. I'm so happy things turned out so well, because there was a huge possibility it was all about to end. 

:: Driving home Saturday night is a long drive but my bed is the best.

:: Sunday mornings come too quickly with early church service.

:: I love our morning grocery dates.

:: Brunch prep is fun and extremely helpful to the family.

:: Homemade brunch trumps going out for Father's day.

:: Our Daddy is bomb dot com.

:: Getting six people to agree on vacation plans is not bomb dot com.

:: Organizing is tricky too.

:: Shopping for trips is super fun.

:: Cereal for dinner on tournament weekends is my favorite. 

:: Husbands like to take naps on the couch.

:: I like to stay up and watch the World Cup.

:: World Cup is better than CWS.

:: Early bedtimes make the weekend wonderful.

:: How was your weekend?

*HERE* is a quick cheat sheet, if you want to know more
about the USA Men's National Team!


Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without a shout out to Daddy B. I thought I'd share what I posted on FB, since I don't think I could say it any better! He's just the best!

Happy Father's day to my wonderful Daddy! Thanks for always being Mr. Fix-it, Mr. Tech, Mr. Shoulder to Cry On, Mr. Coach, Mr. Sideline Supporter and Mr. I'll Help You with Anything. We've shared some amazing memories, but walking down the aisle and dancing with you at my wedding are two of my favorites! Thank you for being so amazing…and for dancing to N*SYNC in front of everyone. I  you! xoxo, Pookie Bear!

***I'm also guest posting today over at THE NEWLY! Go check it out!!!***

June 13, 2014

Friiiiiiiiiiday the 13thhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Morning friends, it's finalllllllllllly Friday!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and the kittens are ready, are you?!?

Favorite article of the week: Top 10 Moments in World Cup history. If you're a world cup fanatic, you'll probably remember many of these moments. If you're not, still check it out because you'll learn a bit and hopefully want to see some soccer games.

Favorite web site of the week: YAY GOOGLE, great doodle!
 Favorite funnies of the week: Oh soooo many reasons to laugh.

Favorite video of the week: Yes, it's a repeat! But it's bomb.com! And it's the WORLD CUP! And I love my team! And I'm an AMERICAN OUTLAW! #IBELIEVETHATWEWILLWIN!!!!

Second favorite video of the week: Man Donovan...you have a great sense of humor [for those that don't know, he was left of the USA WC team. A huge mistake in my opinion]. Which makes you even morrrrrrrrre of a stud in my eyes. Le sigh :)

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! Make me proud and WATCH SOCCER!

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June 12, 2014

Oh to be YOUNG. . .again!

Getting older flat out blows.

My metabolism is slower, I'm not as quick as I used to be, I need more time to recover after sporting events and I get injured more from overuse. Blah, belch, BARF!

Last week, I was reminded about how old I truly am right now. And where I was a few years ago.

I've been playing coed soccer since I graduated from college. I used to play with a bunch of friends and #humblebrag, we were a bunch of ballers. Most of us played in college and a few were on club teams at big universities. We played hard and we partied hard.

We were a bunch of young guns, that could run all day and had the endurance and skills to play with some of the best teams in the league. We were that team that played 8 vs 11 because other people bailed on us and we still won by three goals. Everyone hated us, but we continued to rock it out.

And then…we got old.

Every year after I turned 26 I felt a step slower and the kids we played against seemed that much younger and faster. But, we still held on and won by the skin of teeth. And then, we started to lose. And people stopped showing up to games so we struggled against the 11 people on the other team. So, after six years, the team disbanded and people found new teams.

I've hopped around and have been playing with one team the past two years. I miss the talent of my previous team, but enjoy the team I play with now. But last week, I was on the other side of losing short handed.

We played a team of young guns, that were down two people and they rocked us by three goals. You could tell they were dog tired and they were talking with each other about playing too much soccer. And having too many games during the week, but they were still running circles around our team. I personally was a touch slower than normal because of my quad and our team just didn't play well either.

As I walked to my car after the game, I fondly recalled those years of being young. And fast. And able to run all day, while helping my team win. I wish my body could be the same it was back then, but now, I guess I have to pass the torch. So I do, happily…while I ice my quad and take my ib profen.


Speaking of soccer, your butts better turn on the World Cup tonight!

It's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME, in four years. 

June 11, 2014

Confessions of a WC Fanatic

It's here...it's finally here!

The most wonderful time of the year!

WORLD CUP 2014!!!!


I confess... I'm memorizing the bios of our team.
I confess... Moves like these make me weak!

I confess... I record the games, so I can go back and watch goals like this over and over.
Such a thing of beauty.
I confess... Part of me hopes for a repeat of good ol Zindane. WHO HEAD BUTTS!?!?
I confess... Charts like these make me do the happy dance!
I confess... I love this time of year because soccer fans across the US UNITE AS ONE!
I confess... I hope the USA is the team that lifts the trophy at the end.
I confess... I love watching the Italians cheat :)!