June 23, 2014

A BALL Of A Weekend

A kickball…soccer ball weekend that is.

Phew, another jam-packed weekend in the books.

This weekend I...

:: Played in my fourth tournament…in four weekends.

:: Brought ringers to a charity tournament to help out my bffer.

:: Didn't get enough sleep because we had too much fun catching up.

:: Rocked the phrase "Sun's Out…Guns Out" with our team.

:: Realized there are some very un-athletic people that play sports.

:: Surprised many a team with my speed and kickball skills.

:: Enjoyed it.

:: Ruined a picture…or two.

:: Learned that charity events always run late.

:: Didn't eat enough lunch.

:: Rocked matching Commits with my bffer.

:: Only lost two games.

:: Meaning we came in 2nd place.

:: Learned that getting second still sucks when it's for charity.

:: Had things put into perspective when a Wounded Warrior came over and told us good game. The charity tournament was to support him and his family and after talking to him didn't feel too bad about losing a game.

:: Craved a hot shower.

:: Watched Babyspice crush a quesirito!

:: Learned that even though Johnny Walker Blue is super expensive, it's not my kind of drink. TOO SMOKY!

:: Loved hanging with good friends.

:: Took Mama B to get a pedicure.

:: Forgot to set an alarm and was late to my soccer game.

:: Learned that I'm no spring chicken, my body was sore.

:: Enjoyed a margarita while waiting for the USA vs Portugal game.

:: Gasped when Portugal went up 1-0.

:: Still believed we would score, and possibly win.

:: Screamed, hugged, jumped and shouted when we tied the game.

:: Did that x 5 when we went up 2-1.

:: Learned that 94 minutes is not enough time to win a game.
:: Almost cried when the game ended.

:: Screamed at M. Bradley for not passing the ball.

:: Felt like a tie was a loss.

:: Still believe we will move out of our group.

:: Learned that my husband will turn on Finding Nemo to make me feel better.

How was your weekend?!?


  1. I about died when I read this - "Realized there are some very un-athletic people that play sports" you are so funny! You'd be so proud - I watched the entire USA game and gasped right with you...this is why I don't watch soccer...too much time to tie?! How is there a tie!? LOL Happy Monday!

  2. Hahaha! Your comment about unathletic people playing sports cracked me up. I'm unathletic (though everyone THINKS I'm athletic because I'm tall), but I try to avoid team sports at all costs!
    Glad Finding Nemo cheered you up! :)

  3. I think I'm one of those unathletic people who plays sports! I feel like I look like such an idiot when I run. OMG... the USA game. I mean, the goal was legit... but HOW do you let that happen with less than 30 seconds left? I mean... my God. You don't let someone like Ronaldo get the ball that late in the game. My rant is now over. Thanks for linking up, girlfriend! xo

  4. Stop it, he turned on Finding Nemo to lift your spirits? So freaking cute!
    Is it exhausting doing tournaments every weekend? You are super woman!

  5. What a great weekend!! You stay so busy, my goodness!!

  6. Umm babyspice's arms... I want... that game was amazing and stressful and still so hate that stupid lost game time crap, I mean for real? you won on borrowed time!

  7. Reading your update made me tired! Sounds like you had a great weekend though.

  8. LOL at people who are "un-athletic" too funny. Sounds like a fun busy weekend. Those shirts are great.

    Best, Mree

  9. OMG, Finding Nemo could cheer ANYONE up - love that movie :) You had a BUSY weekend, but sound so fun!!

  10. still coming down for that game. thursday needs to come sooner

  11. still coming down for that game. thursday needs to come sooner

  12. Kickball is the best! I'm in a league, too! Also that USA game. OMG. Still can't get over that last minute...

  13. Haha I love the suns out guns out phrase. I hated that we tied too. It is my biggest pet peeve about soccer & hockey. Tying should not be acceptable. There HAS to be a winner!

  14. What a weekend of life lessons! :) Those t-shirts are so cute! And 4 tourneys in 4 weeks??? CRAZY.

  15. My husband and sister in laws watched the entire game on the watch ESPN app while at a wedding. We were all a little disappointed with the outcome too. Sounds like a fun weekend!!

  16. Oh god just THINKING about Johnny Walker Blue makes me want to gag! haha

  17. Haha I'm so not an athletic person and I know my place so I stay away from doing sports, just watch them.

    Never had that Johnny Walker but smokey is not my type of drink so I will take your word for it! LOL

    I felt the exact same way the entire game, so here's to hoping we will win the next game!

  18. yep you described me watching the US game perfectly, and i'm not even american! we were on a plane and half the plane was watching it as well, so lots of screams and claps and then dead silence when they scored the equalizer at the end. i literally said 'WHAT?!' i was so mad. gah!

  19. We ALL felt like it was a loss. However, even though we lost to Belgium, I call it a win because we made it to O/T with no scores on the board. The 'sleeper' team, only beat us by one, and if that doesn't count as a win, then we wouldn't be the US, haha.


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