June 20, 2014

Macaroni Spaghetti Meatballs

To the windows...to the walls...it's FRIDAY all you dolls?!!?

Ha, Lil John I am not, but I AM super stoked it's finally Friday. 

I'm in the midst of my bazillion weekends of stuff and while I'm a tad bit exhausted, I'm purdy excited about all the fun this weekend will bring. Obviously there's some kickball involved, but also my bffer, Le Husband and some much needed pamper time. WOOP WOOP, let's get after it!!!!

Favorite article of the week: The World Cup Is Your Kid's Last Hope, is hilariously amazing. The language is NSFW, but trust me, you'll find it extremely entertaining.

Favorite Pins of the week: This is too funny...in more ways than one.


Favorite cause of the week: Pantene's #ShineStrong campaign makes me so happy. Yesterday, they released a 'NOT SORRY' video and I love, love, love it. We women, need to STOP apologizing when we don't need to, because we are strong and capable. Read this article and watch this video, NOW!

Favorite video of the week: Macaroni, spaghetti, meatballs!!!

Favorite moment of the week: I'm sure this won't come as any surprise, but my favorite moment of the week was watching the USA beat GHANA in their first WORLD CUP GAME! The energy at the bar was incredible and I was on such a high when the game was over and we had won. I can't wait for the repeat performance, this Sunday against Portugal. #IBELIEVETHATWEWILLWIN! [dearjozygetbetterasap].

Hope your week was wonderful and that your weekend is brilliant!

Breathe, stretch, shake...
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  1. That trust fall had me laughing way too hard for 6:45 Am!!! Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your kickball game!!

  2. That shark makes my day. Have a good weekend and try to find time to relax. and umm Love you BOFF

  3. Love your lil Jon opening line! haha Happy weekend!

  4. Love your Lil' Jon line... seriously laughed out loud. The whale trust fall... hehe... so funny!!

  5. So glad to see Friday too!! We have a wedding on Sunday during the USA game, I know my husband will be watching it on the watch ESPN app. Priorities people. :)

  6. Love love love love love. :) Happy friday love bug!

  7. haha love this! Way to go Pantene too! Hope you both have a fab weekend!!

  8. yay it's friday! i've been totally obsessed with the world cup. even got really into the japan/greece game yesterday!


  9. I absolutely LOLd at the trust fall! You always have the best Friday stuff!!! :)

  10. That shark!! Too funny!!
    Have a fab weekend!!

    Best, Mree

  11. Loved that first photo (and yes the win over Ghana was so exciting!) Have a great one xo

  12. Loved the snarky world cup article! Go USA! Macaroni Spaghetti Meatball!
    Also, that whale thing better not happen when we go to Icy Strait (or wherever we decided we wanna whale watch [woah, unintentional alliteration])

  13. Bahahahaha that trust fall totally reminded me of that part in Mean Girls ;-) Yeah for the weekend!!! I soooooo needed it!!!

  14. hahahah trust fall! That is epic

  15. Bahahahha... I've seen that "trust fall" meme before and it kills me EVERY.TIME.

  16. the trust fall! hahah that is amazing! i have only been following the USA in the world cup (loosely) but, judging from the FB posts, looks like we're not playing too hot tonight. :(

    hope you had a good weekend lady!

  17. omg that sorry video. tears. so true. i say sorry more than any person should, i am definitely going to try and stop - ugh, especially the one where she opens the door and says sorry as a greeting and then it changes to morning. i do that. must stop. thanks for sharing!


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