June 30, 2014

My Top Ten

Inspiration found *here*.

The Christmas season.

Setting an athletic goal and then accomplishing it. 

Hot, fresh espresso/macchiato in the morning.

Winning Kickball tournaments.


Having my hair washed/played with by someone.

Hearing my husband say, "Hey Love".

Summer vacation at the lake in Tennessee.

Pictures of my new, blended family.

This wedding picture.
 What are your top tens?


  1. Love your top 10, sweet girl. And especially that precious wedding picture. So perfect! Picking just ten things is hard, but here's a few that would make my list: Jesus, Christmas (like you! ps: more than halfway there - YAY!), cute boots, husband kisses, baby snuggles, shopping. Love this!

  2. Love that photo. My top ten.... hmmm I know it would include a good run and something chocolate!

  3. that wedding picture though. perfection! Setting an athletic goal and then accomplishing it - absolutely! my top ten.. hmmm... sleep, eating + shopping would definitely be there as well haha.

  4. Love your top ten. That wedding picture is beyond adorable too!

    A few of my top ten would be: Baby Kisses, Pretty much anything Gold, a great book... the list could go on and on really!! :)

  5. Such a good list! :) Having my hair played with is easily a top 5 for me! When my niece laughs at something silly I do. When Jared calls me 'sugar' ;)

  6. i am getting my haircut today. can't wait for it to be washed and massaged

  7. I love this idea! Great list - especially the summer trips to TN :)

  8. Beautiful picture!!! Love the Christmas season.

    Best, Mree

  9. YES to that wedding picture! :D I think s'mores would probably make my cut, too!

  10. I'm loving that wedding photo.. one of my top tens would be a day without a headache!!

  11. My top ten wouldn't look so different from yours. I love when our blended family gets together too. It's funny to think that by getting married, you made this whole new family.


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