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September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday {Link Up}

Hello, ladies! Happy hippity-hump day to all. Today I'm linking up with Shay for "What's Up Wednesday" where we recap our month using her prompts. I've started writing these instead of Currently posts, but I think next month I'll do both. Anyway, on to 'What Was Up' in September.

What We're Eating: September has been a hodgepodge of healthy and horrendous meals. Le Husband and I spent all of winter and spring getting FIT AS S*%% and then summer came and we just kind of ate everything we wanted #oops. Now, it's back to basics and that means cleaner eating this fall.  #yummy #megacheatday #lehusbandwasoutoftown

What I'm Reminiscing About: College and being a collegiate athlete. I can't believe I'm 10 years removed from college.

What I'm Loving: My passport is DONE and home, woohoo! It barely took a month and I'm super stoked to have my married name on my passport. I'm super stoked it was completed so quickly, too. You'll remember I was dreading it last month.

What I'm Dreading: The cold! Ugh, winter is way too close for my liking. And I'm dreading dealing with drama involving Le Husband's passport. He mailed his in BEFORE I did and hasn't received anything back yet. Plus, we haven't been able to check the status on his either. I really hope nothing horrible is in store for us regarding his passport.

What I'm Working On: Getting CPR certified and hopefully auditioning for a BODYPUMP job.

What We've Been Up To: Oh wow, this month has been nothing but travel, travel, travel. We were in Cincinnati for Labor Day weekend and then turned around and flew to Nashville the next weekend. Le Husband then traveled the weekend after, while I stayed home and scrubbed down the apartment and visited friends. Last weekend I was down at my alma mater and this weekend there was the possibility of another trip but I think ticket prices might squash it down. #livingontheroad

What I'm Excited About: BabySpice is HOME! We're doing a sisters dinner tonight and I can't wait to hear all about her fabulous travels and welcome her home. Ten days was way too long for her to be away!

What I'm Watching/Reading: I just finished Girl On the Train [what was the hype about] and Astronaut Wives Club [the show was more fun] which I'll review in October. Now that fall shows are back on I'm knee deep in Castle, NCIS [all three series], The Good Wife, Elementary Worst Chefs in America [Celebrity], Ladies of London and can't wait for Madam Secretary. I want to watch Scream Queens, has anyone seen it? So happy fall television is back, I've missed my shows!

What I'm Listening To: Honestly, nothing is really striking my fancy right now. I'm listening to the radio on the way to work, BODYPUMP music on the way home and every now and then a good song will come into play. For some reason, FALL OUT BOY'S Uma Thurman is repeating itself on my listen list [so catchy] but other than that I can't really tell you anything that's HOT ON THE RADIO WAVES. Someone wanna help a girl out?

What I'm Wearing: Even though it is now officially fall I'm still grasping at my summer wardrobe. Maxi dresses, capris pants and flips are my go to pieces until the weather stops hitting the 70s. When it's chilly I'm rocking my dark wash skinnies and various flowy tops. Can't bring myself to break out the sweaters yet.

What I'm Doing this Weekend: This weekend was slated for kickball practice and then turned into possibly flying down to Atlanta/Athens for a tournament and friend visit. Well, as of today it appears we are staying in town, but who truly knows with us, haha. #weliketowander #travelbeforebabytime

What I'm Looking Forward To About Next Month:  I can't wait for our yearly Vegas trip. This will mark our SIXTH time out to Vegas for Kickball [ 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014]and I'm excited about where we are staying and the timing of our trip. Fingers crossed we bring home the trophy and the money like we did in 2012!!!!

What Else Is New: We don't really have anything NEW right now, but there are some major changes we are looking at in the future. No, I'm not with child. I have a post in drafts regarding everything but right now it's going to stay there until I feel more settled.

What were your favorite memories from September?


September 29, 2015

You Don't {KNOW} Meeeeeeeeeeeee

|| I will go out of my way to step on crunchy things while walking outside. I'm talking leaves, pine cones, acorns, bugs. Okay, not bugs, because ew. I can't explain why, but the crunch give me satisfaction, much to the annoyance of Le Husband.

|| The scale did not read over 100 pounds until I was a sophomore in college.

|| I've never broken a bone. I've had stitches, pulled muscles and sprained ankles, but never broken anything.

|| My squat weight is much higher than my dead-lift weight. Apparently that is very uncommon.

|| I'm usually 5 minutes early to every meeting.

|| I can't stand the Wendy Williams show. Her voice sounds like nails on a chalk board, week!

|| My flexibility is that of a 60 year old man. #needtodomoreyoga

|| I have to eat M&M and all other color coated food in groups of colors and by twos. #crazy

|| There were only three serious boyfriends before Le Husband.

|| My soap opera name would be Karoline Cherry. 

|| Cinnamon is my jam, fake cinnamon [big red gum, red hots] make me wanna vomit.

|| After my college boyfriend I dated guys for six months and then moved on, it was the strangest timeline.

|| Due to way too many madras' drinks in 2006, I no longer can drink vodka without wanting to throw up.

|| I did not have a cell phone until my senior year of college.

|| My lucky numbers are all divisible by three.

|| Talking about bodily functions freaks me out. #ihearthatchangeswhenpregnancyhits

What are some tidbits we don't know about you? Share in the comment section!


September 28, 2015

VIP Cause you Know I Gotta Shiiiiiine {Despite the Rain}

Morning, friends! How you doin'? I'm alright, ready to kick Monday in the teeth and get after it this weekend. My weekend was the perfect mix of lots of stuff and chill time. There was a six hour ten to my alma mater, fun friend time on Sunday and a fabulous family reunion too. 

This weekend I… 

… stood outside in the pouring rain to watch my alma mater play soccer. We only lasted a half because it was so miserable. I'm quite thankful I didn't make Le Husband come down with me. I did send him this picture, though and missed him on the six hour total drive. #dontmissthecollegedrive #definitelyspedonthewayhome

… had an amazing time catching up with my fellow soccer girls. I can't believe I'm 10 years removed from being a collegiate soccer player, it feels like yesterday I was being run into the ground doing nightmares. We haven't had a lot of reunions and I've missed the last three because of Vegas so this one was a great one and I'm so glad I was able to make it down and catch up with everyone. #lovemyteam #nostalgic #missmycollegebody
OH what up CVAC CHAMPS!!!! #VIP
… taught my teammates the fabulousness of Perfect365 #gamechanger

… caught up with my dear friend and freshman year roommate. I haven't seen her since my wedding and it was SO AMAZING to spend 45 minutes catching up with her. I was incredibly blessed with roommates throughout college and I'm so glad she's still in my life. Hopefully we'll catch up more sooner rather than later.

… ate like a fat kid. Irish coffee to warm up? Check! Mcflurry to keep me company on the three hour drive home? Check! Egg-os as a gift from Le Husband because I hit an hour back up on the ride home? Double check! {oh my word, I normally don't like to whine about small things, but this back up was rage inducing. I'm so glad no one was in the car with me, I was going INSANE!} #ihatestupidtraffic #stoprubbernecking #drovelikeiwasinfastandfuriousaftertheaccident

… slept in because I was exhausted from Saturday.

… headed to a friends house for Sunday football food fest. It was delicious, despite the Cowboys' loss. :(

… WELCOMED BABYSPICE BACK FROM LONDON!!! She landed Sunday afternoon and it was soooooooo good to see her! We only got a taste of all of her pictures and I can't wait to hear more about her trip at our sister's dinner later this week. I'm glad she had an adventure but I'm even more excited to have her home. 

… played in a soccer game and had some pretty great defensive plays. #cheerstoawin

… skipped food prepping for blogging, cuddling and football.

How was your weekend? Can you believe it's almost October?

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September 25, 2015

Fall is in the Air on Friday

Morning, bunnies! Can I get a hallelu for Friday and the Pope? Hallelu! I hope your week went well and that you have fun weekend plans. Mine is looking to be a mix of chill and fun travel which makes me happy. Okay, let's get into some favorites.

Favorite blog moment of the week: I know I sound like a broken record, but I am still thrilled with the success of our 'Falling for Fall' linkup. It was so much fun reading everyone's favorites about fall, I'm now super excited for the fun fall festivities. Don't forget, the linkup is still live until the 30th. #thanksforplayingfriends.

Favorite quote of the week: Don't let life pass you by unnoticed.
Favorite video of the week: get ready for a tear jerker, y'all! An amazing NICU nurse was honored by Klennex for her tireless work and incredible bedside manner. I teared up multiple times, it was just so sweet.

Favorite cultural event of the week: Unless you live without a TV or social media you know the Pope was in America this week. DC was one of the stops on the Papal visit and it was pretty awesome having him in our city. Now, I did not have to deal with any of the road closures or huge crowds [many people were given leave to stay home, though] so all I saw were events on TV, which were pretty awesome. And, I'd like to think, no matter your religious affiliation it can be agreed the Pope's visit was an incredibly historical moment for our country and possibly for the future.

Favorite funnies of the week: Get your smile on, friends!

Hope you have a fabulous day, loves! Catch ya on Monday < 3!

September 24, 2015

Today I'm Talking Random

+ Thank y'all so much for making our "Falling for Fall" linkup such a success. I LOVED reading everyone's post yesterday and am nos so stinking excited for all things fall. Did you miss linking up yesterday? No sweat, the linkup is open all week so come on and join in the fun! #fallingforfall #linkupsuccess #youbloggiesrock

+ Clearly, it's fall. I get it, I understand it and I don't mind it now. However, I am NOT a fan of home girl rolling up in our summer grill with an attitude and bringing rain and 65 degree temperatures. How 'bout we ease into fall instead of jumping into the deep end? Thanks! #crispnotcoldplease #whatswiththeattitudemothernature

+ My leg is looking dead seksi y'all. Between the bruise still lingering from a kickball collision and the new bruise coming in on my shin from soccer I'm giving Giselle a run for her money. OW, OW!

+ Have you tried Peanutized yourself? Le Husband and I are HUGE Peanut fans - we watch the specials every year - and are so excited from the new movie. I found the Get Peanutized website via Snoopy on Twitter [yes I follow him] and had too much fun creating a Peanut Pinky. What do you think? Does she look like me? #howcuteissnoopy

+ Y'all, a celebrity responded my TWEET. Well, a reality star celebrity. I was a huge fan of Dorinda this season and her impression of Bethenny during the 100th episode special was so fantastic I had to tweet her. Well, can you imagine my excitement when she TWEETED ME BACK!?!?! #itsthelilthings #moreexcitedthanishouldbe

+ Sweet lil notes make my morning. #hesakeeper < 3

+  Babyspice is still enjoying her adventure across the pond and her pictures are making me so jealous. I'm so thankful for technology and the ability to talk with her every day using the WhatsApp [so awesome]. I miss her like crazy and can't wait to see her when she returns. #antondaforlife #londoncalling #birthdaytrip

That's all for today, bunnies! Hope you have a fabulous Friday eve! < 3

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September 23, 2015

Falling for Fall {Link Up With Us}

Morning, ladies! I am so excited for today's Falling into Fall linkup. It's no secret I'm a true summer girl, but since the Fall Equinox has passed, I am ready to embrace the beauty of fall. Please grab the button below and join in the fun with Katie and myself. We are looking forward to reading everyone's fall posts. #comelinkupwithus #youknowyouwantto
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There are so many fun things I love about fall. Instead of one board with a few favorites, I chose to break mine out into groups. I mean come on, you know I love to talk or type, right?!

Summer fashion will always hold #1 in my heart, but fall is a very close second. I ADORE fall fashion, especially boots and booties. My closet desperately needs this white comfy sweater and red plaid shirt and I am beyond excited to pull out my blanket scarf and fur vest. Fall nail lines have some of the BEST colors,  the deep jewel tones make my heart [and nails] happy. Normally I'm a silver girl, but you'll see me rocking more gold once October rolls around, there's something about gold and fall hues that just go together in my mind.What are your fall fashion favorites?


Fall also means fun outdoor activities and the return of one of my favorite sports, football. I've been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was five years old and I LOVE me some NFL football. Living in deadskins territory makes the football season much more interesting and I enjoy the banter with friends and foes throughout the season. Before I meant Le Husband, college football was kind of eh for me. After we met my Saturdays were ALLLL about college football, all dayyy eeeeerrrrry Saturday. And then, after we were married I became a Buckeye fan, because well, in laws ;)! I have to say, I'm a TRUE fan now, after our trip to the National Championship when the Buckeye's won [oh haaay, BOFF]. So now Saturdays mean OSU and that's okay by me :)! Even though I'm in 'the city' I love to take trips further west to enjoy fall festivals around the area - Corn maize, pumpkin patches, and apple picking, OH MY! Do you have any fall traditions?

Fall decor is fun, right? Fall scented candles truly are my second favorite [behind Christmas, obviously] because their scent just makes me feel cozy. I am a bit behind, but I've slowly started building my fall decor and would love to add a wreath,  these glitter pumpkins and these gorgeous lanterns to my collection. A fun fall pillow is a great way to make a statement, complimented by a super soft and cozy blanket of course. What are your favorite fall decorations?

Mmm, mmm, mmm, fall food, yes please. Gimme all the cornbread, chili, sliders and seven layer dip for football games. I also love any football themed dessert, especially during a tailgate or football get together. Cooler weather means it's time to bust out the crockpot for our favorite slow cooker meals and soups, yum, I'm hungry just thinking about dinners, haha. Ice coffee as become a favorite this year, but I am so excited for allll the hot cocoa, what is your favorite fall recipe?

What are your favorite things about fall? Link up with us, now!

September 22, 2015

Make Me Up, With Naked THREE-EEE

Morning, friends! Today I have a video treat for you. Okay, it's not really a treat, it's just me talking about make up. And me talking is a treat? No. Well drat. Here's a video of me putting on my make up face. #sweetscreengrab

A few things:

+ I say the word SO My Communications Studies professor would be incredibly disappointing.

+ Holy shiny batman. Where is Ramona with the powder? #myfriendscantbeshinyontv

+ Forgive the misspeak. I'm cringing over #specialer.

+ Is the music too loud? I can't tell, but I hate silence on videos. Am I weird?

+ I did not end up going out with my friend, due to extenuating circumstances, so I looked beautiful around my apartment all by myself. #makeupfaceforbenandjerry #mycleanapartmentlikedmyprettyface

Moving on to products used...

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: Love, love, love this palette. I believe it is 100% worth the $50 price tag, both for the quality and the quantity of the different eye shadows. There are so many different looks you can create with the range of pinks and browns and even though I have my set look I still enjoy experimenting. If you're on the fence about this palette, please use this post to push you over to the side of yes. I promise, you will LOVE IT!

ELF BB Cream: This is a new to me product and so far it's been just okay. The squirt applicator isn't really working for me so that's definitely a minus. I will say the coverage is pretty good though and I don't find it heavy. I'll let y'all know more once I've used it for longer than a few days.

ELF Pore-less Face Primer: Y'all, I've only had this product three days but I la-la-la-love it. It goes on super smooth and feels super light and the $6 price tag is pretty hard to beat. Thanks again to Biana for the suggestion :)!

ELF Mineral Eye Shadow in Celebrity [No longer available on the website. *Here is something similar*]: I bought this product YEAAAAAAAARS ago during an ELF 10 for $10 promotion. Honestly, this the ONLY shadow I still use and thankfully bought two of them during the promo. I love a nice, soft shimmer and this product 100% delivers.

Artistry Eye Pencil: As mentioned in the video, my mother sells Artistry products so if you're interested let me know. I've used this eye liner for a long time and enjoy having a smudge sponge on the end quite useful. I almost always line my eyes in black, but sometimes will use brown for a more naturalesque look.

Artistry Mascara: Y'all heard my love of this mascara and it is now the only mascara I use [except for a travel emergency brand]. The wand elongates my lashes and I find it gives just enough plump.

And that's all folks. What do you think? If you have any questions or comments please let me know. I highly doubt make up will become a *THING* here, but if I decide to do another video I'd love to know what you liked/didn't like. Do you have the Naked 3 palette or another Naked? What are your favorite colors?


Remember tomorrow is our Falling for Fall linkup and we would love to have you join in the fun. Post about something fall, grab our button and link up with Katie Elizabeth or me tomorrow :)! I can't wait to read all of your fun posts.
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September 21, 2015

Seconds to Minutes to Hours to Days { Weekend in Numbers }

Beautiful Babyspice in London. [my weekend didn't have great pictures, so I stole hers!]

505.2 || the number of miles between Le Husband and me this weekend.

18,000 || the number of seconds it took to deep clean my apartment. #youcaneatoffanysurfacenow

10 || the number of minutes I spent filming a make up video for y'all.

17 || the total number of hours I slept over the weekend.

28 || the age Babyspice turned on Saturday. #happybirthdaysissyboo

14 || the number of minutes I was able to FaceTime with BabySpice on her birthday. #toodlepipdarling

2 || the fingers of whiskey I drank to virtually cheers the birthday girl.

12 || how many years I've had the nail polish I used on my nails.

16 || the number of pork chops I seasoned, cooked and chopped because Le Husband forgot to freeze them before he left. #whatwouldhedowithoutme #porkchopsonsale #meatfortheweek

240 || the number of minutes I spent with my bestie, L at her new home.

50 || the number of 'excuse me mommies' we heard while we were catching up. #threekidslovemama

30 || the minutes I spent driving home from L's.

144.50 || the amount I spent on groceries for the week.

8 || the number of towels washed, dried and folded.

3 || the number of goals I missed in my indoor game.

3 || the number of goals I scored in my indoor game.

3 || the number of goals I blocked in my indoor game.

2 || the number of goals we won by in our indoor game.

0 the number of subs we had at our indoor game. #ithinktherearetoomanysentenceswithindoorgame

10 || the number of points the Cowobys beat the Eagles by on Sunday night. #hollaatthemboys

45 || the number of minutes it took me to prep for the week.

900 || the number of seconds I spent icing my shin and ankle.

23048304823048 || the number of calories I consumed over the weekend. #okmaybethatsabitexcessive

2 || the number of days until our FALLING FOR FALL LINKUP!!!! Don't forget to link up on Wednesday, friends!
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How was your weekend, friends? Did you do anything fun?

Linking up with these beautiful ladies whoop whoop < 3

September 18, 2015

Happy, Happy Friday, Direct From Me To You

Happy, happy Friday, bunnies. I hope everyone had a great week and have a fun weekend ahead. I'm looking forward to enjoying some down time after our two whirlwind weekends out of town and I have a few fun dates planned as well. This week has been a bit of a cluster and I can't wait to get back on track. I've missed all of y'all's pretty faces and promise I'll be back to regular programming next week, scouts honor. Since things have been a bit all over the place, I thought I'd add another twist to my normal Friday post, making them my five HAPPIES of the week.

Favorite work happy: Thursday was our company's 'Fun Day' and it was actually a great time. I am not a big fan of work events outside of work hours [I like my life, thanks] so I rarely attend any of the events. THIS even was during the work hours and was also more up my alley then those in the past. There were kickball games, soccer games, volleyball games, a push up challenge, corn hole and lots of delicious food, PLUS alcoholic bevies. Yep, drinking while on the clock, oh heeeey! It was fun meeting new people and hanging with coworkers I actually enjoy, haha. #workparty

Favorite smell happy: I like to cling to the very last lil bit of summer, but something about the weather this week made me want to light my fall candles. Normally I don't like apple pie [I know, so un-American] but this candle smells absolutely divine. I'm sad to see summer go, but the fall smells make me quite happy. #cozycozycozy

Favorite grocery basket happy: Sometimes you gotta shop with your stomach and not your brain. Oh and without your husband ;)! #sugarcoma #singlegirlswagforanight #iknowhowtoshootmyhusbandssigsauerp250

Favorite send- off happy: Babyspice is off on a fabulous adventure across the pond and I was able to meet her at the airport for one last hug. I'm gonna miss her like crazy but am super excited for her at the same time. #cheers

Favorite video happy: Minions and lil dogs, is there anything cuter?!?!?!?!?

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, fabulous friends. < 3

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September 17, 2015

Back In The Saddle and Ask me Anything

Morning, loves. Thanks for sticking with me during my random break from blogland. I should be back into the regular swing of things next week, my double weekend trips took more out of me than expected so I just kind of stepped away. < 3 to all who reached out, xoxo. 

Today is short and sweet. Last night was a fun one because we celebrated Babyspice's birthday a few days early since she's off on a fun adventure the weekend of her birthday. It was a fun time with delicious food and lots of family chitchat. Birthday family dinners are my favorite and the evening was full of laughs and love as usual. 

Yesterday was also a crucial day in hair land because, y'all, the brunette is back. I love, love, loved my blonde ombre hair this summer, more than I expected, but with cooler temperatures on the horizon I knew it was finally time to hang up the blonde. Going brunette in the fall is fun, just a big change and a HUGE change this year with a new stylist. The color is exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to style it MY way to get the full effect. #ilovehairsalondays

Since today's post is short and sweet [because, life], I thought I'd kick a few questions your way just to get a feel on your thoughts of Pinkland. Do you have any suggestions for my lil blog? Are there posts you'd like to see more of? Less of? Do you have any questions for me? If so, take this as an open ended question on an essay and LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS! Good, bad, happy, sad, give em all to me so I can make sure y'all keep coming back :)!

Hope you have a fabulous day! Smile, it's Friday eve!

September 16, 2015

Filthy Stinking Rich

Rich is my wonderful mother driving us to and from the airport this weekend. She changed her plans and dealt with traffic to make sure we didn't have to take an uber or a cab. Her heart is gold and she is a gem of a lady.

Rich is flying to my 28th state [hello Illinois] to attend my fifth kickball tournament of the year. We have two more, plus other trips for the holidays, and I am so thankful we are able to live this jet setter lifestyle before kids.

Rich is friends who let you crash in their home even though they have other guests leaving the weekend you arrive. Le Husband's best friend lives right outside Nashville and he and his wife are always so gracious when we come into town. It was so wonderful spending time with two of our favorites and they were so kind accommodating our schedule with theirs.

Rich is indulging into a delicious smores milkshake on Friday night when your sisters fly into town. Who cares the trip was thirty minutes from the house we were staying, the fact that I saved them some money and was able to enjoy a beautiful evening in Nashville with them was fabulous.

Rich is reconnecting with kickball friends we haven't seen in months. I love going to tournaments because I always meet someone new and find a new place I know I can crash if I ever visit. Kickball friendships and camaraderie span the US and catching up with friends every month is so much fun.

Rich is getting to spend time on a kickball field with your sisters. All three of us played well this weekend and even though we didn't win we had fun competing together. I'm blessed to have sisters who are my best friends and teammates.

Rich is teaching Sportyspice and Babyspice the deliciousness that is Urban Grub. We ate there on Saturday night and it was just as fabulous as our visit last year. Luckily this year we sat at the oyster bar and made friends with the chefs in the open kitchen. It was fun learning more about restaurant life and picking up some tips regarding their menu.

Rich is a fabulous pizza man modeling his pizza for us because we asked nicely.

Rich is sharing ice cream in downtown Nashville with my three favorite people.

Rich is a job which lets me work from home when we schedule an extremely early morning flight due to prices and timing of weekend events. I may not love my job, but I'm able to enjoy my life which is a huge plus.

Rich is a dear blog friend reaching out because I've been a bit absent in blogland. #loveyoulady

Rich is food prep for the week with a glass of wine on the side.

Rich is dinner made by Le Husband and cleaned up by me. Life is good.

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