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October 28, 2019


Yes, I'm back & she is SIX MONTHS OLD. My peanut, SIX MONTHS!

Good golly, miss Molly, I can't believe it. 

Every parent says it and now I truly believe it, time does fly. Can it really be six months since I updated here? Since I even came to my blog. Not that y'all were holding your breath or anything (I do post a decent amount on instagram). However, I NEVER expected to neglect this space, and community, as much as I did.

I have a post saved in drafts to share one day, and basically it says BIRTH IS HARD. Being a new mom is HARD. Baby is not all rainbows and butterflies. And IT IS OKAY!!!! Gosh, it is so okay.

But, that is for a later date.

Today I just am posting to say hi! To say babygirl is 6 months (as of the 18th). And to say I am trying to be back here. Legit, trying. Thank you if you are reading. < 3

May 14, 2019

She's Here! She's Here!

Yes, y'all, we have a baby. A GIRL as a matter of fact. YES, GIRL can you believe it?

Sweet babygirl was born on 4/18/19 and is just over three weeks old today. Crazy! If you had told me I wouldn't have blogged about her birth until now I would have laughed. I fully expected to have an announcemnt up the week she was born. 


- then the unexpected c-section happened.

- the brutal week one of recovery happened. 

- the hazing of newborn sleeping/eating happened.

- the very little milk happened. 

- the supplemental tube happened. 

- the tears over formula happened.

- the extra hands of family and friends that let me take naps happened. 

- the unsure of every new thing happened.

- the helping hands left happeneed. 

- the living every day by 2-3 hours at a time happened. 

- the sleeping while the baby sleeps happened. 

- the unexpected four hour car ride to Ohio with a 18 day old happened. 

- the multiple days in hospice and at Le Husband's grandmother's house happened. 

- the staying with family happened. 

- the drive home happened. 

And finally, the first weekend alone with baby happened. We celebrated Mother's Day very low key, beucase this mama couldn't really be far from baby right now. I am still able to breast feed with a supplemental tube and can pump, too. I don't have a lot of milk, which hurts my heart but that's where we are right now. Lil girl is growing and has started to look like a baby, not a newborn. 

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have read my birth story and gotten more of an idea regarding how life with baby started. It was 100% opposite of what I expected and has been tough to mentally deal with, but I'm slowly getting through. I hope to find a rhythm soon and thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and love. 

April 12, 2019

Dear BOB

Oh, baby. How do I even start this? I honestly can't believe your due date is so close. Next week. Four days away. Here we are. And man, I'm so all over the place, sweetie.

I am so ready to meet you. To know who you will look like. What your name will be. I can't wait to learn if we will be putting you in pinks or blues [and other colors too]. What color will your hair be? And your eyes? Meeting you also means you'll be HERE, in the world. Outside of my body. Which has me excited and nervous.

Excited because nine months is a long time. A long process. A lot of work on my body. So many changes. So many miraculous changes. Nine months my body has been your home and I'm BEYOND grateful to have housed you safely for so long. I know many mommies would have loved to have their babies in their bodies for 39 weeks and I don't take it for granted my body continues to keep you safe. You are quiet and safe from the world right now and I love that. I love that I can protect you. That I can control what is around you and what you get to be near.

Because soon, that changes. Soon you will be here, in the world. And try as I might to protect you I can't keep you in another bubble. You will grow and be around others and I can't be everywhere. If I'm honest, I'm already nervous about keeping you safe from harm and have already thought about when you get your license. #crazyiknow I'm sure every parent freaks out, right?

And then I think about how I'm still in charge with you in my belly. When I need a nap, I take one. When I want to read a book, I do. I can sit still. I can do a lot. I can do nothing. You come with me and it's easy. Once you're here, though, that's out the window. And I keep trying to tell myself to soak up these moments. TO EMBRACE these little bits of just YOU AND ME time. Because right now, you are my lil secret. No one really can tell when you move. When you're quiet. What you're doing. It's just you and me kid and that's so special. And, I like being able to sleep when I want ;)!

Sweet BOB, I am so ready to meet you. And to see your daddy with you. And to have you here with family. You are so, so, so, loved already. Mommy is more than happy to share her birthday with you. Or have you as an early bday present [hint hint]. Stay safe and know we are beyond thankful for you!

April 10, 2019

O'Baby: Maternity Pictures

Hello! Still here and still pregnant. Currently 39 weeks 1 day and feeling every extra ounce and every possible emotion. Excitement. Apprehension. Fear. Impatience. Concern. Loss of control. Thankful. Joyful. Ready to meet our kid. Not ready for life to change. And everything in between. 

Mama B is coming down tomorrow and Sportyspice is heading this way Friday with my niece. Baby is due the day after my birthday [WHICH IS MONDAY, what?!] and I've always thought it would be wonderful to have a baby for my birthday. But, we all know baby knows best so I'm trying to hope and pack my patience at the same time. 

One way I've distracted myself is pouring over our maternity pictures I took when I was 36 weeks. I hadn't planned to take pictures [justifying the money was tough] but the photographer, who is a friend, had an incredible first year package so I said "what the heck?" and just went with it. She was increidble efficient and had a great eye for pictures and allowed Le Husband and I to be ourselves [he hates photos] which was helpful. I knew we didn't need a full hour for our pictures and when she suggested a split session with me doing fitness pictures I was thrilled. Never thought of that [which is so weird] and I'm grateful for her awesome idea. I love the pictures from both sessions and am having a hard time picking WHICH ones to buy. Let me know your favorites!


April 9, 2019

Show Us Your Books {April}

Another month, another book recap. I've kept things relatively light/easy reading the past two months. There have been a lot of mommy books also being read and I've really just wanted to enjoy reading before bed. Also, it's been nice to enjoy my down time right now, because I know I will have very little of it in the coming weeks. Danielle Steel was the author of choice right now, which is weird. I just recently discovered how much I enjoy her stories and in my opinion, easy reading.

* * * * *
This book was incredible. It was just what I needed during the dark moments this year. As many of you know, 2018 was filled with a lot of down {before baby} and I was mentally struggling everyday. I stumbled upon this book when I was desperately searching for a mind shift and I'm beyond grateful I chose to intentionally read every chapter. I did not know when I picked it up it was written by the woman who wrote "Lean In" (which I never read, btw), but I can see why the other book was so successful. Sandberg's writing is raw and powerful as she speaks about the unexpected death of her husband and doesn't sugar coat anything. I really connected to her philosophy of avoiding the three Ps (Personalization, Pervasiveness, Permanence) when bad things happen and have actually suggested this book to a few friends. If you're dealing with some tough stuff I highly suggest this read.

* * * * 1/2
Very intriguing summary and something so FAR from my life I just had to read it. Super quick read, even though it isn't a short book. I found the story super engrossing and just kept turning the pages. I found all the characters very interesting and even though the storyline is quite farfetched it wasn't something SO OUT there it was dumb. I mean, don't get me wrong, I could not have lived the main character's life, nor could I imagine being a true artist. I enjoyed the storyline, however a few times it as quite predictable which is why I took away half a star. 

* * * *  1/2
One of the more fluffier books I read, even though it was all about being against the odds. Kate is a great character to root for and her children are all interesting characters. I admit, some of their 'trials' seemed a bit eye roll inducing and many parts of the book you could see coming. However, I enjoyed the sagas and felt they were well written and brought the reader into some unique situations. Will keep your interest and good for a travel book. 

* * * * 
Another more serious Steel book, also set in WW2. This one had quite a few different storylines and was not what I expected. There were quite a few moments where things just abruptly stopped and another plot started. I understand this is an accurate portrayal of the era, but it still felt off as a reader. Lots of sadness, lots of loss, lots of hope and intrigue. Put it on the summer list.

* * * * 3/4
This book was so good. So heartbreaking. So riveting. So inspiring. Gaelle's journey navigating living in France during WW2 is beyond hard, but she is such an incredible character. The turn of events after WW2 is very interesting and fun to read. I would have given the book five stars, but it seems Steel wanted to make one aspect of Gaelle's life super tough and it just felt forced all the way. Otherwise, fantastic read, great for spring break of summer.

* * * * 1/2
Random library grab and I'm quite happy I decided to give it a go. Interesting storyline, fun characters, intriguing plot and a few random twists you don't see coming. I was particularly fascinated with the old Hollywood vibe and how tough it was even back then for women to make it in Tinsel Town. There are time hops throughout the book, but they are well done and not confusing at all. I think anyone would enjoy this read.

* * * * 
Where it all began for Hannah, finally. I had always wondered how her story started and this book explained everything. It was nice to have a look into the beginning of the series and 'meet' all the characters for the first time. The book was shorter than other books and it played out how I expected, but that's part I like best with Fluke's stories. She keeps me guessing but nothing too crazy that has me frustrated. Easy breezy and super light.

March 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

What We're Eating This Week: Ummmm, a bunch of random. Because, pregnancy!!!

What I'm Reminiscing About: Life this time last year. I was heading out to visit Sportyspice after my lil niece was born and getting ready to celebrate my 35th birthday. Life when we found out we were pregnant back in August. Also just reminiscing about all the fun Le Husband and I have had togehter, just the two of us. We will be THREE in just a few short weeks.

What I'm Loving: All the baby movement. Working with Le Husband to get the house ready. Knowing this is my LAST WEEK AT WORK!!!

What We've Been Up To: Trying to get the house ready for baby. The guest room is almost completely cleaned out and we are slowly adding baby stuff daily. Le Husband has been working hard to build the clothes dresser & crib and I'm helping with the painting outside.

What I'm Dreading: Birth happening while Le Husband is away this weekend. Baby isn't due until the middle of April, but you never know right? Le Husband has a big conference and is leaving later this week to be there. My mom is coming into town the same night he leaves so I won't be alone, but the possible logistics make me nervous.

What I'm Working On: My birth playlist, breathing exercises and visualization. I know labor isn't a party so I'm trying to be as prepared as I can. I'm also trying to get small organizational things done around the house.

What I'm Excited About: BOB making his/her appearance and all the family coming into town for the birth.

What I'm Watching/Reading: Catching up our favorite shows right now during dinners and I'm reading birth books during the day and then easy reads at night before I go to bed.

What I'm Listening To: Calming music, pregnancy podcasts, Les Mills music.

What I'm Wearing: Maternity and my husband's clothing.

What I'm Doing This Weekend: Attending my Tennessee baby shower & I'm so excited :)! My friends are so sweet and I'm super happy my mom will be here to meet some of my closest people.

March 20, 2019

What I Want To Remember {March}

We MADE IT! 36 weeks, aka technically term. Obviously a safe birth can never be promised, but all of my doctors have told me 36 weeks is the GO time where they would feel comfortable with baby making an appearance. So YAY! Hello, 36 weeks :)! 

Things I want to remember:

+ Making it to 36 weeks. Seems silly, but there is still so much unknown about birth and why women deliver early and why there could be complications so I'm thankful to get to the 'safety zone' persay. Baby could come at any time now and it wouldn't be a bad thing. HOLY MOLY!

+ My surprise baby shower with Le Husband's family. He and the rest of his family had me convinced I was helping them pull off a surprise party for his mother, but ha, joke was on me. It was such a sweet lil shower and I felt so loved. We also got our carseat and stroller which had me thrilled!

+ Getting my Mommy Mobile. We did this quite a bit later than expected, but sales people were stupid so whatever. Le Husband found a great deal and drove the car from Ohio last week. Not going to lie, I'll miss the zip of my lil sports car, but this is quite possibly the best reason to get a new car, right?

+ Our mini BABYMOON in Chattanooga last weekend. Since Le Husband drove the car down from Ohio after a work trip, his car was at the Chattanooga airport and obviously we couldn't just leave it there. So, we packed up Friday afternoon, drove my sports car for 15 hours south [YAY SPEEEEED], had a delicious dinner, walked around town and stayed the night in a hotel as our last lil get away. The next morning it was breakfast, easy chill time then drove home to get other things taken care of on Saturday. It wasn't much, definitely nothing compared to what most people do for a BABYMOON, but it was still a sweet perfect trip. Our LAST lil trip just the two of us. 

+ My last full weeks of work. Next week is it, y'all. I'll be working days here and there in April, but nothing I HAVE to do and I honestly can't wait. The past two months have been a lot harder on my body than expected and I'll be so glad to not HAVE to be on my feet for seven to eight hours a day. Maternity leave is ALMOST HERE!

+ All the changes with my body. They aren't fun, but they are necessary. Belly is SOOOOO big. Thighs have gotten bigger. Feet are now really tired and hurt. Not a lot of swelling, but a bit. I've gained 29 pounds and I can feeeeeel it all now, especially in my back. Sitting, standing, laying down, I feel my low back. Scheduling another prenatal massage for April to get some help. I can also see the plumpness in my face, too. All good things for baby, so I'm not complaining, just noticing, ha. 

+ People in my fitness classes cheering me on at every class. Their support is so lovely and I've even heard from a few me still teaching inspires them with their fitness, which is the biggest compliment. I still am so tired it's hard to get to the gym, but when I teach I feel so much better. 

+ How supportive people have been. Family, friends, members, coworkers and complete strangers are all so kind to me. It's like this lil tribe with women and the men who are kind just say the nicest things about how fun it will be once baby is here. I've dealt with a few "wow you're big" comments, but water of the back for me. Knowing I'm a month out has people excited and I'm so lucky. 

We are just a week away from BIRTH MONTH and my BIRTHDAY MONTH, I am so excited :)!

March 15, 2019

Weekly Wins {The Ides of March}

Hey, bunnies! Happy Friday. Or Ides of March if you are a history buff. It has been quite a busy week here, and man oh man, we are edging closer and closer to baby time. Let's count down some wins this week, shall we?

+ Last weekend Le Husband and I drove to Ohio for his mother's surprise birthday party. Which had been planned since November. Which actually turned out to be a surprise baby shower for ME! It was so sweet, so fun, such a lovely, lovely time. I'm so lucky.

+ Finally bit the bullet and bought me a mommy car. Say hello to my new whip :)! Ain't she a beauty?

+ Cooking dinners has become a hurdle after work. My body just is so tired after work that I have to lay down and rest for a bit and then you know the deal, getting up is tough. So I found some yummy frozen meals that aren't too high in sodium and are natural and are quite delicious.

+ Le Husband and I agreed we didn't need to go on a full BABYMOON because of his and my crazy work schedule. Taking time off is really tough right now and he's trying to get everything done so he can have full paternity leave once BOB arrives. Well, he decided to use a work snafu as a way to get us a short lil Babymoon. It's not far away, but will be a lovely little jaunt just the two of us.

+ Later this weekend Le Husband and I will be doing lots of work in the nursery and I'm excited to see the room start to come together. Getting so so so so so close :)!

March 13, 2019



scheming: on how to get someone in the house to deep clean everything. nesting is HERE!
reading: baby blogs, pregnancy instagrams, Babywise and positive birth affirmations.
buying: the most random food things, I can't even write them out here, haha.
making: lists on lists on lists. so much to do.
accomplishing: lots of purging, gifting and lots of naps.
loving: how sweet everyone is being to me and BOB. seriously, the support is the best and I'm so lucky.
praying: for a healthy baby and an uncomplicated delivery.
watching: the normal shows and some breathing videos.
hoping: to find some energy in the next few weeks so I can help finish things around the house.
feeling: lots of baby kicks, but also feeling heavy. and as graceful as a hippopatums.
anticipating: labor. family coming into town. a baby being born. labor. bringing a human home. labor.

March 12, 2019

Show Us Your Books: March

Linking up with Steph for Show Us Your Books in March. I've been trying to read a lot because I know reading will be taking a back seat in the coming weeks. Once again my authors and lead characters are female and I really enjoyed all books which is always nice. Can't wait to see what everyone else is reading.

* * * * *
Normally I import book pictures randomly then write their description. Not so, this time. I have purposely put this book first because IT.WAS.THAT.GOOD! Think 'Lilac Girls' & 'The Nightingale' both wrapped up in WW1 & WW2. Women resistance in both World Wars has become one of my favorite genres, even if it's heartbreaking to read. This book follows two incredible women and melds into one big story of resilience and revenge. I randomly put a hold on it at my library and I'm so glad I did. I had no idea it was such a big read and I highly suggest you put it as your next TBR.

* * * * *
Oh, what a story. Hannah has been known to write quite a bit of doozies and this one checks all the boxes. It is a story about family. The kind you are born into. The kind you marry into. And the kind that doesn't have to match. It is about the sadness of infertility and the choices of unplanned pregnancy. It is beautifully written and every character {except one in my mind} is someone you can hope and cheer for because everyone is JUST trying to do the right thing by them. I felt this story deeply as it dealt with pregnancy and wanted to reach into the book to give the two main characters a big hug. Incredibly moving, perfectly written and gripping.

* * * * 1/2
Another WW2 book about women and one I truly enjoyed. One woman set in present day attempts to find the owner of a journal who was part of the ACK-ACK in WW2. There is mystery, strength, heartbreak, sadness, joy, betrayal and of course romance. I learned quite a bit about British women in the Army and truly felt my heart breaking for the main 1940s character. Fantastic read.

* * * * 1/2
Another book I just so happened upon while browsing the library and one I'm so glad I picked up. Originally I thought the title had to do with the Titanic, but it ended up being about the Lusitania, which was a ship torpedoed by Germans during WW1 who's sinking ending up galvanizing Americans into the Great War. There are three different women narrators, two on the ship and the main character is set in the 2000s. She is an author looking for her next big novel and the journey takes her over to London to try and snuff out a public figure in the  middle of a scandal. Normally I don't enjoy multiple narrators or multiple jumps in history, but this book did it well so there wasn't any confusing and it all made good sense. Lots of twists and I honestly did not figure much of it out until it was all wrapped up. Great historical fiction read, I don't think many would dislike this book.

* * * * 
This book was found last SUYB and one I really enjoyed so thank you to whoever recommended it. I admit, I found some of plot and writing a bit juvenile, but overall the book was fun to read. I very much enjoyed the heroine's point of view and her drive to want to help women writing into the column. Glimpses into the London WW2 life paint such a story and I truly enjoyed all of the little touches of history. Easy read for a quick trip.

* * * *
I wasn't quite sure about this book when I picked it up, but it was a pleasantly surprising read. A down on her luck woman helps to clean out her deceased landlords home and uncovers all kinds of letters, secrets and history inside the house. Many fun and not so fun characters and by the end you can kind of figure out what is going to happen, however I don't think that detracted from the story. I do admit some of the writing was much too flowery and some of the letters just seemed to go on and on, but overall the story did tie together nicely.

* * * *
Surgeon leaves the big city to help her father run a campsite and to escape a possible malpractice suit. She's tough, she's soft and she learns so much about herself while she's away. Of course there is a man involved and of course there is a push and pull, but the author did a great job weaving a lovely story even though you can kind of tell where it's going. Similar to a Nora Robert's book, but without some of her fluff. Would be a good pool or vacation read.

March 4, 2019

TBB Asks: Shop Till You Drop Edition

1] Top Three Shops? Loft, Reebok, Nordstroms

2]Where is the majority of your shopping done, online or in shops? Online if I shop.

3] What's your favorite thing to shop for? Shoes, shoes, shoes. 

4] What do you HATE shopping for? Jeans or bras. 

5] What's your most favorite thing you've ever bought? My LV Speedy. I saved up for it and it was so fun to buy.

6] Do you prefer to shop alone or with others? I prefer with others. It's just a fun party that way. 

7] Best Bargain? Hmmmm, I think LOFT has the best bargains going on, but Nordstrom's Sale is pretty fab.

8] Thrift store shopping: Yes or No? I would if I had the patience. But I don't. 

9] Best cities for shopping? Paris & Rome :)

10] Who's your style or fashion icon? I'm a big fan of classic so Audrey Hepburn but also LOVE Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner. 

March 1, 2019

Weekly Wins: End of Feb

Afternoon! I know this post is late on a Friday and many won't read it but I want to document some of my weekly wins. Since I use this as a journal I try to make time for things I want to remember. 

+ I'm still on high after such a wonderful baby shower weekend. Seeing my family and my BOFF for three whole days was so lovely and I was so glad Le Husband was able to be there for the party. It was so fun just enjoying the weekend and I felt beyond loved. 

+ Sportyspice is still in VA and it's so fun seeing all the cute videos of lil bean with grandparents. 

+ I taught a barre class last night and it was so much fun. I didn't just wing it and I believe it showed. It was to a new group of women I'd never taught before so I was a little nervous since I teach different barre than most. After class I had THREE women tell me this was their FAVORITE format of barre {including purre barre and barre3} and then requested my teaching schedule. Such a great feeling.

+ I finally bit the bullet and bought a support band for my bump and am SO glad I did. It is making quite a difference in support and I'm hoping it will help me from feeling so sore the next day. Trust me, I'm still cleared to workout and everything is fine, this is just a bit of support for the bottom of the belly. I have quite a schedule in March and am beyond thankful I chose to purchase something because I KNOW I'll use it even after baby.

+ Spring is right around the corner. I cannot wait until the sun shines warmer. 

+ WE ARE IN THE LAST FULL MONTH OF PREGNANCY!!! BOB will be here in less than two months, oh em GOOOOOODNESS! I am excited, nervous, ready, not ready and just WHELMED ;)! Cheers to MARCH!

February 27, 2019

Welcome Peanut: My VA Baby Shower

Wow. Just wow. This weekend was the most incredible celebration of love and I wish I could go back and do it all over again. Just to relieve the fun, joy and duh, food. 

Le Husband and I flew back to VA for my baby shower and it was seriously the best weekend ever. My sisters, mom and friends did such and fantastic job with all the little details and I just LOVED the Peanuts theme. 

What made the weekend even better was my BOFF flying in from Texas to attend the shower. I remember being so excited for her shower, 4 YEARS ago for her sweet little E. It was beyond special having here up with me for the weekend and I LOVED how quickly and easily she fit in with my family and my friends. Seriously, newest sister to the clan :)!

We also celebrated my sweet niece's 1 year birthday on Sunday and it was quite a lot of fun. She really enjoyed her smash cake and did so well with so many people in the house. Especially back to back days. It was a full weekend of chilling, dinners, food, girl talk, self care, celebrations and love. I am so blessed and feel so thankful to have so many wonderful people who care so much about me.

February 15, 2019

Friday Letters: Third Trimester Edition

Open letters are cathartic. I find writing them here, in a journal, or social media just makes me feel better. Usually I'll write about a bunch of different things, but as my life now is consumed with the third trimester most of my thoughts center around baby.

Dear Stomach: YOU ARE LARGE AND IN CHARGE. I swear you grow an inch a day and I'm constantly hitting you against myself and randomly now against other people, eeeeek! Thank you for keeping BOB safe and thank you for being so incredible as you grow. Now, please just don't give me stretch marks, kay?

Dear Sleep: WHY YOU LEAVE ME?!? LEGIT, you gone. Everyone said third trimester is the toughest for sleep and dude, the first week of the third trimester you disappeared. I'm now waking up every hour, even though I don't have to pee and then the last REM I'm able to sleep for three hours straight which is just TOUGH to feel rested. Will you come back, please?

Dear Fitness: We are approaching that time. The time where exercises I LOVE just aren't the most comfortable. I'll be honest, I haven't worked out as much as I expected and I think that is playing a part in my fitness. Or, my endurance. I've tried to get to the gym on my own, but most of my workouts have consisted of just teaching. ATTACK and COMBAT are taking more of a toll on me than I thought and I'm honestly said when I think of giving up teaching so soon. But, I'm so grateful to still be able to move.

Dear Random People: How bout you keep the opinions to yourself. Don't get me wrong, I find pregnancy a wonderful time where people are super excited when they ask about BOB. I enjoy your excitement when you find out we are going to be surprised about the gender, makes me smile. But, when you launch into your scary birth stories, or tell me I look big enough to pop, or try to tell me to get sleep now, I want to tell you to shut your mouth. Why do people like to say weird things?

Dear Family & Besties: Thank you so much for everything so far. For all the support, the pep talks, the allowing me to cry, the excitment, the offering to throw me a baby shower, the telling me it's okay, the sweet notes and just being there. I haven't been the easiest pregnant woman, and I know that. This has been a lot harder than I ever expected and I'm grateful for people who love me and BOB so much.

Dear Pregnancy: Holy moly, we are in the weekly SINGLE DIGITS! I am baffled, just baffled. In a few short weeks we will be ONE MONTH away from delivery day and eeeegggaaadd. I knew time would fly, even on days when I felt awful, but I cannot believe we are now here. I'm praying this last trimester isn't as awful as people say.

Dear Food: My word are my tastebuds all over the place. Some days all I want is sugar. Other days it's salty and crunchy. Some days I just want to eat all day. Others I barely get enough calories. I feel the extra weight though, especially from many nights of ice cream and cereal before bed. I'm up just over 20 pounds and can't really blame that all on baby :)! I need fresh veggies to be my craving again, I miss that feeling.

Dear BOB: Oh sweet babe, I love you. I love your kicks. Your movements. Your recognition of my voice. I pray for you daily. I dream about your face. I dream about your arrival and I'm so excited to meet you. We want you to keep cooking, but gosh, just wondering WHO YOU ARE is killing me. Keep being healthy and keep growing. I can't wait to hug and kiss you!

February 12, 2019

Show Us Your Books

Got myself together for Show Us Your Books, finally. All female authors this time, randomly.

* * * * 1/2
I found this book because I was looking up pregnancy books for learning, not just for fun. Super glad I picked it up because it is a super cute read. The main character is enjoyable and the premise is silly, but legit. After being stuck with all the crap shifts and jobs at the magazine, Liz pretends to be pregrnant to collect on her MEternity so she can find another job. Of course she meets a guy, of course people second guess her and of course she gets attached to all the joys of pregnancy. Full of normal rom-com funnies, this is a easy read to pass the time. I took off half a star beccause I felt the auther was trying to be too trendy in her writing about NYC. It just annoyed me, ha.

* * * * 
I still have to see this movie, so of course I read the book first. Which doesn't totally mesh with how the movie runs, apparently. I wanted to love it, because I love Blake Lively, but even imagining her as Emily this story kind of fell flat. Kind of tried to be quirky by pushing boundaries and it was weird. I also didn't enjoy the back and forth between blog post and real dialogue. I honestly was waiting for one more twist at the end but it didn't happen. Passed the time well, but not the hype the movie seems to be about.

* * * * 
Ballet is a secret love of mine so I snatched this book up when I needed something easy for a trip. It is the classic Nora Roberts formula. Hot girl, smoking guy, both from different backgrounds with no reason to fall in love. Things happen, they get together, something pulls them apart and theeeeeeennnn! I enjoyed the unique family dynamics woven into the story and adored Kate.

* * * 1/2
Random pick up on a whim. Full disclosure I thought it was fiction until I started reading it. Call me a bad history student but I was completely unaware of Kick Kennedy and enjoyed learning about her and the Kennedy family's stay over in Europe before WW2. Lots of Downton Abbey period references and interesting tidbits about the Kennedy family. Was a bit long, but still enjoyable.

* * * * 
This book is how I imagine a conversation with Graham would go. I must admit, there were a few times I was like, 'GIRL GET TO THE POINT', but overall it was a fun read. I enjoyed learning more about her early career, gaining insight into what it was like to be on GG when it suddenly ended and how the remake came to be for everyone involved. Fun read.

* *
Oh, this book. I thought it was the normal Roberts book, but it was kind of icky which really surprised me. Roberts is the queen of opposites attract and people fighting chemistry until there is the 'awww heck' moment and someone goes in for the embrace. However, this is the first time I've felt the 'chase' was taken too far and the consent really wasn't there. The main character had so much going for her, but then was just a flop. I enjoyed the setting of Greece and the whole mystery was one I didn't truly see coming.

* * * * * 
Loved this Roberts book. So well written, such wonderful characters and masterfully pulled together. Heartbreaking at the beginning, something we are seeing too much in our society, but the follow up is truly wonderful. There isn't a quick fix and relationships are tested over and over again. You watch people grieve and grow and come back together. This will pass the time quickly.

* * * * * 
Oh, wow, what a book. This one tugs at the heart strings so badly and is beautifully written. Set in WW2 it follows three completely different women as they navigate the rise of the Nazis and the war. One woman is Polish, one is German and one is American, all trying to survive and make it through. Lots of pondering moments and thoughts of "what would I do in this situation". Incredibly crafted and a book everyone should read.