February 15, 2019

Friday Letters: Third Trimester Edition

Open letters are cathartic. I find writing them here, in a journal, or social media just makes me feel better. Usually I'll write about a bunch of different things, but as my life now is consumed with the third trimester most of my thoughts center around baby.

Dear Stomach: YOU ARE LARGE AND IN CHARGE. I swear you grow an inch a day and I'm constantly hitting you against myself and randomly now against other people, eeeeek! Thank you for keeping BOB safe and thank you for being so incredible as you grow. Now, please just don't give me stretch marks, kay?

Dear Sleep: WHY YOU LEAVE ME?!? LEGIT, you gone. Everyone said third trimester is the toughest for sleep and dude, the first week of the third trimester you disappeared. I'm now waking up every hour, even though I don't have to pee and then the last REM I'm able to sleep for three hours straight which is just TOUGH to feel rested. Will you come back, please?

Dear Fitness: We are approaching that time. The time where exercises I LOVE just aren't the most comfortable. I'll be honest, I haven't worked out as much as I expected and I think that is playing a part in my fitness. Or, my endurance. I've tried to get to the gym on my own, but most of my workouts have consisted of just teaching. ATTACK and COMBAT are taking more of a toll on me than I thought and I'm honestly said when I think of giving up teaching so soon. But, I'm so grateful to still be able to move.

Dear Random People: How bout you keep the opinions to yourself. Don't get me wrong, I find pregnancy a wonderful time where people are super excited when they ask about BOB. I enjoy your excitement when you find out we are going to be surprised about the gender, makes me smile. But, when you launch into your scary birth stories, or tell me I look big enough to pop, or try to tell me to get sleep now, I want to tell you to shut your mouth. Why do people like to say weird things?

Dear Family & Besties: Thank you so much for everything so far. For all the support, the pep talks, the allowing me to cry, the excitment, the offering to throw me a baby shower, the telling me it's okay, the sweet notes and just being there. I haven't been the easiest pregnant woman, and I know that. This has been a lot harder than I ever expected and I'm grateful for people who love me and BOB so much.

Dear Pregnancy: Holy moly, we are in the weekly SINGLE DIGITS! I am baffled, just baffled. In a few short weeks we will be ONE MONTH away from delivery day and eeeegggaaadd. I knew time would fly, even on days when I felt awful, but I cannot believe we are now here. I'm praying this last trimester isn't as awful as people say.

Dear Food: My word are my tastebuds all over the place. Some days all I want is sugar. Other days it's salty and crunchy. Some days I just want to eat all day. Others I barely get enough calories. I feel the extra weight though, especially from many nights of ice cream and cereal before bed. I'm up just over 20 pounds and can't really blame that all on baby :)! I need fresh veggies to be my craving again, I miss that feeling.

Dear BOB: Oh sweet babe, I love you. I love your kicks. Your movements. Your recognition of my voice. I pray for you daily. I dream about your face. I dream about your arrival and I'm so excited to meet you. We want you to keep cooking, but gosh, just wondering WHO YOU ARE is killing me. Keep being healthy and keep growing. I can't wait to hug and kiss you!


  1. All the feels for this time for you. The last month is so hard, but it will be worth it. Hnag in there and I will see you next weekend! EEKKK!

  2. sleep deprivation was the worst for me in the 1st trimester but then 2nd/3rd-- i have never slept more in my life! the last month is def hard but the bundle of joy makes it all worth it!

  3. YAY. So close! Im so happy for you. I am sure its so uncomfortable and hard at this point but praying for a great last trimester for you :)

  4. I can't believe you are so close to meeting your little one!

  5. Such sweet moments with the babe cooking in your belly! I can't believe you're already in your 3rd trimester and almost ready for the arrival of your first born. You two are going to be amazing, sporty parents@

  6. Why do people always have so much to say?? Love that you have so many people loving on you... but everyone else needs to shut it. ;)


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