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July 31, 2012

Don't Forget

You have an amazing Bible app you have yet to use. Daily devotions made easy, so no more excuses.

People aren't perfect. Sometimes they mess up and need a second chance. Holding grudges truly only hurts you.

Wear sunscreen whenever you are in the sun. That golden tan may look nice today, but it might hurt you tomorrow.

On that note, you need to make a dermatologist appointment. Better safe than sorry when it comes to sun damage.

Consult your planner before making plans. Double booking 100% sucks.

You need to drink 6 glasses of water a day.

That lamp in the living room needs a light bulb. Make sure you pick one up at the store.

You and C are different. You babble he listens. Just because he doesn't write sonnets about how fabulous you are to him, it doesn't mean he loves you any less. Accept the differences and hold on tight, this guy is a major keeper.

Saying something about someone to someone else is considered gossip. If you won't say it to their face, you shouldn't say it to anyone.

There are so many people in the world HAPPY with so much less. Do yourself a favor and forget the drama while remembering your blessings.

Rompers are a no-no.
Garbage in = garbage out

Don't skimp on paying good money for good clothes. 9 times out of 10 the price is worth the wear.

Your sisters are 3+ years younger than you and are bound to make the same mistakes you did. DON'T think you telling them what to do will help them. Just be there when they need you.

Books are better than tv. If you watch the movie you better read the book.

You are the only person that can keep yourself disciplined. Everyone else is too busy with their OWN lives to help you fix yours. 

Just because someone gives you advice, that doesn't mean you have to take it. Most of the time, advice can be helpful, but sometimes only YOU know how to live your life.

Babies need a lot of care and usually mean no late night partying, no new fun shoes and no sleep. Enjoy the simple selfish times while they are here.

Read the paper not just the Internet.

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal. Plan the trips, make the moves, trust your gut, try new things, smell the roses, don't settle and do you.
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July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh it's not the weekend

This one was a doozy y'all but not they way you think.

Basically my weekend consisted of

Moving my best friend

I'm just gonna recap by section not timeline because that's silly today.

Opening ceremony = okay but not fabulous.
 Loves: the Mary Poppins section, the tourch lighting, 
the Mr. Bean section, the parade of nations going quickly, the USA athletes duh!
Dislikes: The beginning eh, the Queen not smiling and having an attitude, the USA being near the end, the coverage not being live.

I LOVE all Olympics, seriously. I'm watching everything on tv when I can. I stayed up sooo late last night watching gymnastics and my heart broke for poor Jordyn. So sad the sport doesn't allow the BEST of the BEST to compete in the all around. USA needs to pick up our medal count fo sho!

not gonna even talk about it, I'm pissed.

Best friend time:
I went to help my best friend move this weekend and dragged Sportyspice along. It was a ton of fun seeing her and we really had the best time. Ate way too much food and stayed up way too late. Sunday was a lot of work, but I am soooooo happy for T and have a really good feeling about her life and things ahead. 

I met one of her friends and he is HILARIOUS! He printed out the picture of me on TV and asked me to autograph it as a joke. HILARIOUS! I played the celebrity and we all were dying laughing. 
Check out my sweet autograph...

Unfortunately the weekend caught up to me and I'm not feeling so great today and am sick at home. However, the Olympics and a clean apartment are doing me well, and I should be fine tomorrow. 

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

July 26, 2012

Confession Friday Letters VLOG

Wait, did the title really say VLOG!??!

Why yes kitty cats it did.

I'm switching it up over huuuuuur and doing my own VLOG version of
Confession Fridays
Friday's Letters.

I like to keep y'all on your toes ya heard?!?!?
1) No idea the music was so loud, sorry.
2) Totally forgot mirror images on videos...crap.
3) I'm putting it out there that there should be a VLOG Friday linkup...
[personally I think this was a fabulous idea, patonmyback]


Here is the picture I mentioned in #2
Can you say baby face?!?!? that's the bffer T

That's all she wrote...
or said...
but really, I never stop talking!

Happy Friday!

Do your P's match your B?!?!

I'm talking pant!es and bra$.
[don't want this to be flagged for being a mature sight so using *$]
{if this makes you squirm, click the red x right in the corner}

I have a QUESTION.....
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Do your pant!es match your b*a?
Sorry if that's a TMI
and sorrier if you are offended.

Trust me, I'm not a creeper,
I just am 100% confused
and could use y'alls help.

Where did this confusion come from you ask?!!?
Television of course
[since everything on tv is 100% true natch].

In EVERY seksi scene on tv,
the leading lady
not only has HIGH end underthings,
she ALWAYS matches.

Even if the scene isn't seksi,
say something spills on her
and she has to change.
Or she witnessed a crime and there is DNA on her outfit,
whenever a character on tv has to change,
she always matches.

Frankly, this confuses the bejeezus out of me.

I will be the FIRST person to raise my hand and say,
NOPE, not matching today.
To be 100% honest,
I'm not matching most days.

I don't waste time thinking about that aspect of clothing.
Come on, it's hard enough for me to remember
Yes I can wear black with brown,
but not with white shoes.
Jewelry stacking is okay now,
and so is mixing patterns.

Sheesh, people SHEESH!
Source: via Lucia on Pinterest

Could y'all help a sistah out and let me know
1) If I'm I the only one who feels this way?
2) If I'm the only loser that doesn't match her underoos to her bruh.

Pinky OUT!

July 25, 2012

The Hardest Part of Growing Up... dealing with big decisions and sucky situations.

For real!

When I was a kid, I always thought adults had it easy. They got to do everything fun like stay up late, drink alcohol, have money etc. I dreamed of being a 'big kid' and being able to 'do what grownups do'. When I turned 18 I was fanatical about people calling me an adult [shows how little I knew about life right?]. My parents compromised and called me a Bdult until I was 21, which I find hysterical now.

As I've grown up, I've learned being grown up is fun [sometimesablasty], but when you are older there is bad that goes with the good. Often, the bad comes in the form of something uncontrollable or "out of our hands". There are other times our choices, usually poor, result in bad situations and we have to deal with consequences of our actions.

Normally, I choose to live my life with an optimistic glass 3/4 full attitude. But life isn't always rainbows, butterflies, unicorns and sunshine.
Life can really suck.

You can lose your job.
 A breakup can happen.
As you get older, the people in your life get older and they can pass away.
Decisions become tougher and more impacting.
People move away.
Friends choose to be friends with other people.
Two awesome adventures can be scheduled for the same day.
You don't get the promotion you deserve.
The house you want to buy gets snapped up by someone else. 
Vacation plans get lost because you get sick. 

Even when life doesn't suck, sometimes making hard/big decisions do.

I'm almost, really almost thirty.

And I still rent an apartment [my first place on my own].
Am not engaged[100% okay with this fact btw].
Work at a job that is eh [but I'm blessed to make money].
My weekends/life revolves around kickball [and some awesome trips/friends].

But, you know what, that all will probably be changing soon.
And as EXCITING and life affirming moving on to the next step of life will be,
of all the responsibilities of being a TRUE grownup.

Change my emergency contact from my mother to my husband?
Have a mortgage?
Plan a wedding?
Move away from family?
Find a new job?
THINK about having a baby?


All of those decisions are
HUGE, life changing ones that have to be made.
How in the world will I know if I'm making the right one?!?!?!

I could go on an on about the sucky/hard situations, because well, they are just part of life. But, I don't want to be too down in the dumps today. Obviously, things have happened to me recently that have me a little bummed/freaked out, but that's why I blog. I don't want to post on FB or twitter when something gets me down, because I really don't like putting my business out there. But, I really need to get these feelings out of my head and onto paper...or Internet! 

Thanks for listening and if you have ANY tips regarding dealing with disappointments
or making big life decisions,
PLEASE send them my way!

July 24, 2012


Today is the day!


Today Babyspice is

Well, today is DAY 1 of the Bar exam. Tomorrow is DAY 2! Sooo today, if you have a moment, send some good vibes or a prayer for sweet BabySpice! She knows the stuff, but is unsure if she knows it all well enough.


I am so proud of her, she has grown up so much these past 2 years. In honor of her kicking hiney, two of my favortie Babyspice pictures. Personally, I think she makes cow hats cool

Now we gots da mowhawk.

Dearest Babyspice,
I know you are gonna rock dis shizzz! Remember, have confidence in confidence alone "what are the other words"? Know that prayer warriors are in your corner and God is looking down on you. Today you will kick butt and you will do the same tomorrow. Deep breaths, wooosaaahhhs, I'M DA BEST, ANTONDA!

July 23, 2012

A LOVE weekend

Hello kids, did you have a good weekend?!!

Mine was GLORIOUS!

Last week, as you know, C&I celebrated 2 years of togetherness. We are a pretty laid back couple when it comes to celebrations, but I told him I wanted to go out for a nice dinner and he said alright.

He chose the restaurant Prime which is located in DuPont Circle
right near Embassy Row.

OH-MI-WORD, this place was FABULOUSLY delicious. Every course was amazeballs and our service was impeccable. I LOVE good waiters that know exactly when to come back to the table and when to leave us alone to eat.

My meal was to die for, seriously HEAVEN!
Since everything was schmancy, I chose to NOT photograph the food,
but wish I had because it was that baller.

Bonus, everything was raised/grown on farms within 5 hours of the restaurant.
I love supporting restaurants that support our earth.

Did I mention the food was amazing? I had my first chocolate souffle
and I can't wait to have my next.
Melt in your mouth goodness!
My next baking challenge fo sho!

After stuffingourfaces dinner, we decided to walk a few blocks in dc. We had fun, however, my 4+inch heels were NOT having it, so we cabbed home changed into sweats and took a walk around the block.

Quick snapshot before we changed.
LOVE my new dress!!!!
Post walk we curled up with some more wine and watch Remember the Titans. Yep, we are super trendy.

All in all, I had a marvelous Saturday with the man I love. I am sorry I've been so mushygushy lately, but I am overwhelmingly happy with my personal life right now and well, it's my blog! ;)

The rest of the weekend was chill, just church, hanging with Mama B and Sportyspice, laundry, soccer (complete with a NEW BRUISE, for the love of pete, mildred) and an amazeballs bruschetta recipe.

I recently re watched Julia & Julie and immediately felt hungry. Seriously, this movie is not only a great one to enjoy, it reminds you of HOW wonderful our relationship with food can be, if we eat in moderation of course.

The recipe I craved after the movie was the bruschetta main character Julie makes for dinner one night. I know there are 20348032850258 kinds of bruschetta recipes, but I googled to find the JULIA&JULIE recipe. Thank my lucky stars, this awesome blog had an amazeballs recipe.

This is in NO WAY my own recipe,
but you should make it,
because it's amazeballs.

[minus the onion....ooops]
Tunes are optional of course
Tomatoes, basil, EVOO, salt and pepper marinating in a bowl
Sweet crumb mess huh?
Toasty bread with EVOO
Don't let the pan get too hot, or the oil will burn, yuck!
Special garlic clove good!
This adds so much flavor
Le finished product
Water tastes better in a pink cup
Bon appetit!
Have a fabulous Monday loves!

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July 20, 2012

Confession Fridays Letters

Des iz me confeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssions
*When I heard the news on the radio this morning regarding the shooting in Aurora, CO my first thought was, shoot that bastard. I know how unchristian that sounds but right now I really don't care. You can't expect forgiveness immediately after committing such a heinous crime. If I had 5 minutes alone with the guy, we wouldn't need a trial. Sorry I'm NOT sorry.

*I am strangely proud of my crazy soccer bruised arm. When people ask me about the bruise, all I say is "Soccer and you should see the other girl"!

*My ego was bruised last weekend and I haven't figured out WHAT I can do to fix the situation. Blog post coming soon, don't worry.

*The laundry monster in my apartment is OOC! #shameface

*I am STILL so PROUD of the Kickball TV segment I appeared in last week. You can call me a #wannabeceleb and shallow, I would have to agree with you :)!

*C and I celebrated 2 years of togetherness on Tuesday and even though we are 'officially' celebrating tomorrow (and I have no idea what we are doing), I chose to make a special dinner Tuesday. I am still over the moon he made me pink cupcakes....SWOOOON!

Dear Aurora, CO: My hear hurts so badly for y'all right now. Sending you prayers and hope and love. Dear humanity: WHAT THE FR*CK is happening to our world? We need to collectively get our @$$es in gear and keep the world a happy and loving place. Change starts with each of us. Dear C: Happy Happy 2 years of togetherness my love. I heart you so much!!!! Dear Olympics: I am so stinkin' excited for you! Seriously CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! Dear First2Third Podcast Team: We are hilarious and so much fun. So glad y'all let me join the crew. *WATCHHERE* Dear Bloggies: HAPPY FRIDAY! <3 y'all!

July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday {LinkUP}

I haven't done a Thursday linkup in a while and thought,
I need to be more thankful!

So I'm being Thankful with should come join.

I am thankful for....

Waking up this morning, happy, healthy and blessed. Often I forget SO MANY have so much less than I, and many people won't wake up today.

2 years of togetherness with my honey, C. Tuesday was our '2 year mark' and we had a great evening.

My boyfriend being thoughtful and making me PINK cupcakes for dessert Tuesday. Some people may get Ipads, jewelery, gift cards and clothes, but I am 100% satisfied with homemade cupcakes.

Getting to 'doublely celebrate' this Saturday evening with a swanky dinner.

My family! They are my rock and I love them.

Having a good paying job. I know I've complained about how I don't feel fulfilled, but in this economy having a job is a blessing. Especially since I can leave my work at home, take vacations when I want and enjoy most of the people I deal with at work. I am blessed to make money.

My parents carrying a heavy stick. I see so many troubled teens out there and am SO thankful my parents taught me the words NO and RESPECT.

The activity of Adult kickball. I have met so many amazing people, Le Beau included, via this sport. Seriously, the crux of my CREW is kickball and I am so thankful I chose to play with a team where I didn't know anyone. God has a plan, you just have to be BRAVE sometimes.
{Check out my interview about KICKBALL *here*}

My bootcamp instructor, she is flat out amazeballs. She is hilarious but still pushes us to be our best. I am so tired at 5:15am when I get up, but SO glad I already have my workout done for the day.

Wishing you a fabulous day!

July 18, 2012

If you REALLY knew me

I saw this on Ashley's blog the other day and decided to steal it immediately.
If you really knew me...
You'd know I prefer heat over cold. I HATE being cold.

You'd know I need complete darkness to sleep, but hate walking outside in the dark.

You'd know I have 4 chicken pox scars in the middle of my forehead.
I only am self conscious about them a few times a year.

You'd know I say I'm type A, but I'm not.

You'd know my bark is way worse than my bite.

You'd be shocked to know I've never had my eyebrows done.

You'd know I'm an athlete.

You'd know I get offended very easily, but keep the hurt inside.

You'd know I'm not very blunt. I beat around the bush....a lot.

You'd know I am a master at manipulation.

You'd know my heart has never been in my work.

You'd know I've been saying this for the past 6 years.

You'd know I've done NOTHING about it.

You'd know I live with many regrets.

You'd know I prefer the lake over the beach.

You'd know I DON'T know what kind of engagement ring I want.

You'd know all I've ever wanted to be is a SAHM.

You'd know when I am a SAHM I will feel as though 'I've made it'.

You'd know when I lose touch with blog friends I feel as though
I've lost a real friend.

You'd know I hate 4 words and m*ist is one of them.

You'd know I could eat smores everyday.

You'd know I'd kill for my family. FOR REAL.

You'd know I'm 100% over small talk at parties.

You'd know if you give me something PINK I'll be so thankful.

You'd know I ADORE the blogworld.

What would I know about you?!?!

July 17, 2012

2 Years Le Beau

<3 2 years ago, we became official <3

<3 2 years ago, my life changed for the better <3

<3 2 years ago, January became an important month <3

<3 2 years ago, kickball became more than just a fun sport <3

<32 years ago, we began this journey together <3

These past two years we have shared:








*fun times*






These past two years we:

~traveled a ton~

~enjoyed slow lazy days~

~checked things off our 'fun list'~

~put things on our fun list~

~learned some hard lessons~

~were both extremely stubborn~


~have been teammates~

~hung with extended family~

~planned our life together~

These past two years I have learned:

+what love truly means+

+how to compromise even when I want it my way+


+how much you care about me+

+we can travel well together+

+there is still a lot of growth for each of us+

+that the loves songs all really do make sense+

Dearest Boyfriend,

You have my heart. You are part of my soul. Life isn't always easy, but being with you makes me smile through the craziness. We are as different as apples and marshmallows, but we still work. My life changed 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier. Sure, we've struggled, life isn't always rainbows and butterflies, but we're still together. In this moment, in this minute, TODAY I am so thankful I am yours. I'm happy you've been mine for the past 2 years and I hope and pray we have many, many more to come. I know there will be peaks and valleys ahead, but to quote a great movie,
"I'd rather fight with you, than make love with anyone else".
You and me C, we're "stuck like glue", "rolling on the river of love"!

To the moon and back my love,