July 3, 2012

The WORST thing

I recently finished a Nicholas Sparks book
called Message in a Bottle.
I'm more of a Nora Roberts girl, but thought HEY why not try
Sir Nick?!?

I must say the book was pretty good,
a TEAR JERKER fo sho,
but really good.

Quickest preview ever:
Lady finds bottle on a beach with an amazing letter in it.
Lady goes to find said man who wrote it.

Not gonna give anything else away,
because that's no FUN!
This book not only made me cry [wuss], it also made me THINK!
When the heroine meets the main character she poses this question to him...

"What is the WORST thing you have done?"

He of course has nothing MAJORLY bad to report,
just teenage ridiculousness and the story goes on.
When asked by the gentleman WHY she asked the question she just said,
"I like to know what kind of person I'm getting to know".
[interesting thought no?!?!]
Her question made me think...

"WHAT IS the worst thing I HAVE DONE!?!?!"

Now, in the honor of full disclosure I have to tell you,
growing up I was a Goody-Goody.

Not on purpose tattletale wise,
[unless you were the sissys, then SUCKERRRRRRRRR]
but Mama B and Daddy keep me on a
pretty tight leash growing up.

NO parties
NO drinking
NO being somewhere without parents
Always calling [no cellphones then duh]

With all of those parameters, there wasn't a lot of ROOM for me to be bad.
I was always busy with sports, singing, church, youth group and my family
I HONESTLY didn't have TIME to get in trouble.
{Hmmmmm maybe my parents were on to something}

Of course no one is perfect
[and y'all I'M FAAAAAAAAAAAR from it]
so I thought I would LIST some of the
WORST things I think
I've done.

I have to admit, I've done some pretty mean/hurtful/wrong things in my life.


I wasn't always the best daughter, I've said truly mean and heinous things to my mother/father when I was 16 and thought I knew EVERYTHING. I wish with all my heart I could take them back.

I was mean and horrible to my younger sisters. Queen manipulator over here. Sometimes it's funny to joke about the mean funny things I did when I was younger, but sometimes I feel responsible for some of their insecurities. Since college we've become tight and I hope our relationship NOW can undo some of the hurt I caused way back in the day.

My senior year of high school I got grounded because when I stayed over at one of my best friend's house, we didn't tell her parents when we would be back and they actually called the police when we didn't come home. Her parents and my parents had a meeting and I was grounded for a few weeks.
[we got to hang out and I was ungrounded for good behavior]
But, the unnecessary worry I put my parents through had to have been horrible.

In college, I got SOOO hammered at a party that another guy kissed me and I never told my boyfriend. The fact that I cheated kills me, even though the guy turned out to be the devil.

When the same guy cheated/broke up with me, I let my friends start a nasty rumor about the other girl.

I've participated in the egging of said Ex's car.
Source: google.com via Kinsey on Pinterest

I've also ordered 10 pizza's in said Ex's name and had them delivered to
a party he was attending.
[I thought he would have to pay for them but the @$$ just sent them back.
I could hear the whole exchange with the pizza guy and I felt sooooo bad for
the him. Karma def will bite me for that one]
Source: via Casa on Pinterest

I played around with some one's heart and I'm pretty sure I broke it. I am very ashamed of myself when I look back, because even though I was young, I KNEW what I was doing was wrong. I do believe this guy and I SHOULD NOT be talking to this day, but the way everything ended was not nice and I carry the guilt of being THAT girl around.
Source: blogit.no via 小克 on Pinterest

I am guilty of gossiping for NO good reason and of talking poorly about people I don't know. Despite the fact EVERYONE does it, I do not think I can sit on that excuse anymore. There is NO excuse for being nasty and I need to LEARN how to keep my mouth shut.


These may not be as juicy as expected, however they are things

What is/are the worst thing[s] you have done?!?!?


  1. I give you a lot of credit for putting this out there. Although, you have nothing to be ashamed about....I'm pretty sure people have done most of the things you've done--the important thing is, you learned from them and that's what's important! :)

  2. Have you never seen the movie Message in a Bottle? Spark is king of books made into tear-jerker movies... and I admit I too have done the revenge to ex's game... no egging, but going after their prized possessions.. aka cars...

  3. I'd say these things aren't THAT bad, I've done a lot of the same things. Props for posting this!

  4. That's it. We can't be friends anymore. JUST KIDDING!!! :) You're a sweetie pie and those things are not that bad! I actually love the pizza one! HAHAHA I wish he had gotten stuck with the bill though!!

  5. What an inspiring post! You're one brave lady. I know I couldn't share all the crazy, bad things I've done. I will say that there are things I've said to my parents and sister as a teenager that I would give anything to take back. And there are wounds that will never heal with old friends/exs simply because I did not handle the situation maturely. I guess the best thing to do is acknowledge these incidences and learn from them :)

  6. Awww. I love this post. Honest and still sweet. I have done lots of terrible things (that I will never admit to on the ole internet) :)

  7. I am so guilty of the first two and some things very similar to the rest. I like to think we all live and we learn!

  8. I'm not gonna lie...I've done my fair share, but I prefer not to live in the past haha. Stories come up as I go along, but luckily none of them are too bad. Just part of growing up, which is just what yours are too! I'm sure that for every bad story there are 10 more good ones ;) Have you never seen the movie "Message In A Bottle"? It's SUCH a good movie!!


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