July 12, 2012

Thoughts on a Thurs

Thoughts for this Thursday

1] I like cheetahs and leopards. They look so regal and feminine, despite the fact they can rip your body apart in seconds.

2] Am I the ONLY person who talks to inanimate objects? This morning a bag fell over in my car and I said, out loud "Knock it off and behave". Yep! Yesterday, I also told the dishes in the sink to "Stop messing around and stay still". Do I have a problem?

3] How is it that my body is the EXACT same when I eat healthy but DON'T work out for a month AND when I work out 3-4x a week and eat healthy? Biologically that DOES NOT make sense to me. Can someone PAHLEASE explain?!!?

4] Something exciting is gonna happen tomorrow and I can't WAIT to share it with y'all. Don't want to jinx anything so stay tuned :)!

5] "I'm petty and I know it"! Sometimes ya just have to be right?!?!

6] Comcast Sportsnet rebroadcasted the men's gymnastic US Olympic trials last night and shhhhooooweeee! Those boys are BUILT and very easy on the eyes. Gymnastics always inspires me to get in better shape and work on my flexibility. Time to sit in the split stretch through commercials.

7] Blog hating is seriously wrong. I don't understand people being hateful at ALL! Stop hiding behind the Internet, you really aren't that strong.

8] Blog texting is amazeballs!!!!!

9] The Breaking Dawn P2 trailer is out! OH MY! Who's ready for November?



  1. OK. I just pictured you scolding your dishes. LOVE IT! HAHA :)

    Hope you're having a good week friend!!

  2. blog hating is THE WORST. i don't understand why it even happens.

  3. lol, I can't say that I've scolded inanimate objects, but I have been known to talk to myself haha. We all have our own version of cray cray...some of us more than others :)

    Petty is ok, in moderation. Like chocolate. :)

    I'm excited for breaking dawn. I wanna see it now!

  4. Yay for the US men's gymnastics team! I so cannot wait for the Olympics to get started!

    And I love that you talk to inanimate things. I tend to name inanimate objects often haha. And I talk to our dogs allll the time!

  5. Ohhhhh man those gymnastic men. I even tweeted about them, good God almighty can you say YUM.

  6. hahaha oh man that leopard with his arms crossed is a riot! i love them too..theyre juts big cats! theres so much hate in this world, its awful. hollllarrr for blog texting!! love our group chat!! xo Kelly

  7. I totally agree that blog texting is amazing, and I definitely talk to inanimate objects. Well, I usually shake my finger at them and/or say "Stay". Haha.


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