July 18, 2012

If you REALLY knew me

I saw this on Ashley's blog the other day and decided to steal it immediately.
If you really knew me...
You'd know I prefer heat over cold. I HATE being cold.

You'd know I need complete darkness to sleep, but hate walking outside in the dark.

You'd know I have 4 chicken pox scars in the middle of my forehead.
I only am self conscious about them a few times a year.

You'd know I say I'm type A, but I'm not.

You'd know my bark is way worse than my bite.

You'd be shocked to know I've never had my eyebrows done.

You'd know I'm an athlete.

You'd know I get offended very easily, but keep the hurt inside.

You'd know I'm not very blunt. I beat around the bush....a lot.

You'd know I am a master at manipulation.

You'd know my heart has never been in my work.

You'd know I've been saying this for the past 6 years.

You'd know I've done NOTHING about it.

You'd know I live with many regrets.

You'd know I prefer the lake over the beach.

You'd know I DON'T know what kind of engagement ring I want.

You'd know all I've ever wanted to be is a SAHM.

You'd know when I am a SAHM I will feel as though 'I've made it'.

You'd know when I lose touch with blog friends I feel as though
I've lost a real friend.

You'd know I hate 4 words and m*ist is one of them.

You'd know I could eat smores everyday.

You'd know I'd kill for my family. FOR REAL.

You'd know I'm 100% over small talk at parties.

You'd know if you give me something PINK I'll be so thankful.

You'd know I ADORE the blogworld.

What would I know about you?!?!


  1. I knew a lot of these, but I didnt know some, like your chickenpox scars! Never would have known.

    We need to hang out soon, btw! I miss you!

  2. We are so much alike! Except that I'm extremely blunt haha

  3. OMG there is so much of this that is just like me! Cold I HATE it! Smores I eat them everyday! No lie EVERYDAY.

  4. I'm the same way on the whole not being very blunt thing. I wish I could just say what I want to sometime but I too will beat around the bush. Working in a bridal store has shown me what I don't want in an engagement ring but when it comes to knowing what I want I have no idea!

  5. I love this!! :) I'm SO on the same page with you on the SAHM thing. It's like my ultimate dream!!!

  6. Loving smores, bloggy land, warmth, and pink? You are so my people!

  7. Loved reading this:) And I think you need to do something about your work.....I'll do it with you! Let's find something fantastic that we really really care about:) P.S. s'mores are calling my name right now!

  8. I didn't know a lot of these but glad I got to learn more! Im going through that work situation right now too. It sucks. Keep your head up girl!!! And wait you like the color pink?? Hahaha :) xoxo kelly

  9. I totally adore blogworld too because of bloggers like you! I can relate to the work thing :/ It's frustrating. And I also hate being cold. Bring on the hot, humid weather for sure! Winter... not so much.

  10. I am happy that I already know a lot of this about you, but just so you know- I did not even notice the scars! They aren't noticeable to everyone, so don't stress about them! PS. don't get your eyebrows done...it's way overrated.

  11. And here I am trying to figure out what m*ist is?


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