July 25, 2012

The Hardest Part of Growing Up...

...is dealing with big decisions and sucky situations.

For real!

When I was a kid, I always thought adults had it easy. They got to do everything fun like stay up late, drink alcohol, have money etc. I dreamed of being a 'big kid' and being able to 'do what grownups do'. When I turned 18 I was fanatical about people calling me an adult [shows how little I knew about life right?]. My parents compromised and called me a Bdult until I was 21, which I find hysterical now.

As I've grown up, I've learned being grown up is fun [sometimesablasty], but when you are older there is bad that goes with the good. Often, the bad comes in the form of something uncontrollable or "out of our hands". There are other times our choices, usually poor, result in bad situations and we have to deal with consequences of our actions.

Normally, I choose to live my life with an optimistic glass 3/4 full attitude. But life isn't always rainbows, butterflies, unicorns and sunshine.
Life can really suck.

You can lose your job.
 A breakup can happen.
As you get older, the people in your life get older and they can pass away.
Decisions become tougher and more impacting.
People move away.
Friends choose to be friends with other people.
Two awesome adventures can be scheduled for the same day.
You don't get the promotion you deserve.
The house you want to buy gets snapped up by someone else. 
Vacation plans get lost because you get sick. 

Even when life doesn't suck, sometimes making hard/big decisions do.

I'm almost thirty...like, really almost thirty.

And I still rent an apartment [my first place on my own].
Am not engaged[100% okay with this fact btw].
Work at a job that is eh [but I'm blessed to make money].
My weekends/life revolves around kickball [and some awesome trips/friends].

But, you know what, that all will probably be changing soon.
And as EXCITING and life affirming moving on to the next step of life will be,
of all the responsibilities of being a TRUE grownup.

Change my emergency contact from my mother to my husband?
Have a mortgage?
Plan a wedding?
Move away from family?
Find a new job?
THINK about having a baby?


All of those decisions are
HUGE, life changing ones that have to be made.
How in the world will I know if I'm making the right one?!?!?!

I could go on an on about the sucky/hard situations, because well, they are just part of life. But, I don't want to be too down in the dumps today. Obviously, things have happened to me recently that have me a little bummed/freaked out, but that's why I blog. I don't want to post on FB or twitter when something gets me down, because I really don't like putting my business out there. But, I really need to get these feelings out of my head and onto paper...or Internet! 

Thanks for listening and if you have ANY tips regarding dealing with disappointments
or making big life decisions,
PLEASE send them my way!


  1. Just keep in mind that everything happens for a reason, and everything that happens is something you need to learn across your journey. MIght not make sense in that moment but it will eventually.

    Just think, everything you've been through has made you who you are today, and who you are today is pretty awesome! :)

  2. I have been there, done that and still have that feeling. Best advice: do what is right for you when its right for you. Don't adapt to anyone else's timeline or plans for your life. That even means what you thought you would be doing at a certain age. Listen to you heart.

  3. ISnt this the truth!! Always choose you first! Mrs. Carol always told me growing up, "You have to choose you first, cause if you dont NO ONE ELSE WILL EITHER!!" This is so true. Do whats best for you always!

    Love you sweet girl!!

  4. I think about this all.the.time. Whether or not I make the decision (about anything and everything) has me scared to death. And you know what? I don't know why I worry. Because God has proven faithful through everything in my life. I don't always realize it at the time, sometimes life downright sucks and I think I made all the wrong choices. But when I look back on my life, I see God's faithfulness and know that I have nothing to worry about! Thinking of you, friend! You'll get through it just fine! :)

  5. Being a grown up is definitely hard, but I know you can do it! :) And you know I'm here for you if you need help with the hard stuff!

  6. Being a adult flat out sucks sometimes but sh*t happens and we all gots to put our big girl panties on grab the bull by the horn and hold of for dear life! BELIEVE me I have had my share of sh*t fall in my way but ya know what whatever doesnt kill us makes up stronger and DO NOT FORGET that! You will get through all these big scary things and when you do you will look back and think Hey that wasnt so bad after all. Take that Freddie Kruger!


  7. I can relate for sure! 4 years ago at this time I was still living at home. And since then I've gotten my big girl job, my first apartment, married, bought a house and soo many more responsibilities. While I'm proud to say I officially feel like a responsible and somewhat successful adult, there is also the bad stuff. The never-ending bills, spending 40+ hours at a place that can and usually does stress the hell out of me, worrying about my parents and their health, my own health, trying to be a good wife. It's crazy but it is life.

    And I think most importantly I have found that having a loving family/husband/best friend is what gets me through. The support they give me, I am forever grateful for!

  8. I can completely relate... When my husband and I got married & I had to move out of my parents house into our first apartment together last year... I would go up to my old room in my parents house when I would visit {that my siblings had already taken over} & just cry... It was so weird no to be living at their home with them anymore... But of course I was extremely happy, married to my best friend & was beginning the most amazing part of my life but it didn't mean I wasn't sad about letting the past go.

    My advice to you would be, let yourself feel every emotion that you need to, bottling it up won't do any good. If you want to cry, cry... If you want to laugh hysterically, go for it! Change is hard and everyone goes through it but as long as you are true to yourself and how you feel, you will come out of it ahead for sure! :)

    <3 Melissa

  9. i LOVE This post Pinky. I have been feeling this a LOT lately.....so I am relating here 100%. I know that whatever big decisions you're about to make you will rock them out. You are one of the most positive people I know (I count as "knowing" you since we were thiiiiis close to meeting).....wishing you lots of happy things!

  10. Aww man I've been thinking about this crap too and I only just turned 23! But all of these decisions are huge ones that shape the entire rest of your life. How will I ever know what to do.

  11. I can really relate to this post right now. <3

  12. The best thing I ever learned is that there is no wrong decision in life! Each decision is just a different path. Some maybe harder than others, but you are a beautiful smart girl, and I have EVERY faith that you will do just fine! Just remember that you should ENJOY every part of life...even the hard ones, as crazy as that sounds. Love you!!


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