July 23, 2012

A LOVE weekend

Hello kids, did you have a good weekend?!!

Mine was GLORIOUS!

Last week, as you know, C&I celebrated 2 years of togetherness. We are a pretty laid back couple when it comes to celebrations, but I told him I wanted to go out for a nice dinner and he said alright.

He chose the restaurant Prime which is located in DuPont Circle
right near Embassy Row.

OH-MI-WORD, this place was FABULOUSLY delicious. Every course was amazeballs and our service was impeccable. I LOVE good waiters that know exactly when to come back to the table and when to leave us alone to eat.

My meal was to die for, seriously HEAVEN!
Since everything was schmancy, I chose to NOT photograph the food,
but wish I had because it was that baller.

Bonus, everything was raised/grown on farms within 5 hours of the restaurant.
I love supporting restaurants that support our earth.

Did I mention the food was amazing? I had my first chocolate souffle
and I can't wait to have my next.
Melt in your mouth goodness!
My next baking challenge fo sho!

After stuffingourfaces dinner, we decided to walk a few blocks in dc. We had fun, however, my 4+inch heels were NOT having it, so we cabbed home changed into sweats and took a walk around the block.

Quick snapshot before we changed.
LOVE my new dress!!!!
Post walk we curled up with some more wine and watch Remember the Titans. Yep, we are super trendy.

All in all, I had a marvelous Saturday with the man I love. I am sorry I've been so mushygushy lately, but I am overwhelmingly happy with my personal life right now and well, it's my blog! ;)

The rest of the weekend was chill, just church, hanging with Mama B and Sportyspice, laundry, soccer (complete with a NEW BRUISE, for the love of pete, mildred) and an amazeballs bruschetta recipe.

I recently re watched Julia & Julie and immediately felt hungry. Seriously, this movie is not only a great one to enjoy, it reminds you of HOW wonderful our relationship with food can be, if we eat in moderation of course.

The recipe I craved after the movie was the bruschetta main character Julie makes for dinner one night. I know there are 20348032850258 kinds of bruschetta recipes, but I googled to find the JULIA&JULIE recipe. Thank my lucky stars, this awesome blog had an amazeballs recipe.

This is in NO WAY my own recipe,
but you should make it,
because it's amazeballs.

[minus the onion....ooops]
Tunes are optional of course
Tomatoes, basil, EVOO, salt and pepper marinating in a bowl
Sweet crumb mess huh?
Toasty bread with EVOO
Don't let the pan get too hot, or the oil will burn, yuck!
Special garlic clove rub....so good!
This adds so much flavor
Le finished product
Water tastes better in a pink cup
Bon appetit!
Have a fabulous Monday loves!

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  1. Aww it looks like you truly had an amazing weekend..happy to hear it :)
    Happy 2 years!

    UM where did you get your dress???!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Looks great on you, too!

  2. Yay for LOVE! And I looooove me some bruschetta. Mmmm. Come make it for me, k? :)

  3. Soo glad you had a wonderful weekend with your honey! I think it's so sweet that you took a walk after dinner. Simple and peaceful!

    I love your dress. You two look beautiful!

  4. Love that dress, too! New to your blog, I'm digging it so far girlfriend!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  5. Congrats on 2 years! Sounds and looks like a great time :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. So glad you two had a good anniversary! :)

    (I totally bust out the camera at fancy places and then Jake yells at me! HAHA)

    That bruschetta looks YUMMY!

  7. OMG y'all looked so cute!! Oh, and I love me some bruschetta. Have you been to Founding Farmer's? It's on Pennsylvania in DC, and it is all natural and farm raised. When I went it was the only restaurant in the US that was Gold standard certified for eco-friendly/green, I think!


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