July 31, 2012

Don't Forget

You have an amazing Bible app you have yet to use. Daily devotions made easy, so no more excuses.

People aren't perfect. Sometimes they mess up and need a second chance. Holding grudges truly only hurts you.

Wear sunscreen whenever you are in the sun. That golden tan may look nice today, but it might hurt you tomorrow.

On that note, you need to make a dermatologist appointment. Better safe than sorry when it comes to sun damage.

Consult your planner before making plans. Double booking 100% sucks.

You need to drink 6 glasses of water a day.

That lamp in the living room needs a light bulb. Make sure you pick one up at the store.

You and C are different. You babble he listens. Just because he doesn't write sonnets about how fabulous you are to him, it doesn't mean he loves you any less. Accept the differences and hold on tight, this guy is a major keeper.

Saying something about someone to someone else is considered gossip. If you won't say it to their face, you shouldn't say it to anyone.

There are so many people in the world HAPPY with so much less. Do yourself a favor and forget the drama while remembering your blessings.

Rompers are a no-no.
Garbage in = garbage out

Don't skimp on paying good money for good clothes. 9 times out of 10 the price is worth the wear.

Your sisters are 3+ years younger than you and are bound to make the same mistakes you did. DON'T think you telling them what to do will help them. Just be there when they need you.

Books are better than tv. If you watch the movie you better read the book.

You are the only person that can keep yourself disciplined. Everyone else is too busy with their OWN lives to help you fix yours. 

Just because someone gives you advice, that doesn't mean you have to take it. Most of the time, advice can be helpful, but sometimes only YOU know how to live your life.

Babies need a lot of care and usually mean no late night partying, no new fun shoes and no sleep. Enjoy the simple selfish times while they are here.

Read the paper not just the Internet.

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal. Plan the trips, make the moves, trust your gut, try new things, smell the roses, don't settle and do you.
Source: weheartit.com via Line on Pinterest


  1. This is an amazing post..seriously!!
    Which Bible ap is that that you use? I think I use the same one :o) And you're right - I need to start opening it up WAY MORE.
    I do need a new light bulb...it's been on my list forever, I keep forgetting it.
    You are such a cutie pie :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. This post is fantastic!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The gossip and not holding grudges is ringing true for me today - I needed that!! :)

  3. Love this post!! :) I think you're pretty good at doing all of these things, if I do say so myself!!

  4. wow i really enjoyed this post! so your bf isnt the romantic type either? and i SO agree with spending the money on clothes...i always tell my mom that bc she always hates what shes wearing but its like you buy the cheapest clothes, sometimes you have to splurge.

    xo Kelly

    PS. Don't forget to enter my H&M Gold Layered Necklace giveaway & check out my new linkup!

  5. super cute blog you have here :):) just wanted to say hello and please come check out my blog some time!!

  6. I rock rompers, no matter how many times people say they don't like them ;) PS. He may not write sonnets, but he bakes pink cupcakes, and I think that trumps a sonnet any day! Haha.


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