July 2, 2012

The PERFECT storm





If you haven't already heard, the east coast got MASSIVELY surprised by a very violent thunderstorm, Friday night.
We are talking 80+ winds and
and lots
of rain!
Plus some CAH-RAZY lightning!
Heat lightning and regular lighting.
Storms >
Guess WHAT girl MISSED the storm is coming memo!?!?!
How you ask?!!?
Well Mr&Mrs weather person did not mention my county. There were counties around me but most were north and a bunch were way south, so I figured it was another 'DC BUBBLE' of no bad weather. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH not so much ya'll!

Miss Pinky figured we were in for a doozy of a storm
when the power went out
[during the gymnastics olympic trials argh]
and I was thrust into darkness
quicker than you can say

Naturally I called my daddy and Mama B to go
what the HECKS!
[not before turning on Snaps before I realized,
no power means no router. GENIUS over here]

They did well to squash my nerves
while admonishing me for NOT paying attention.
Honestly, knowing they were so close really calmed my fears
and worries, I AM SOO BLESSED!

I was very nervous though, because C was out playing a baseball game and was driving when the storm hit.
[remember what I said about a freak/quick storm?
Sports weren't even given time to cancel activities]
To calm myself I sat on the floor, by my door and closet
with a candle burning,
and read my Kindle by flash light.

20 or so minutes after I talked to C on the phone
he appeared at my place, YAY!
With 2 bottles of wine, DOUBLE YAY!
Once my man was safe at home with me, I was happy.
Even though we lost power, Friday night was an awesome night.
We just drank wine and talked, which was so awesome.
No phones.
No TV.
No Internet.

Just candles,
and the rain.

There will be many more of those nights in the future.
We took the rain cloud and made our own rainbow :)!
Gypsy In The Rain
Now, I wasn't exactly DANCING in the storm
 [cause that's cray cray] but the weekend did turn out pretty well.

Saturday we were still without power so we had to find food,
because well, we were hungry.

Our first thought was
a diner right near the apartment.
But, apparently 1340-2349.348 other people thought
'let's go out too'
since NO ONE had power.

Scratch that idea,
quick trip to the farmers market,
a couple of failed texts later
and we were AT the PARENTAL'S
using the new kitchen.

Basically the rest of the weekend we used
Mama B's and Daddy's place as home base.
They had power so we brought over all of the food
from C's freezer and enjoyed doing laundry
watching soccer and the Olympics and
grilling out for dinner.

All in all, the STORM was annoying,
but I was so blessed to just be able to be with those
I love
and enjoy the simple things in life.

Sportyspice was without power until today,
and sadly Babyspice is STILL without power.
Poor thing, send her some good vibes if you can.

I hope y'all had a much less eventful and fun weekend.

I'm uber busy at work because of vacation this week.
Make today a great one!


  1. I'm so glad you're ok! And that weekend sounds so great (minus the whole storm part)! I love the idea of just sitting and talking to each other instead of relying on TV and stuff like that to entertain you! :)

  2. Oh no! Glad you're okay!! Sounds like it turned into a pretty decent weekend, though!

  3. I'm glad you're ok! You could have come to stay with MG and me! We could have had a double date slumber party hahaha. Love you!

  4. Thank god you're okay! That sounds so scary! Stay safe!!

  5. I am glad you are ALIVE. Haha. I was definitely worried about y'all. PS. I have commented twice and both times I forgot to say Happy 4th, so HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! XOXOX


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