July 9, 2012

When you Wish Upon a Star....

Everyone needs some funny/silly happiness in their life right?!?!

Instead of doing a Dear _____ I thought I'd just list out
RANDO things I wish would be true.

Please enjoy a laugh my awesome wishes ;)

Source: weheartit.com via Ja on Pinterest
Miraculously Gisele's body would become mine.

Seal & Heidi would  NOT get divorced.
While we are wishing, could these two get back together?

A Derek Jeter jersey would appear in my closet.

I was planning and going on a BLATE with these two ladies.
Clo and Jess
The movie Two Weeks Notice had a sequel.

I could travel back to Spain and hit up Italy too.

I lived in the UP house for a month.

I could  win the lottery.

Cupcakes were 'weight gain free'.

Norah Jones wrote me a 'Pinky life' themed sound track.

My dream job would just plopp RIGHT in my lap.

My team will win the kickball tournament in NEW ORLEANS!

Going to the 2014 WORLD CUP with the sissys could become a reality.

Bethanny Frankel would move in next door to me.
Alexis Bellino and Theresa Guidice could be videoed carrying
on a conversation with each other.

All of the clothes on my Pinterest page were FREE!

I could FINALLY find the DIY gene.


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