July 26, 2012

Do your P's match your B?!?!

I'm talking pant!es and bra$.
[don't want this to be flagged for being a mature sight so using *$]
{if this makes you squirm, click the red x right in the corner}

I have a QUESTION.....
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Do your pant!es match your b*a?
Sorry if that's a TMI
and sorrier if you are offended.

Trust me, I'm not a creeper,
I just am 100% confused
and could use y'alls help.

Where did this confusion come from you ask?!!?
Television of course
[since everything on tv is 100% true natch].

In EVERY seksi scene on tv,
the leading lady
not only has HIGH end underthings,
she ALWAYS matches.

Even if the scene isn't seksi,
say something spills on her
and she has to change.
Or she witnessed a crime and there is DNA on her outfit,
whenever a character on tv has to change,
she always matches.

Frankly, this confuses the bejeezus out of me.

I will be the FIRST person to raise my hand and say,
NOPE, not matching today.
To be 100% honest,
I'm not matching most days.

I don't waste time thinking about that aspect of clothing.
Come on, it's hard enough for me to remember
Yes I can wear black with brown,
but not with white shoes.
Jewelry stacking is okay now,
and so is mixing patterns.

Sheesh, people SHEESH!
Source: google.com via Lucia on Pinterest

Could y'all help a sistah out and let me know
1) If I'm I the only one who feels this way?
2) If I'm the only loser that doesn't match her underoos to her bruh.

Pinky OUT!


  1. I rarely match. I try to color coordinate, but I certainly rarely match. Most of my bra$ are solid colored but most of my underoos (love this word) are patterned, so I try to go with similar color palettes. But sometimes even THAT doesn't happen.

  2. LOL I never maatch! I am a plain jane nude br@ girl here, and whatever fancy pants I got for christmas.

  3. I don't do the matchy matchy thing, unless I just happen to wear black on black or nude on nude, but a lot of time I will wear complimenting ones! When will is home- I save the matchy matchy for date nights and such ;)

  4. You're not the only one....I rarely match unless I know what I'm wearing later on after I shower, and can plan accordingly. But, rarely do I put that much effort into it....unless it's a "special" night ;) haha But, you are NOT alone girl :)

  5. I think in my entire life I've only bought matching undies a handful of times. And currently? I only have 2 bras that fit and both are boring grandma nude. Isn't my hubsy the luckiest man alive?? LOL

    So nope, you're definitly not alone!

  6. I'm not a matcher either! HAHA That drawer is so rainbow colored... there's no way I'd match. :)

  7. bahaha i love this because I seriously think the same thing! they are ALWAYS matching! and to answer your question, no i dont match. I may have like one or 2 things that match but I didnt buy it intentionally...who has time for that!? haha! happy thursday love! xo Kelly

  8. I think I match maybe once a month and of I do it's probably on accident. I don't purchase sets to match in the first place and even if I did it'd take to long to find the matches

  9. Girly girly girly I NEVER match! Then again I RARELY wear a normal bra because I am ALWAYS in a sports bra. I have matching stuff but I only wear it for special occasions for a special person and since I no longer have a special person that matchy matchy stuff sits in my drawers! LOL!

  10. I hardly ever match! If I do, it's by accident haha!

  11. haha i love this! i don't really have "matching sets" but my tops usually go with my bottoms if that makes sense.....but you rock your style girlfriend! ;)


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