July 13, 2012

Confession Letters and I'm FAMOUS

These are my confessions

1) As I mentioned yesterday, I talk to inanimate objects. If you're a bag that falls over in the car I'll tell you "Stop that nonsense and behave". If you're dishes in my sink I'll tell you "Please stop screwing around and cooperate". I'm officially a weirdo.

2) I spent more time this morning doing my hair and makeup than prepping for a TV segment. I've learned a lot from you southern lasses, and the first rule seems to be "always look good".

3) Oh did I say TV SEGMENT!?!?! Yes, that is my exciting news, I was on a 5 minute TV Spot talking about KICKBALL! Don't believe me, check it below.

5) A new reality show has been added to my must watch list....Kendra On Top! Gah, that girl is hilarious and I love her husband. I really want to see him make it so he can tell the haters "suck it"!

6) I'm 12 kinds of nervous this weekend for my Kickball tournament. Our team has to win. HAS TO! If we don't, yeah it's gonna be bad. 

Dear Boss: Thank you for letting me work from home so I could be on TV. And thank you for making the team watch the segment. You totally rock! Dear Let's Talk Live: Thank you for having Kickball365 on the show. You TRULY made our morning. Dear Hair and Makeup: THANK YOU for cooperating today. I was majorly stressing this morning and I appreciate you playing nice. Dear Ego: You need to take a back seat. Now is not the time to show your face. Dear Pinky: REGRET is a b!tch! Make moves NOW so you don't regret what you didn't do in the past. Dear readers: Have a happy Friday! Heart y'all!

What's that you want to see more TV pics??!?!
Twist my arm why don't you ;)

Just answering a question about kickball

Yes Grown ups DO play this sport for money


  1. Ummmm you are basically famous now! How cute are you? So exciting!! Congrats!

  2. That is so awesome that you were on TV! Congrats girl & you looked great!!!

  3. OMG! You're famous! You definitely look good on tv!

  4. omg!!! that is so freaking awesome! and look how fabulous you look on tv!!! get it girl!!!! happy friday!! xo Kelly

  5. Oh my gosh, you're famous!!!! Can I have your autograph?! : ) And so cool that you met someone who lives so close through blogging! I love that!

  6. You look AbsFab dah-ling! The camera loves you and I do too! you should talk to the station and see if they're looking for a new co-anchor!

  7. The camera LOVES you, babe ;) Seriously, you looked AMAZING. I think this totally makes you a celebrity!!

  8. OMG! You look SO STINKING CUTE in those pics! :) I wish I could have watched the video!! Stupid living far away!!


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