March 29, 2013


Today is not a day for many words. Today is a day of reflection and of sadness. Today Jesus dies on the cross. For YOU! For ME! For ALL!

Do yourself a favor and click the song titles below for amazingly moving music. They will be sung at my church tonight and both songs bring to life the pain and suffering Jesus took on to save us all.

I pray you have a blessed Good Friday.

Craig Courtney

"My Father, let this cup pass from me.
My Father let this cup pass from me.
Yet not my will oh Lord,
yet not my will oh Lord
 But Thine be done"

"Then they took my Savior,
and nailed him to a tree.
And then they broke his body.
Poured out his life, put him to death


Pamela Martin

"I Thirst he cries upon the tree,
I Thirst he cries in agony.
He shared the cup the night before,
and now he is the drink that's poured.

"And though the crowd ignores his plea,
he says to all come drink from my.
The water that I give is free.
Thirst no more."


March 28, 2013

Guest Post and Last Supper


Today is also Maundy Thursday in the Christian calendar.

Today, we remember the last supper Jesus had with his disciples
as a man on earth, and the beginning of the longest
three days of his life.

The Last Supper

He washed THEIR feet
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

March 27, 2013

WILW slash OHP

Time to link up for

Very interesting read, check it!

love vintage, love it.
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

Source: via Pinky on Pinterest


Sleep and stretches....yes
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

Hopefully my contribution for EASTER



I mean, for the LOVE!!!

March 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

 Hello friends!

I feel like I've been in a blogging rut lately,
so I thought I'd change it up a bit.

I'm no fashion/product guru,
but I thought I'd share some 
of my favorite products today.

The Top Ten Things I use
on a daily basis.


Garnier Eye Puff
THIS lil baby is a MUST have. No matter how much sleep I get, 
if I've had a late night earlier in the week, my eyes are puffy in the morning.
 I use this baby and poof, puffiness be gone.


TRESemme Hair Spray
I was a hair spray hater for the LONGEST TIME! 
I thought it ruined hair, but I learned quickly how amazing
 a good hair spray can be. This is the best and at a great price too. 
Keeps my hair in check, without the helmet head.


TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray
This baby saves my poor hair. I'm always drying it and curling it and dude,
 it takes a beating. Thankfully this heat tamer spray smells good
 and works well. If you abuse your hair, I highly recommend it.


Suave Cocoa Butter Lotion

I am a lotionaholic. I put lotion on my hands immediately after washing them. 
EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! No joke, y'all, I hate dry skin. 
I have a bottle that sits on my desk at work.
 Love how pretty it smells and how clean it feels on my skin



I am so glad I purchased this baby three years ago. 
Seriously makes morning coffee so much easier and bonus, 
no wasted coffee to get rid of later in the day


Conair 2" Curling Iron
Source: via Kate on Pinterest

I curl my hair almost every day. I love my curling iron.


Elf Corrective Concealer
Source: via Carolina on Pinteres

The catch all of concealers, for real. Green reduces redness and the 
different color tans work with my skin in the summer or the winter. 
On the days I don't choose to wear make up, 
I still put this on to keep dark circles at bay.


Hair Pick
Source: via Erda on Pinterest

Yep, I use a PICK instead of a comb. 
Works so much better, you should try it!


Any Brand Chap-stick
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Chap stick is 100% a must in my world. 
I usually have 3-5 different chap-sticks in my purse 
and around my apartment. Chapped lips are the worst!


Neutrogena Natural Face-Wash

By far my favorite facewash. It removes makeup super 
easy and it is all natural. WINWIN!


What are you top products?!?!

March 25, 2013



Well, I'm at work, but YES we have a MARCH SNOW DAY!

I almost played hooky because I didn't want to deal with
crazy drivers and the roads, but then my
work ethic made an appearance, so I slowly made
my way into work.

Luckily, things weren't bad and I made it in,
safe and sound.

 Now, onto more important things....

My LAST March Madness check in post.
 Perception Is Everything

Can I just say how much I LOVE this link up?!?!

A weekly check it makes my monthly goals THAT much easier
to achieve which makes ME that much happier.

Sure, there are days/weeks I fell short,
but it was much easier to pin-point the 
down fall. 


Last week I was 5 for 5 woohoo,
but this week wasn't as productive.

1] I put feelers out for florists and photographers, but not bakeries. I might be SET for the florist which is super exciting. 

2] We did more work on the budget but I STILL don't have EVERYTHING listed out. I'll give myself half a done check for this one.

3] Hmmmm another, semi-done check. I cleaned this weekend because I had my bffer in town, but I didn't accomplish much cleaning out of anything. I did start my give away clothes pile, so that's something right?

4] Yoga was pretty much non existent last week. I worked out hard in the mornings, so I was wiped by the time I got home from work. Next week for sure!

I guess I'll give myself 1.5 outta 3 for last week

This week I want to:

1] Make yoga a priority again. I'm going to PUSH it for three/four practices.

2] Check my complaining at the door at work. It's been really stressful lately, but that doesn't give me license to complain as much as I do. 

3] Fuel my body better. I've been getting WICKED headaches the past week or so, but I'm NOT dieting so I'm not sure what the deal is. I'm going to see if eating a quick snack before morning workouts and right after help at all. Hopefully better fuel and more water will get rid of the headaches.

4] Make good headway with a photographer, videographer, cake decorator and schedule another wedding dress appointment.

Hopefully I'LL be 4 for 4 next week!

March 22, 2013

Spring's Here Confession Friday

I confess... I can't believe Psalm Sunday is this week. Since my engagement, Lent has just flown by. Anyone out there baffled that Easter is sooo close?

I confess... I wish I still had spring break. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, sun, cheap swim suits, cheap drinks, cute boys, too many people in one house and not enough sleep, I miss that recipe of fun.

I confess.... I just discovered Songza and LOVE IT! Hair Metal has been the station of choice lately and I've been straight jammmmmmin'!

I confess... I left my engagement ring at home Thursday and felt neeekkkid all day! How funny that I lived without it for 29 years but now a second without and freakout-city.

I confess... I am over the moon, super duper happy, mega ecstatic that THIS lil piece of the inter webs finally hit 200 FOLLOWERS! Thank you to each and everyone of you following, picture me doing the happy dance right now!

I confess... tears were shed at work while watching an Army Wives episode. Any storyline with military veterans gets me every time. #bawlertasticoverhere

I confess... I'm uber happy the contract has been signed for the reception venue. YAY!

I confess... I have NO idea what wedding dress I want yet. I've tried a ton of different styles and really have found all of them flatter me [dontgetmadplease]. What I'm learning is I have to decide WHAT kind of bride I want to be on my special day. Fun and flirty; Elegant and regal; Whimsical and sweet; Seksi and simple, I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT!

I confess... my workout on Thursday morning did NOT happen because I stayed up WAAAY too late with my bestie L after dress shopping. Mama was out to play and it was great just being the TWO of us without the cute munchkins around. But, man did I feel old the next morning.....R-U-F-F RUFF!


Today is the last day for the
Simply Smithwick
and I confess I'm kind of sad.

I didn't think I was going to be able to write posts
on all the topics, but surprisingly they were easy and fun
and I found a bunch of new blogs to read.


The last topic on the list is Spring Recipes.

Now, I don't have special recipes I bring out
just for spring or anything.

I do find myself craving lighter foods and get super excited
for MORE PRODUCE at the farmer's market.

I'll start bringing back more salads and veggies
and will make smoothies for breakfasts instead
of eggs or oatmeal.

I perused my Pinterest and found some
fun springesque recipes to share. 

For Easter brunch appetizers

Easter Dessert maybe?! Eggs instead of hearts!

Savory, simple, sweet....siiiiiiiiiiiiigh

Light and Easy for springtime


I JUST found this linkup and am 
SO STINKIN' excited for it.

Even though I don't have MUCH wedding stuff
on le blog today, 
I did confess some fun wedding fun.

Next week, it's ON like

Happy Friday sweet friends!

March 21, 2013

SPD Link-Up: MOH/BM Gift

Hello friend's it's almost Friday!!!


Normally Thursdays are ehhhhh,
they are near the end of the week,
but JUST not that extra special FRIDAY right?!!?

However, I'm puuuuuuuurdy excited for today's post,
because it
1] Involves my wedding EEEEEH
2] Is one of the first CRAFTY crafts I've done in awhile
3] Had pink in it ;)!

Yes, I'm a nerd, but you still love me right?!?!

Alright, let's get this SPD started.

Even before I became engaged I pinned different fun ideas
for asking bridesmaids and maids of honor.

I KNEW I wanted to something fun,
when the moment arrived,
but nothing too crazy because,
at heart I'm a simple girl :)!

I originally was going to do wine labels,
but then I came across THIS PIN:
Can you say PERFECT!!?!?!?!?!?

 I mean, besides the fact it's BLUE and NOT pink,
but you know I figured how to pinkify my gift.

I was a little nervous about actually PAINTING
the champagne flutes, but the directions
on Something Turquoise were pretty easy.

I'm just going to give a high level form of directions,
because I don't want to copy and paste her instructions,
so head over to her inter-webs for the play by play.

What you will need:
Champagne glasses - I bought mine at World Market for $2.99
Glitter Glass Paint - Martha Stewart at Michael's
Brush/Sponge - Martha Stewart at Michael's
Stickers - NOTE make sure they are big enough stickers
Painting Tape - Martha Stewart at Michael's

I chose to put each girl's initial on my glass,
so I blocked off the square using tape.

I just eyeballed the shape because measuring
was NOT working for me.
But, I think they all looked awesome when done.

I did 3 different coats of paint,
with an hour or so in between each coat.

I let the third coat sit for about 30 minutes
 then started to peel the tape 
and stickers away. 

The tape was pretty easy to take off, I just went quickly so 
the edges came off smoothly.

There were some issues with the stickers though. 

I'm not sure WHAT stickers I should have bought,
but the ones I did were hard to remove from the glass,
and did not come off with clean lines. 

I had to clean up the T with an exacto knife
and just deal with the S's not being 
the cleanest of letters.

Initially I was uber bummed out and even 
text CLO my frustration. 
[Thanks for talking me off the cliff ;)]

But, after a few deep breaths and the 'letting go
of perfection I realized they looked pretty decent.

I finished the glasses two weeks ago,
and then was just waiting on the tank tops
I ordered from Etsy to arrive. 

Once they were in my possession I got to work
wrapping and decorating my boxes.

I based the boxes off of the 
but added my own flair. 

What you'll need:
Lots of pretty pink ribbon
Extra embellishments
Pink tulle
Pink tissue paper
All of your GOODIES [not those goodies, hah]!

I'm normally not an embellish wrapping kind of lady,
it takes too much time
and no one appreciates it anyway.
But, I really wanted to go all out on these gifts.

I taped down my big sparkly ribbon on the 
inside of the box and then taped the tulle over it.

I wanted the girls to see pretty wrapping
before they dug into the gifts.

My box included:
Mini Champagne [or Malibu for one girl]
Hand decorated champagne flute
Tank top saying Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid
Pink light up ring

Once the fun gifts were wrapped on the inside,
I got to work beautifying the outside.

I had already written 
"Will You Be My..." on the front
so all I had to do was add 
pretty ribbons and sparkles.

Our colors are pink and green, so 
I brought a lil bit of the green as an accent
and thought the bows turned out wonderfully.

Sooooooooo TADA!

My sisters [my M{s}OH] love everything
and I'll be 'asking' my two besties growing up
to be my two bridesmaids.

I'm happy I was able to craft something
sweet and simple for the 
special ladies in my life :)!

If you're in the market for fun ideas
head over to Something Turquoise
she has some other great ideas. 


This isn't the SPRINGIEST of crafts,
but still thought I would link up.
Simply Smithwick

Have a great day friends!

March 20, 2013

WILW and Hello Spring: Spring Cleaning



I'm loving... that today is the first day of spring. Winter cold be gone, hellllo warm/bright sunshiney days and helllo THAT MUCH CLOSER TO MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR.....SUMMER!

I'm loving... how well my MOH/BM craft came out, and that the girls loved them! DIY post coming tomorrow!

I'm loving... THAT I FINALLY HAVE 200 FOLLOWERS!!! Thank you lovely lovely friends and followers, y'all really really really made my day! :)

I'm loving... that today is my SECOND wedding dress appointment! YAY FUN!

 I'm loving... this awesome meal I found on Pinterest. Get your tastebuds ready, I'll be posting the recipie next week.

I'm loving... the return of morning workouts. I rocked it out last week and have been rocking it this week. I am determined to make the Tough Mudder in April my....well you know ;)


Simply Smithwick

The Spring link up topic for today is 
Spring Cleaning WOOHOO

Yeah, sikabooboo!
Who REALLY enjoys spring cleaning? 

I do enjoy the after effects of a clean home,
but man, spring cleaning really takes
it out of me sometimes. 

I don't really have any of my own tips or tricks to share.
I subscribe to the one room at a time during the week theory,
otherwise I burn out and create an even bigger mess.

Thank goodness for Pinterest, or this post would be
mega boring and uninformative! :)

Some Quick Tips and Tricks

Great Spring Cleaning Check List

Fun Spring Cleaning Play list
Source: via Paige on Pinterest