September 30, 2014

Monthly Motivation #2

Morning ladies, how are you doing? I hope the week is treating you well. Today I'm recapping my September goals for the second Monthly Motivation linkup. Join Lynn, Carolyn and myself and use this linkup to hold yourself accountable for all those fitness and healthy eating goals. Let's get this check in started.


+Three sets of eight pull-ups or two sets of fingertip pull-ups.
I conquered both, WOOHOO!  I struggled the first two weeks in September, but the last three attempts at pull-ups I've either done fingertip or regular. It's still going to be awhile before I can do the six sets all the way through, but slowly, I'll get there. 

+Comfortably squat 135 pounds.
WINNER WINNER, I'm squatting 145 now, whoop whoop. Going from 35s on each side, to 45s is still a big jump and I think I'll always have a deep respect for plates, but I'm no longer 'scared'. It's kind of cool keeping one plate on while lifting with Le Husband. Makes me feel a like a lil bad ass.

+Complete two a days at least twice a week.
I rocked out two a days, four times a week, every week but one, WOOHOO! I've started craving my lunchtime workout and it's been a great switch up from just regular lifting. I started just doing cardio three days a week and yoga one day, but now I'll do a yoga class twice a week, body pump once a week and then a cardio session. Yoga has really helped my sore muscles and so far I've been feeling great.

October GOALS
+Four sets of pullups, unassisted.
+Dead lift 135
+Yoga three times a week.


+Consistently track my macros [I'm so bad at this].
UGH! I did so well for two weeks and then it all went down hill. :(! Planning is tough and it's the first thing to go when things get stressful. I was starting to see some success on the scale, but then things got derailed. UGH! UGH! UGH! Anyone have any tips?

+Stay on track on the weekends.
We did better this month than we have done in the past, but still I wasn't clean and good on the weekends. There were some Menchie's runs and bad snacking. I know living life happy is important, but consuming Oreos or Goldfish just because isn't worth not getting to my goal. Time to buckle down.

+Try two new healthy recipes.
Le Husband and I tried two new recipes, I loved one [which I still need to share] and he created a very tasty and healthy pico de gallo for salads and to top our tacos. I know pico isn't NEW in concept, but it wasn't something we have used int eh past, so I'm counting it :). 

October GOALS 
+Consistently track macros
+Stay on track on weekends
+NO CHEATING at lunchtime at work.
Fingers crossed I can stay on track this month. What are your goals for October?  Tells us below in the linkup!

September 29, 2014

Last Summer Whisper

Morning and happy Monday, ladies. This weekend was an amazing weather gift, as we were in the 80s with no humidity. I like to imagine Mother Nature decided to give me one last warm weather hurrah, before the crispness of fall becomes the norm. If not, I'll still take it because I welcomed the sun with open, tank top wearing arms. Once the weather forecast came out, I told Le Husband we were going to be outside as much as possible. 

This weekend I...

/// Enjoyed Clarendon day. Le Husband and I walked about a mile into downtown, perused all the booths, ate delicious food and met up with friends. It was our active rest day and the walking was the perfect way to stretch our sore legs.

/// Bought this amazing print, along with three others. We've pretty much run out of wall space in our small two bedroom, but we're set when we buy a house. #america

/// Visited my favorite crepery on our walk home. This smore's crepe was divine, but it sent me into sugar shock ten minutes after I finished it. #soogoodbutsooobad.

/// Visited my best friend, L, for some much needed girl [and kid] time.

/// Brought my favorite wine to share. #redvelvetisdelicious

/// Wrestled, sumo wrestled, played sword fight and read books with three of my favorite kids.

/// Pinched, smooched and loved this lil girl and her precious cheeks. #sostinkincute

/// Finally caught up with my fabulous friend. It's so amazing how even though we are in two completely different places in life [she has three kids and is a stay at home mom, we are DINKs that travel for kickball] we are always able to relate. #blessed

/// Drove home and fell asleep on the couch while watching college football.

/// Woke up grumpy because I was tired.

/// Brunch with the family helped my mood after church.

/// Was a lil over zealous during a candle sale. #therearemorenotpictured #ilovecandles

/// Watched Le Husband's baseball game. Couldn't let the beautiful day go to waste and it was fun seeing him in his 'natural sports habitat'. #stud

/// Brought my HP #5 book to keep me entertained. #hpbookclub #stilllearningaboutbaseball #soccerrules

/// Played good wife and made my baseball stud dinner.

/// Caught up on blogs, bought some more clothes from loft [shhhh], read more HP.

/// Watched my COWBOYS WIN!!!! Well done, BOYS!

/// Reveled in a deadskins&eagles loss! It would have been perfect with a Giants loss, oh well!

/// Sent summer off with a kiss and a 'come back soooooooon'!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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Don't forget to link up with us tomorrow for our September MONTHLY MOTIVATION! Share your results from September and your goals for October! We're ready to be your big cheerleaders!!
P!nk Persistence!

September 26, 2014

Everytime I hear that Song...


Music is vital to my life. It's always playing, softly in the background or blasting as I get pumped for an occasion, I just can't get enough music. There are plenty of songs that make me smile and wanna shake a tail feather, but there are also songs that literally stop me in my tracks and transport me to place in the past. I randomly hear two songs last week and thought I'd share the five songs that make me 'GO BACK'.

Na-NaNa-Na - Nelly

Can we leave hurr? Can we leave hurr? This song was my crew's [yes we had a name] jam in college, especially our senior year. There was a group of six of us that were pretty much inseparable and this song, plus the dance moves somehow turned into our anthem. It made an appearance on every party CD mix [remember those?] and I quoted it constantly on my AIM profile [sokewl]. ps.comnellyishot

Who you'd be today - Kenny Chesney

Freshman year I was blessed with the greatest RA, ever. She was hip, she was funny, she was kind, generous and truly cared about our hall. We were one of the closest halls in our dorm and she fostered an increidbly warm sense of community. We attended Bible study together my sophomore year and she dated one of the guys in the same fraternity as my boyfriend so we hung out a bit, even though I was much younger. She also helped me get into the school's honor society, Mortar Board and I was so thankful for her help. Sadly, a few weeks into my junior year she was killed in a car accident, due to the fact she wasn't wearing her seat belt in the back seat. I remember crying, heartbroken, over a beautiful life cut short. The first time I heard this song, the line "I wonder what would you name your babies" instantly brought thoughts back to the day she passed away. I can't ever get through it, without breaking down or without remember that beautiful RA that helped make my years in college so amazing.

 Back to You - John Mayer 
This song came on in the CVS last week and man, did I do a double take. I was immediately transported back to my freshman year in college and my freshman dorm. I dated a guy I met on my hall [for 3.5 years] and he was big music guy. John Mayer played at a college near us and we went to the concert [for $5 and he was on a college stage] and he bought the album. John Mayer, Dave Matthews and old school country were his favorite bands and they were constantly on when we were hanging out in his room. I didn't pay attention to this song, until the bf broke up with me for his fraternity [classy] at the end of freshman year. The summer sucked, until he moved up my way, to try and win me back. He eventually did and he told me that this song, along with Tim McGraw's Everywhere  haunted him while we were apart. Obviously, we didn't make it [whole other story] and the break up sucked at the time, but I'm so glad God had bigger and better plans for me. I used to look back with bitterness, but I actually smiled when I heard this song. It reminded me of my first love, my freshman year and of being fought for and won.

Everybody - Backstreet Boys
High school, high school, high school. This song takes me back to high school and my teeny bopper days with a room full of BSB, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, JTT, Devon Sawa, Max Elliot Slade and all my other boy crushes. Whenever this song comes on, I'm 16 again, with short hair, horribly done make up [man the girls now a days have it made with you tube videos] complete with pukka necklace and low rise jeans. Oh, and of course the Lip Smackers ;)!

Lights, Camera, Action - Mr. Cheeks 

Oh man, this song brings me back to the 'Boom Boom' room at the soccer house in college. The men and women's team had a special relationship my freshman and sophomore year, as we shared a coach. This meant we traveled together and always played double headers, so we got to know each other pretty well. They always had parties on the weekend, and I spent many a night shaking my groove thang to this song with my team and other friends. This song makes me so nostalgic for the innocence of freshman year, of a new school and of dancing late into the night with my new teammates.

Alright, ladies, what are the songs that stop you in your tracks?


Before we go, I have to share the exciting news I teased two weeks ago. As I stated yesterday, my beautiful BOFF is engaged and getting married this year! WOOHOO, so stinking exciting right? I haven't been this excited for anyone's wedding, since my best friend L's back in 2010 and it's been so hard not to shout it from the blog roof tops. I am so happy my BOFF has found her prince and is on the road to a wonderful new life as a Mrs.  But wait, it gets even more exciting. She bestowed me the incredible honor of being her matron of honor and yes, I cried when she asked. It's so crazy how close we've become in the past few years and how it all started because of blogging. Some call it faith, but I call it God doing His thing and I'm so grateful she's one of my best friends. Congrats, BOFF! I can't wait for your fabulous day!

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September 25, 2014

I Mustache You Some Questions

Actually, I'll answer those questions for you. I found this *here* and thought it was a fun, lil get to know me kind of post.  Enjoy!

1. What’s a nickname only your family calls you?
Lil Bit or Pookie Bear

2. What’s a weird habit of yours?
I have to touch the outside of an airplane before I get on the plane.
3. Do you have any weird phobias?
Flying, people touching my feet, snakes
4. What’s a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you’re alone?
Ummm, I don't secretly belt out songs, I secretly dance to them when I'm alone. DCC style, might I add. I love to jamming to Applause by Lady Gaga and Fancy by Iggy. I'm a bit of a hot mess, but I think I look like Britney ;)!
5. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
Constant complainers, loud eaters, being ignored when I'm talking
6. What’s one of your nervous habits?
I pick at my nail polish or cuticles.
7. What side of the bed do you sleep on? When I was single I slept on the right of the bed, but somehow now that I'm married I'm on the left side.

8. What was your first stuffed animal & its name?
I had a goose named Mother Goose. Still have her at my parent's house.
9. What’s the drink you ALWAYS order at Starbucks?
It depends on the season...Summer = Iced Caramel Macchiato. Fall = Salted Carmel Mocha. Holiday = Cinnamon Dulce Latte.
10. What’s the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
Night cream.
11. Which way do you face in the shower? With my back facing the water.
12. Do you have any ‘weird’ body ‘skills’?
I can cross my pinkie toe over the toe next to it and I can crack the ligaments around my shin bones.
13. What’s your favorite ‘comfort food’/food that’s ‘bad’ but you love to eat it anyways? 
Macaroni and cheese or lasagna.
14. What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say?
"Seriously" "I know, right?" "That's Awesome"
15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?
Tank top and short, tank top pj dress or tank top and under-roos

 One more thing!!! Congrats to my beautiful BOFF on her engagement to her prince charming! I'm so stinking happy for her and to finally be able to share the amazing news!!! I love you, BOFF!

September 24, 2014

Today I Confess...

No intro today, ladies. Time to get confessing with Kathy. #doit

I confess...

::: Yesterday I slept in an extra hour, just because. I'm lucky that both my bosses get in after me, so I used that to my advantage and showed up a lil later than normal to work. #sorefreshed
::: I about flipped my ish when my coworkers started talking. Normally their voices grate my gears [ridiculous people, too much to write about to explain], but yesterday I was forced to listen to them discuss what is they thought was 'healthy' food. Thing one said "I use mayonnaise with my fries instead of ketchup, that's better" and then Thing two responded with "Yeah, well I've been buying a large soda instead of an extra large". You're kidding right?!?! It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and not yell 'You people iz dumb' over my cubicle. #somepeople
::: I spent way too much money on the amazing Loft sale last week. 40% off everything and $25 bucks for every $50 you spend….yes please! #onlygoodthingaboutoutgrowingpants

::: I still haven't mentioned to Le Husband that I am pulling two a days at the gym. Yes, I know I shouldn't keep 'secrets' but I originally started to prove a point to him, that I needed to add more cardio into my workouts to see better results. Well, I've been going for almost a month and NOTHING has changed, so put the ol dunce cap on my head. I know I need to tell him, because he's gonna figure it out, but I don't want to admit my defeat. #poop
::: Yesterday, when I parked at the gym during my lunch break, I did a double take because there was an adult couple in their car caught in full on make out. I stared longer than I should have, only because I was my brain hadn't quite figured out what I was wintessing. Talk about weird right? #adultsmakeouttoo
::: After I walked away from said couple, I laughed to myself and thought of multiple reasons for their tawdry tryst in the car. #nawdyiknow

::: My post yesterday wasn't planned because life got in the way. I'm talking, gym workouts, snuggles on the couch, BOFF phone chats and of course Harry Potter reading for my book club. #luckyitwasfallsoicouldcomplain

::: A dude at my soccer game yesterday was << thisclose >> to getting an elbow to the round tables [familyjewels]. I'm all for equality on the playing field, but bro was awfully close to coping a feel, if you know what I mean. #atleasttakemetodinnerfirst JK!
::: You will completely make my day if you link up on Tuesday for our Monthly Motivation linkup! Talk to us about your fitness/health goals for the month of October. Or tell us how you rocked out September! Let's help each other reach those elusive fitness goals! #shamlessplug
P!nk Persistence!

Have a great day, fabulous friends!

September 23, 2014

Officially Fall...Fiddlesticks

Today marks the first official day of Fall. I was greeted with 50 degrees this morning, which meant I had to use my seat warmers for the first time, since Spring. BAH HUMBUG!

You can find me mourning the loss of my best friend, Summer all week day!

It was a magical Summer this year and one I'll never forget. 

September 22, 2014

27 is the New 7 and Other Fun Weekend Things

Morning and happy Monday lovely friends. I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are ready for the week. I spent my weekend at my parent's house as Le Husband was gone for the weekend and I thought it would be fun to hang with Babyspice as much as possible on her birthday weekend. It was a fun and packed weekend, with celebrations, cleaning and lots of fun times.

This weekend I…

// Celebrated Babyspice with a delicious family dinner out. Everything was fabulous, and I loved my homemade mushroom ravioli. I can't wait to bring Le Husband to this place.

// We also celebrated with the Brady Bunch special chocolate cake. Babyspice loved her decorations.

// Broke the washing machine at my parent's house. Well…it wasn't my fault, it just broke while my clothes were in it. I felt so bad watching my dad fix everything, he's a rockstar though.

// Woke up early for a trampoline birthday party for Babyspice. According to her,  #27isthenew7

// Realized that jumping at a trampoline park for an hour is a long time. Or I'm just out of shape.

// Felt [and looked] like a lil kid on the trampolines.

// Was asked if I was a fitness instructor at the park, as were Babyspice and Sportyspice. #thankyougenes #thankyougymnasticclasses.

// Did three loads of laundry at Sportyspice's house. THANK YOU SISSY!

// Enjoyed a home cooked meal with the birthday girl. Don't you love her crown and wine glass?

// Went line dancing Saturday night and rocked my cowboy boots, in honor of my BOFF.

// Spent the evening hanging out and dancing with some lovely ladies.

// Danced with two gentlemen that heard me say I'm scared to try two-stepping. Note to self, don't say I'm scared at a country bar.

// Enjoyed this map of the dance floor. #linedancingisnojokey'all

// Watched the sissys rock it out on the dance floor all night long.

// Passed out when we got home.

// Woke up early for church and enjoyed a good, but long service.

// Headed home to put away clothes and clean the apartment.

// Crushed my self esteem as I realized 21 pairs of pants/shorts were too small.

// Seriously had a melt down, but was talked off the ledge by my sisters. Some of the pants were still from right out of college and my current body is shaped much differently now. I'm still sad I had to officially say goodbye to the 0 club, but as Babyspice stated, I'm lifting too much weight for a size 0 body now.
And yes, I understand that I'm still on the petite side of things, but having SOOO many pants not fit was not fun in the least. Also, I don't care what size you are, going up one or two is NEVER a fun thing.

// Packed two bags of clothes to give away.

// Waited for Le Husband to get home from his college baseball reunion trip.

// Ate out in celebration.

// Watch lots of football and prepped for the week.

// Rejoiced with a Cowboy's win and a deadskins loss. #myteamisbetter ;)

// Played in a soccer game, then came home and passed out.

How was your weekend?

September 19, 2014

Five Birthday Favorites About BabySpice

Morning ladies, happy FRIDAY!!! I'm soooooooooo ready for the weekend, are you? For some reason this week has been exhausting and I'm looking forward to some fun time and some down time, so hurry up Saturday!

Before I begin my faves, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that suggested hair styles on Wednesday. Y'all rock my world and I went with the consensus of dark brown with some discreet auburn highlights. I.LOVE.IT! Definitely different than the blonde, but in a fun way. What do y'all think?

Don't mind the sassy face...I was texting my BOFF ;)
Moving on...

Today is my lovely baby sister's birthday so I thought "Why not center today's five favorites around her"?  I know, I know, I'm such a kind big sissy! Please continue on and read my five favorite things about beautiful lil sis, Babyspice.

1] Her voices: Chica can legit do any accent you ask. It might take her a few tries, but she'll eventually get it. Scottish? Easy! Australian? Good day mate [hi kristen]! Russian? Bring me the vodka! Sid the Sloth from Ice Age? You're on. During our drive to Virginia Beach, she kept us all entertained by reading the fifth Harry Potter novel, out loud in different accents. Hagrid ended up as a pirate, which was weird, but highly hilarious too. Point being, you need an accent, ask Babyspice.

2] Her humor: Girlfriend is funny. Sometimes, I don't always understand the joke, but she still makes me laugh with her laugh. She reminds me of Lucille Ball with her physical comedic genius and the ability to imitate others is uncanny [see #1]. The three of us laugh entirely too much and she is often at the center of the laughter. I'm so lucky that my sister gives me laugh lines instead of frowny face lines.

3] Her willingness to always listen to me....mostly ;): As most babies of the family know, you often get overlooked or used as the family guinea pig and Babyspice always did it with a smile on her face. Cold day at the pool...Babyspice you have to go in first. Time to jump off the roof of the house boat...Babyspice you're up first. Need a glass of water while watching TV...Babyspice go get me a glass of water....please. Once she out grew me in size and reached college, her willingness to take my word as law dissipated, but sometimes, with a lil big of cajoling I can still get that glass of water.

4] Her Brain: Home-girl is pretty much a genius in my book [unless i'm losing the argument]. She's always been a fast learner and I'm constantly amazed and how well she can retain information after hearing/reading it only once. She wrecked her SATs, kicked butt in college and  rocked it out in law school all while keeping her beautiful attitude and hair. Got a question about China or the Russian political scene circa 1962, she's your girl!

5] Her heart: As far as hearts go, she's got one of the biggest hearts on earth. Babyspice is such a kind and caring soul and she just wants to make the world a better place. She strives to better herself, to help better the world and looks out for the lost, the least and the less fortunate whenever she can. While she might not have the answer to your problem, she's willing to listen, to comfort and to just be there when needed. I pray that the world doesn't make her cynical as we need those golden hearts to make the world go round.

Dearest Babyspice,

Happy birthday, sweet lady! I hope that you have a wonderful day! I'm so excited to celebrate this weekend with you and look forward to another fabulous year. You are such a joy and I'm so thankful you are my sister. Even though you make me listen to weird music. Thanks for teaching me about myself and about the world. I know you're going to light it on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire! Happy birthday, pants!

xoxo, Pinky

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September 18, 2014

Real Talk: Relationships


That's a fun word, huh? Whether they are romantic, familial or a friendship, relationships are what make the world go round and what can make the world stop spinning when they end. I've seen many a post about all relationships around the blog world recently and thought, for once, I'd add in my two cents.

Sometimes people come into our lives forever, and sometimes, just for a page. You can either accept the changes gracefully or sulk, stress and flip out. We've all had that relationship that didn't pan out. That one guy who broke our heart and 'ruined' us for a bit. But, then we grew up, we moved on and we had our own life. Which, is great and wonderful, so don't look back. Cyber stalking an ex isn't healthy, especially when you wish 'bad' for them. Obviously, we want to be doing better than that 'awful' person, but harboring ill thoughts and bad wishes only hurts YOU...not them.

And I'd bet we've all had that friendship that ended, for whatever reason as well. The college best friend that chooses her sorority of you. The girl you've known since elementary school that one day just decided to stop calling you back. Or you've been caught in the cross-roads of deciding whether or not a friendship is too much work or too stressful to be in anymore. Personally, as I've gotten older I've become a lot less tolerant of petty drama and BS. I used to be the constant over-looker, forgiver and 'hey don't worry about it' friend. But then I realized, I only get one life to live and people that don't make me a better person really doesn't need to be involved in my day to day. So, I've become the dropitlikeitshot kinda of girl and am a huge advocate for everyone else to do the same. [sidenote: I get that family is it's own beast and sadly, sometimes we have to keep toxic relationships, purely because they are blood. #stinksIgetit].

Obviously, if there are ways to work things out, then by all means, do what you need to do to make it right and get life back on track. But, sometimes things aren't worth mending and then it's just time to move on and let go. Will you have one less friend [or maybe more]? Yes, but you also won't be surrounding yourself with people you don't care for, or that honestly don't care for you. As I've grown up, the phrase 'quality over quantity' has become my mantra and I'm quite happy with the close-knit group of friends I have around me. Now, I'm not saying that big groups of GOOD friends aren't quality. I know many people that have large groups of incredibly close friends that uplift each other and support each other no matter what and I think that's wonderful. However, I've chosen NOT to force the LARGE group, just for the sake of having a bunch of people to call my 'friends'. People that constantly cut me down are not the kind of people I would want to be around, even if losing them meant losing people I've known for awhile. To me, the heartache and the drama just isn't worth it anymore, so I've removed what I don't need and moved on. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to move on, but trust me, letting it go and getting on with life is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Being upset with someone is fine and human nature. Continuing to talk badly about them, not to their face is a bit hypocritical if that's your issue with them...a lil pot, kettle and black no? #whatsusiesaysaboutsally
Bottom line, live your life happy and drop what doesn't make you happy. Things might be weird at first, but I'd bet a gobzillon dollars, once the stress is gone you'll feel a ton better. As you read in my bio "life's too short to be anything but happy".

What are your thoughts on relationships and ending? Are you the constant forgiver, or the one that just walks away? Do you actually walk away or still mull it over long after it's over? What advice do you give friends when they are in a tricky relationship situations?

September 17, 2014

Confessions of a First Time Ballerina

And I use the term ballerina very loosely. If you stopped by here last week, you read that I started taking adult ballet classes and that I was super nervous about them. Turns out my nerves were extremely warranted because well...I am NOT a graceful ballerina.

Our instructor was great, she just was extremely no nonsense and moved the class at an extremely fast pace for beginners. I've spent this week studying some videos and practice for my class today, in hopes that I look less like a four year old. #yeahright

I thought it would be fun focus my confessions on my first ballet experience, because well, it was pretty ridiculous. As always, I'm linking up with the hilarious Kathy, for some amazing confessions.

I confess...

// Plies are hard... especially when you normally do squats.
// If I had a nickel for every time she said 'booty in' I wouldn't be at work today. 
be careful when you google girls and squats....there be sooome BIIG bootys out there.

// I expected to feel somewhat graceful during the class. I mean I watch Dance Moms.
// Every time I looked in the mirror it was spas 101.
// I can't turn without falling. My instructor kept saying "smaller steps, smaller steps"

// I did the step into a fall...all class.

// I kept asking the teacher to repeat things because I didn't understand the language.
// Dressing like a dancer is fun and fabulous.

// Even though my first ballet class was an extremely humbling experience, I'm super stoked to go back again today. The instructor moves super quick, but I've been practicing at home, so hopefully I'll look a lil more fluid this week. Fingers crossed I don't fall, please!


Okay, so I have one more confession and I NEED YOUR HELP! I have a hair appointment today after work and I have no idea what I want to do, which is so unlike me. I've been growing my hair out for a year now and LOVE that it's long and healthy, but I've had the same ombre look for awhile. Do I keep it long through the holidays and then get a fresh look for 2015? Do I go back to brunette with some auburn highlights? Do I get bangs [even though Le Husband is not a fan]? Do I get small side bangs? Should I go super dark and fun? 

Any suggestions and thoughts would be mega appreciated. But no, I will not shave my head, dye it black/bleach blonde or get a mohawk, so please keep that in mind with your suggestions ;)


September 16, 2014

A New Day, A New Perspective

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you, sweet, wonderful, lovely friends. You all truly were my sunshine on an extremely grey day. Your sweet comments and advice really helped put things into perspective and made me feel so much better. I was still pretty blue yesterday, but having y'all care enough to comment on a silly kickball post really made me feel loved. Funny that I knew turning to y'all was the way to go, instead of pretending everything was okay. Thank you for being so fabulous.
I was able to sweat things out at the gym with a good work out with Le Husband, last night. He helped put some things into perspective and gave me his vote of confidence, which means more than I can explain. I felt strong lifting and the endorphins really kicked in and reminded me it was just a bad weekend, not a bad life. That along with some delicious Mexican at our favorite restaurant brought me back to pinkville and I'm ready to get after it today.
People, including some close friends and at times, Le Husband, really don't understand my love of blogging and this community on the Internet. But, that's okay, because I do understand it and am constantly amazing by the wonderfully kind and beautiful women I have encountered. I hope that if any of you have a bad day, I can help turn it around with a kind word, funny story or just a listening ear.

Thank you again, amazing women. I'm giving y'all the biggest virtual hug ever!!!

Have a fabulous TUESDAY!