September 1, 2014


Morning friends! Happy four day week, woohoo!

Y'all notice anything different today? My lil space finally received a lil facelift, what do ou think? Personally, I adore it to no end and can't help but smile every time I check it out. #nerd, yes, but hey, it's my piece of the internet so #idowhatiwant!
[this lady  served  me well, but now it's time for a change]
If you need a new blog design, you'd be crazy not to hit up Erin! Lady is wicked talented and was able to create this design basically from scratch. No joke, I sent her colors, font thoughts and a ridiculous list of "what do you think about this" and she nailed the design on the first try! Thank you so much, lady! You are a rockstar!

This weekend I flew to Cincy to visit Le Husband's family and we had a wonderful visit, as usual. It was such a fun weekend, my phone stayed put away almost the whole time. Meaning, there aren't too many pictures to share, but that's okay.

This weekend I…

…worked from home, but had to drive to work when my computer decided to crash.

…had an easy flight to Dayton and a quick drive to Cincy.

…played a ton with my lil nephew.

…visited Jungle Jim's for the first time.

…ate a ton of delicious, but not nutritious food.

…played pool volleyball and rocked it out.

…enjoyed nephew snuggles, kisses and luh ewes (lovebabytalk).

…learned about the fun Christmas will bring this year.

…visited with lots of family and enjoyed the wedding talk for a cousin.

…smiled when people still brought up how fun our wedding was last year.

…dealt with bummer weather and rain. It made for only one good pool day, but it made more time for playtime with the lil man.

…loved being called auntie :)!

…flew home, ate dinner, prepped food and passed out.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Love the new blog! It's clean but super fun (and pink!) Happy Labor Day!

  2. so you basically didn't do a lot this weekend huh ;) haha you are always on the go!

    and i have to confess when i first clicked on your blog i had a mini panic attack like "OMG her blog is so different, how long have i been away?" and then i read the first sentence. haha LOVE it! SO YOU!!!

  3. Girl, I'm obsessed with your new design!! It's so you!

  4. Your new design is FAB! I love how clean and pretty it is!!

  5. It looks great, sweet girl! Definitely new and clean, but still fun and pink - just like you:) Great job!

  6. I love it!!! I can see the whole post now (without buttons covering up lol).

    I have a 3 day work week this week but busier than ever. I had today off and i don't get even an evening off till next wednesday, this week is crazy busy!

    I hope you have a great anniversary, i will have a drink for you at my 35th birthday party (yes i am doing it on sunday lol)

  7. Absolutely love the new layout!!! Totally you and so pretty!!

  8. The new design looks fabulous!!

  9. Looove the new layout!! It looks so great! Glad you had a good weekend, auntie :)

  10. Lovin' the new layout and new button! Can't wait to read the "Love Story" page once you fiinish it... it's all about how much you love your lil sis Babyspice, right? *WINK*
    Also, wah! Xmas without you =(=( stop reminding me!

  11. I love the new look! She did a great job! I really like the background especially!!!!
    I too, shoved my face this weekend. It was bad. Realllll bad. hahahaha

  12. Love the new look!

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)


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