September 2, 2014

First Day of School!

Le sigh, it's that time of year again!

My Facebook feed is full of first day of school pictures and posts and it makes me smile.  A fresh, new start for FCPS and a brand new adventure for young kids. Parents are excited, kids are excited and even some teacher are excited.

Wishing my wonderful teacher, school administartor and school pysch friends a fabulously, terriffic new school year. Special shout out to my sissyboo, Sportyspice and BFFer, T! Have a lovely day and spectacular year!!!!  
***************** MAJOR CONGRATS TO CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND MIKE FISHER on their first child! She's just one of my favorites and as silly as it is to say, I'm thrilled for the two of them. She's so clever, too!
 Have a fabulous day, friends!


  1. love the new design girlfrann!! and omg seriously i was so unbelievably stoked for Carrie, like she's my friend or something. Love her! My husband has been back at work (school) for a couple of weeks already but I have seen some kiddies starting today.

  2. LOVE the new design! So cute!

    I didn't know about Carrie Underwood! How exciting for them.

    I love the first day of school pictures too... so sweet!

  3. I'm excited for Carrie and Mike too! Love the new design :)

  4. Yaaay. I love Carrie!! She's going to be such a wonderful mama!

  5. I'm so excited for Carrie! Can't wait to see her sporting a bump:)

  6. Carrie Underwood is going to be so adorable pregnant!!!! (Creepy of me??? Meh. Oh well. hahahah)

  7. Slow to this party but love the new design girl!!!!

  8. Love your new design! I had no idea Carrie Underwood was preggo, too cute!


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