September 8, 2014


Morning and happy Monday friends. I hope y'all are ready to rock out this week, even though it's a regular week and not a four day one. I personally am still on cloud nine after an amazing anniversary weekend. Unless you're new here [and if you are, HI] you are very aware that Le Husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this weekend.

We chose to stay close to home, instead of going away, since we've already traveled to seven different states and Canada this year. Our apartment is right out side DC, so we booked a hotel for the weekend and decided to play tourist, hitting all the memorials we never get time to actually visit. We also took the time to visit some fabulous foodie restaurants, too.

Let's get right into it…this weekend I...

::: Ate at MXDC and love our tacos, lobster guacamole, paella and churros.

::: Walked around the National Mall and took pictures after dinner. 
White House
National Monument
:::Ate brunch at the oldest restaurant in DC, Old Ebbitt's Grill. #delish

::: Had an oops where I forgot my wedding shoes and a few other important things at home.

::: Persuaded amazing Babyspice to drive me home, but forgot my keys.

::: Ended up taking a cab home to get everything and pick up my car.

::: Spent two hours in the American History Museum. #loveamericanmilitaryhistory

::: Played tourist, complete with tripod and camera bag.

::: Retook engagement pictures at the Jefferson Memorial.

::: Visited my second favorite Memorial.

::: Ate dinner at Capitol Grill, where they had hearts on the table for our anniversary.

::: Enjoyed the best steak I've ever had in my entire life.

::: Was pleasantly surprised when our server brought us a free Happy Anniversary dessert and champagne.

::: Spent some time learning more about our favorite President.

::: Teared up in Ford's theatre #softy #sosad #ilovelincoln.

::: Reflecting pool.

::: Took silly pictures.

::: Lincoln Memorial

::: Korean war Memorial.

::: Was captured by Le Husband touching a medi-vac helicopter, similar to the one my grandfather flew in the war.

::: Walked a bazillion miles, playing tourist.

::: Loved all the food we ate and all the sights we actually took time to see.

::: Was exhausted on Sunday.

::: Had to play in a championship soccer game at 8pm.

::: WON THAT GAME, whoop whoop!
Thanks Babyspice!
::: Ate YEAR OLD WEDDING CAKE and it was super delicious [better than some wedding cake I've been served]!

::: Endured a Cowboys loss, which stunk, but at least my team lost to an awesome offensive team, unlike the deadskins.

::: Packed my gym back for Monday, watched football, exchanged cards and went to bed.

How was your weekend, did you do anything fun?
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  1. Happy Anniversary! I love how y'all celebrated! Looks like a really great time.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love Old Ebbitt's Grill and DC in general!

    New follower from Mingle Monday!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  3. what a fun anniversary weekend! such a good idea to get a hotel and play tourist, love it - that wedding cake looks delish, and i am still sad about the cowboys loss, sigh

  4. Happy Anniversary!! That cake still looks super delicious! And those churros.... yum! Sounds like an amazing weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  5. happy anniversary!! you're making me want a dc trip!

  6. What an absolutely perfect anniversary weekend!! I didn't realize how close to DC you guys were - so great you were able to take in the sights along with some great food!! And the wedding cake is just one of the best parts!! xo

  7. What a great anniversary weekend!! You both are so cute! And I agree on a staycation - I want to do one here as well there are so many things I've never done and I've lived here for over 20 years - pitiful! Haha. Xo

  8. happy anniversary! looks like you two had a blast celebrating! and that cake looks sooo good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Happy Anniversary!! Loving the new blog design too! We (or should I say I..) ate our 1 year old wedding cake too! I thought it wasn't bad, but Ethan couldn't stomach the thought of eating old cake! lol :) Looks like ya'll had a great trip! So many great pictures!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! Looking like you two had a wonderful weekend celebrating!! That cake looks so good!!

  11. Yay!!! Love that you had a staycation anniversary. Funny how you miss all the stuff so close when you spend so much time travelling. Cake looked delish!

  12. So glad you guys had a great anniversary! Wishing you many years of happiness ahead!:)

  13. Such beautiful photos...looks like you two tourists had a blast ;) I LOVE Washington DC. I'd love to visit again!

  14. Love it all girl!! Makes me want to visit DC again, your pictures are all so good :) Glad you lovebirds had a great time celebrating!

  15. OMG we were in DC on Sunday at the Newseum! If you wanna splurge and pay for a museum, do that one! It's like a history museum and media museum in one and they have the 9/11 exhibit, which is pretty rockin'.

    I think before I'm SC bound we're gonna go back up with the camera and tripod and get some photos. I'm hyped.

  16. LOVE the pictures! They are beautiful! Looks like a total blast!

  17. Aw I love all of your pictures of DC! It makes me miss it so much! Super jealous of your delicious food, I love Old Ebbit! Happy Anniversary!! :)

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  21. Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like it was the perfect DC weekend! And yay that the wedding cake was still delicious!! :)

  22. Love your photos! Looks like you guys had a wonderful anniversary! :)

  23. Happy Anniversary doll!!! You have such an amazing city to play tourist in! I love DC so much!

  24. Happy Anniversary, looks like an amazing time! I love DC, definitely want to go back someday!

  25. Happy anniversary, what a perfect way to celebrate! I'm drooling over that cake, oh my gosh!

  26. What a PERFECT weekend together! Love these photos! I want to visit DC someday, so badly!
    That cake looks so freakin' good. I wanna dive in ;)
    Happy Anniversary to one of my fave couples! I love your love!!

  27. Happy Anniversary to the two of you! Sounds like a perfect first anniversary get-away!! I love the touristy part of DC, but we went there in December, so the weather wasn't nearly as nice :-)

  28. Happy Anniversary!! I love being tourristy in DC, such a great city! And yay for year old wedding cake, ours was delish the next year too and it was STILL better than most other cakes.

  29. what a great way to spend your anniversary! we froze our cake to eat on our 1yr but forgot all about it and dug it out 3yrs later when we moved #oops LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  30. Happy anniversary!!!! I always wondered how the cake tastes a year later, hahaha!

  31. What an amazing way to spend your anniversary!! Congrats and cheers to many more! <3

  32. Happy Anniversary!!!
    That food looks amazing!

    Isnt DC so interesting? I toured the same locations!

    Thanks for linking up for our weekend recap!
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