January 31, 2018

What's Up Wednesday {JANUARY}

Eating: Back on the healthy train after a trip in NYC. Below were our delights.

Reminiscing about: about our truly fabulous weekend trip to NYC. Le Husband gave it to me for a Christmas present and I'll have it recapped on Friday. It was so much fun.

Loving: My friends and their support. Truly THE BEST!

What we've been up to: Navigating this new life together. Not always easy, but we're doing it.

Dreading: Not making my DREAM of being a FULL TIME CPT work.

Excited about: getting results back from LES MILLS audition.

Watching: Different Youtube videos about BARRE warmups. My faves are here and here.

Listening to: Les Mills music [duh] and the AMP app from Gold's Gym.

Wearing: Allllll the workout clothes. Getting dressed in regular clothes is kind of a nope right now.

Doing this weekend: SUPERBOWL and celebrating Grandpa T-Bone's 92nd birthday.

Looking forward to next month: Getting more clients to train.

January 19, 2018

One BIG Weekly Win

Hey, friends. Been quiet here this week, I know. Launch week during snow storms is quite crazy, but that's a recap for next week. I've truly been quiet because I've been extremely worried and nervous for Mama B.

Again, going to be a bit vague, just how it will be here for the moment. After the scare last week we've all been dealing with checking up on her, asking how she's doing and waiting for doctor appointments to come back. She's still in pain, however her amazing body is slowly healing which is wonderful.

Things were quite stressful for everyone earlier this week as two doctors were giving conflicting prescriptions and it as super scary trying to navigate what step was the correct one to take. Lots of prayers went up, lots of prayer warriors were called upon and yesterday we received the best news. Both doctors now realize waiting and letting the body heal naturally is the best step, not a quick surgery next week.

Thank you all again, for the thoughts, for reaching out, for the prayers, the kind words and just being here and reading and supporting our family. I'm beyond thankful to be here talking because things could have been SO SO SO much worse. With that stressor gone I believe I can now think clearer and come back here and visit y'all too.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend < 3 , Be blessed!

January 15, 2018

Weekend Recap {The One With Rest and a Scare}

Hello, Monday. If you're someone who has the day off, please enjoy it for me. The gym is open and we are beginning LAUNCH week which means I'll be living in the GGX room when I'm not trying to get new clients. 

Thankfully I'm heading into this week rested as my weekend was a mix of fun with friends but lots of sleep as well. Le Husband came home Saturday morning from being gone ALL WEEK {missed him} and we enjoyed napping, couch cuddling, Disney movies, yummy food and relaxing all day after my BOOTCAMP class. 

Saturday evening we met up with some fitness friends for dinner and it was SO NEEDED. Just an evening of delicious food, funny stories, wine, whiskey, smiles, jokes and way too much fun. We stayed way later than planned but it was so worth it. I know I say it all the time, but my fitness tribe is the best! Supportive, kind, caring, hilarious and SO MUCH FUN!

Sunday morning was church, errands and then a quick gym session where I practiced for my first class tomorrow. It is going to be a super busy week because I'm launching a ton of classes this quarter.
Monday - BODYCOMBAT 10:10am; BODYATTACK 6:00pm
Tuesday - BODYPUMP 6am; SPRINT 9:30am; BARRE 10:10am; BOOTCAMP 6pm; BODYPUMP 7pm
Wednesday - BODYCOMBAT 9:00am; SPRINT Noon; BODYCOMBAT 6:00pm
Thursday - BODYATTACK 9:00am; SPRINT 6:00pm
Friday - BODYATTACK Noon; BOOTCAMP 5:30pm

Phew, gimma all the food now, right? Lots of stretching a fluids this week and fingers crossed my voice makes it through unscathed. I've been hoarse the past five days and trying to keep quiet to save everything I have for this week. Wish me luck and have a great week. 

Before signing off, I'd like to ask for prayers for my Mama B. We had a pretty unexpected scare on Friday night which was incredibly unnerving. I hate to be vague, yet want to respect her privacy so I'm not going to go into detail here. She is okay, THANK THE LORD, but could use some prayers for 100% health and recovery. Moments like this really make you see what matters and how quickly your life can change. Mama B is my family's world and we are so grateful 'alls well that ends well'. 

January 12, 2018

Weekly Wins {Climbing Out of the Hole}

This week did not start awesome. It through me for a loop and mentally I was a mess on Monday. But, like most of the time, I found my mojo again and have been pressing on to do the dang thing. Lots of lil wins getting me through this week.

>>> All four audition videos and a written assessment were submitted successfully, Monday. Worst case scenario they say I need to improve in places and give me very particular feedback. Best case I get to audition live in March.

>>> One of my fabulous fitness friends is clearing out her workout gear for the new year and gave me a HUGE bag of LULULEMON she never wears. Talk about a fantastic Tuesday present, right? It's my first LULU, yay!

>>> Things have been booked for a girls TRIP! #blateintheworks

>>> The weather on Wednesday was GORGEOUS and I only had one class to teach so I met my dear friends and their kids at the park. It was so much fun running around with the kids and watching their pure joy and being outside. Good reminder of the little things in life.

>>> My friends down here are so wonderfully supportive and there when I need them. Another work obstacle popped up which really got me down on Monday and they were there to build me back up quick. Means a lot.


>>> Floor hours have been decreased for the PT group so I've started selling myself {ha, that sounds funny} in all my classes for fitness assessments and scans. Wouldn't you know I now have TWO scheduled for next week?

>>> A girl who left my SPRINT class early had me bummed out until I met up with her walking to the bathroom later. I gave her my card and introduced myself and she said "Oh I know you, I used to take your PUMP class all the time because you were my favorite but work hours changed". I mean, AWESOME RIGHT!?!?

>>> People in my fitness classes have been very receptive to me giving out my card and have even asked for a few extra for their friends. Hopefully this will help get me a few more clients.

What did you WIN this week? Wishing you a wonderful weekend. See your pretty faces on Monday!

January 10, 2018


starting to feel the extra classes I put on my plate to make more money while I start to build up my PT clientele. 
hoping my muscles just need time to get used to the new schedule and I can keep up this pace.
scheduling scans for potential clients and new classes to teach.
reading my NASM textbook, manuals, fitness blogs, Bible devotionals.
sending lots of good vibes to those watching my audition tapes.
anticipating a girls trip in the next few months. 
playing a ton of Les Mills music before launch next week.
believing everything will work out with me being a trainer full time.
praying for our nation, my family, my friends and to find my purpose. 
missing all our Christmas decorations and Le Husband when he is traveling.
loving all the support I've received from Le Husband and my friends during this tough time.

January 8, 2018

First Weekend of 2018


Can I be honest? I feel like 2018 has been here for two months already. No joke I checked two calendars before I believed this was the FIRST full weekend of the new year. Somehow my brain thought we were already halfway through the month. I honestly believe I'm all over the place because of everything that happened the end of last month. Slowly getting the new groove of life, which means slowly finding the new routine and using the weekends to slow down a little if possible.

This weekend I...

...finally found sleep again. It had been alluding me but thanks to Natural Calm and some yoga the zzz's returned home and gave me some much needed rest.

... went to the gym for two fitness scans and even though neither signed up for training, the mom was extremely supportive and might reach back out to me in a month. #itssomething

... ran through the NEW ATTACK class while my friend filmed her assessment video. #somanylunges

... taped three of my four audition tapes on Saturday.

... took a nap while Le Husband cooked dinner because #exhausted.

... ate chicken and waffles while introducing Le Husband to the amazingness that is Disney's Tarzan.

... woke up rested on Sunday and met a friend at church.

... had a last minute decision for brunch and it was deliciously fun.

... filmed my fourth and final audition video.

... came home, uploaded everything, wrote my heart out on the application and SUBMITTED!

... felt brave and scared at the same time.

... got sucked into the National Geographic show Savage something about a pride of lions in the African desert. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOD and we got NOTHING DONE the rest of the evening.

... prepped my list for classes next week and put my game face on for potential clients.

Wishing you a fabulous Monday. Hope you stay warm and ROCK IT!

January 5, 2018

Weekly Wins {First of the New Year}

Hey, happy first Friday of 2018! Wow, a fresh new year with the first week complete. My old home and the rest of the eastern part of the US is dealing with snow, but down here in TN we have plain old cold temperatures. I hope everyone is staying warm during the bitter cold and if you have snow, woohoo! Enjoy and sip some cocoa for me.

My wins this week include:

>>> The response to my post yesterday. Y'all are the sweetest, most uplifting group of women and I am so thankful for every comment, text and email. Thank you for being in my corner and for sending so many good vibes my way. 

>>> Not having to wake up at 6am or 7am every morning. There are still some early mornings, but it has been nice to wake up more leisurely this week. Might not make as many link ups this way, yet I'm so thankful for the extra rest. 

>>> How helpful Le Husband continues to be with the life change. He's been incredibly supportive and talked me off many a ledge. Knowing he can handle things for awhile makes this time around so  much easier. 

>>> Our realtors stopped by and looked over our place because we are looking at expanding the family sometime this year {!!} which means we will need a bigger place. They were incredibly impressed with all the work we have done and assured us all the changes we have made will help in the future. 

>>> Taking time to do a sheet mask before bed while diffusing lavender. Just a lil bit of me time made the weekly rush melt away. Sheet masks always make me feel so fresh!

>>> I have five initial assessments scheduled for this week, three being tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, y'all. See you back here on MONDAY! < 3

January 4, 2018

Learning to Swerve Through the Curves of Life

We all have them, right? Big curves and little curves keep our life from being too linear, too straight, too easy. 2016 we gave ourselves a huge curve and spent most of 2017 navigating the twisty turvy new road. Navigating found a steady rhythm by the end of the year, life was humming along nicely and then, BOOM, huuuuuuuuuge swerve in the road.

The week before Christmas my position was eliminated and I was told starting in January my services were no longer needed. I alluded to a big change in this post but couldn't get my head around blogging so I just left it for the new year. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Knowing the business was expanding wasn't anything new, I just had no idea there would be someone doing my job as well as manufacturing which is why I was let go. No indication, no nothing. I was paid throughout the end of the year and my boss told me that Tuesday I could take the rest of the year off since he had a bad experience with someone not coming in after being told they were no longer needed. I'm thankful he let me go before the New Year, though, because I was able to spend EXTRA time in Ohio for Christmas and didn't have to worry about being at work for no reason.

The hardest part about the news was Le Husband was already in Ohio for work and I had to spend Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday morning all alone. He was there for me on the phone, let me cry and even though words are his worst love language he helped me feel safe and protected. His words of "we will be fine" kept me from truly freaking out. Teaching BOOTCAMP and BODYPUMP on Tuesday night were miserable and my dinner that night was wine and noodles. But, I was able to get my game face on at the gym and my amazing Fitness Manager and Operations Manager were all about giving me extra classes and on boarding me as quick as possible so I'd be ready to train in January. I'm lucky, I know, to have something already but it's still quite scary at the moment.

I'll be honest, I debated long and hard about sharing this here. First, it's embarrassing to write out because this wasn't my decision, I was told I was no longer needed. And, even though performance didn't play into everything I can't help but wonder IF there was anything I could have done better to be kept around. If I learned faster, picked up the lingo quicker, didn't ask questions, would I still be there now? While being an admin was never a dream of mine, I hate doing things poorly or being told I'm not good enough. So, there's that piece of putting everything out here.

Second, how many posts did I share in December about being happy and things being better than in 2016? A LOT! While I was very careful not to seem braggish or over the top, having everything come crashing down so unexpectedly really threw me for a loop. How was I supposed to come back and say 'Remember when I was so happy, yeah, now I'm scared and freaked out again' after so many cheery, joyous posts?

And then there's the knowledge of people out there rooting against me. You can't be everyone's cup of tea and I removed a few black clouds from my life a few years ago. Unfortunately in the internet world, people can still come around and try to cause drama because they are bored and since my blog isn't private I can't control who lurks. I'm not being dramatic, trust me, I'd rather not worry about things like this but I've dealt with drama off and on the past few years, even very recently which was sooooooooo ridiculous, making me not want to share the bad because I KNOW how happy it will make other people. Sad, right? But, then I realized, who F*#(ing cares what they think? If they want to cheer, go right ahead because soon they'll be pissed off that I'm rocking it out like a beast and turning sour lemons into lemonade. I also try to be VERY real here and not hide anything for y'all. There are enough people out there pretending the bad doesn't happen and only sharing the rosy, why do I need to add to that facade?

Silver lining, this unexpected change has pushed me to F I N A L L Y pursue my dream of personal training full time. My plan was to quit in March if I couldn't get ramped up working part time and maybe this is the push I needed to just GET AFTER IT ALL! The process is starting to click and I just need to trust myself that I know what I'm doing. I also need to be okay getting outside my comfort zone of not being a 'sales person' and embrace talking to new people to get them to train with me. Time for me to get back on the fitness blog train and really start digging into sharing fitness as my full time job. Any and all prayers or good vibes would be so appreciated. My goal is to attack this new path with joy, vigor and tenacity to make my dreams succeed. Alright 2018, let's do this!




January 1, 2018

We Welcome You, 2018

January 1, 2018

A New Start

A Fresh Slate

A New Chapter

A Fresh Perspective

A Clean Page

A Sparkled Beginning
Wishing you and yours a very blessed 2018. May it be YOUR YEAR < 3 !