January 5, 2018

Weekly Wins {First of the New Year}

Hey, happy first Friday of 2018! Wow, a fresh new year with the first week complete. My old home and the rest of the eastern part of the US is dealing with snow, but down here in TN we have plain old cold temperatures. I hope everyone is staying warm during the bitter cold and if you have snow, woohoo! Enjoy and sip some cocoa for me.

My wins this week include:

>>> The response to my post yesterday. Y'all are the sweetest, most uplifting group of women and I am so thankful for every comment, text and email. Thank you for being in my corner and for sending so many good vibes my way. 

>>> Not having to wake up at 6am or 7am every morning. There are still some early mornings, but it has been nice to wake up more leisurely this week. Might not make as many link ups this way, yet I'm so thankful for the extra rest. 

>>> How helpful Le Husband continues to be with the life change. He's been incredibly supportive and talked me off many a ledge. Knowing he can handle things for awhile makes this time around so  much easier. 

>>> Our realtors stopped by and looked over our place because we are looking at expanding the family sometime this year {!!} which means we will need a bigger place. They were incredibly impressed with all the work we have done and assured us all the changes we have made will help in the future. 

>>> Taking time to do a sheet mask before bed while diffusing lavender. Just a lil bit of me time made the weekly rush melt away. Sheet masks always make me feel so fresh!

>>> I have five initial assessments scheduled for this week, three being tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, y'all. See you back here on MONDAY! < 3


  1. OOO yay for starting to expand your family!!

  2. Amen on the whole not having to get up at the butt crack of dawn. I have really loved it but of course next week I get to have that joy back in my life - ughhhhh! Best wishes to you on starting the process of uterine expansion (I do have a way with words.) May your weekend be just as spiffy as you make it!

  3. looking at selling already? And I know this year will be the best yet.

  4. What's a sheet mask?! What what on the family expansion?! So exciting!! (The comment with the uterine expansion, lolllll for days!) It's cold here, too. I've taken to carrying a space heater around with me. lol

  5. Yay for more sleep in the morning! This non-morning person gets up at the absolute latest possible time during the week with zero shame. And how exciting about your plans for this year with the house and family. SO excited for you guys <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. So excited that you are going to be taking your personal training to the next level - you rock girl and while it wasn't the way you wanted it to happen, it was clearly in the cards! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Sometimes sleeping in is so good for the soul! It's the best to hear good news when you've put time and money into improving something so yay for good news from the realtors and so exciting to be starting a family soon!

  8. Girl, I was so sorry to read your last post regarding being let go, but I know nothing but good things are in the cards for you! I was let go in 2012, and after a rough few weeks, the offers came in, and I haven't looked back. You deserve it all, lady! Crush it!

  9. Good luck with your assessments! Have a great weekend!

  10. Good luck with the assessments! I'm sure you're going to do awesome!

  11. my H, who usually rises at 430am to go cycling before work, has been getting up at 7-730am over his vacation and now he's like OMG how am i going to get up tomorrow at 430am?! he's not going to be happy haha!

  12. Sheet mask before bed sounds perfect!
    p.s. visiting you from the H54F link-up


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