January 8, 2018

First Weekend of 2018


Can I be honest? I feel like 2018 has been here for two months already. No joke I checked two calendars before I believed this was the FIRST full weekend of the new year. Somehow my brain thought we were already halfway through the month. I honestly believe I'm all over the place because of everything that happened the end of last month. Slowly getting the new groove of life, which means slowly finding the new routine and using the weekends to slow down a little if possible.

This weekend I...

...finally found sleep again. It had been alluding me but thanks to Natural Calm and some yoga the zzz's returned home and gave me some much needed rest.

... went to the gym for two fitness scans and even though neither signed up for training, the mom was extremely supportive and might reach back out to me in a month. #itssomething

... ran through the NEW ATTACK class while my friend filmed her assessment video. #somanylunges

... taped three of my four audition tapes on Saturday.

... took a nap while Le Husband cooked dinner because #exhausted.

... ate chicken and waffles while introducing Le Husband to the amazingness that is Disney's Tarzan.

... woke up rested on Sunday and met a friend at church.

... had a last minute decision for brunch and it was deliciously fun.

... filmed my fourth and final audition video.

... came home, uploaded everything, wrote my heart out on the application and SUBMITTED!

... felt brave and scared at the same time.

... got sucked into the National Geographic show Savage something about a pride of lions in the African desert. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOD and we got NOTHING DONE the rest of the evening.

... prepped my list for classes next week and put my game face on for potential clients.

Wishing you a fabulous Monday. Hope you stay warm and ROCK IT!


  1. i looove my magnesium.

    good luck with getting clients! it's tough but once they realize how good you are, it'll be easy pickings :)

  2. Workout machine girl! I'm sure once everyone sees how amazing you are at what you do they will start to sign up! Good luck with the auditions! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Good luck with getting new clients. If I lived near you, I would totally hire you as my trainer. I know you are an awesome trainer!! Happy Monday!!

  4. Yay for a productive, but really fun and relaxing weekend! Sending prayers and god vibes for your final audition tape/application!

  5. I need to start dipping my Monday's in glitter because they sure need it! Good luck with your final audition video, you've got this girlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I agree! It feels like we've been in 2018 a lot longer than 8 days.

  7. Good luck with your audition girl! I bet your tape was amazing and you killed it! And glad you found sleep again!!

  8. Good luck with the auditions! I love that sip in in glitter meme!

  9. Good luck, friend!!!! I also feel the same way about 2018! I feel like it's already been here for so long!

  10. Happy new year sweet lady! Glad you got some rest and naps in this weekend! Don't speed up the time since I feel like 2017 flew by although I wouldn't mind for the warmth to come sooner than later! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  11. Reading this (a week out) tells me that you TOTALLY rocked this week!! 11 classes as of today? You're totally my hero. I'm hoping for naps and rest this weekend... will be venturing out to find natural calm soon, lol.


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