August 30, 2013

Meet My Single Girl Home

Usually I link up on Fridays, but today I'm not. 

Today I'm showing you where I've lived the past two years.

My SiNgLe GiRl SWAG one bedroom.

So many wonderful memories and such a fun girlie space.


If you don't have time for the quick video tour, just check out my pics.
Living Room

Dear Apartment nine,
You were the best one bedroom a girl could ask to call home. I'm so glad we found each other and so glad it worked out as well as it did. Thanks for big just big enough to feel spacious but not too big to be scary. I'm sure going to miss 'MY SPACE' when I move into a two bedroom, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things. Thank you #9, you kept me sane!
xoxo Pinky

August 29, 2013

Last SINGLE GIRL Thoughts on a Thursday

1] I can't say thank you enough for all of your kind words yesterday. I almost didn't post anything, because I was so embarassed and felt so stupid, but I'm so glad I did. Your comments, prayers, well wishes, texts and thoughts meant so much to me yesterday. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

2] We are in the SINGLE digits ladies! S I N G L E D I G I T S! STOP.THE.WORLD! I just can't, single digits, that is so insane. I'm so excited and while there are 2139480234803 bazillion things to do I know it will all get done. Single digits, oh em goodness!

3] Since we are in the single digits that means I can NOW obsess over the weather! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay this way!!!! purdy please!!!!!!!!!!

4] This weekend will entail the last DAY I sleep in my single girl one bedroom apartment. I will be moving all my bedroom stuff to C's this weekend and then move into my parent's house for the rest of the week. Super exciting, lots of work and honestly a bit sad. I love my big girl apartment. I'm so proud I found this apartment and got to live MY WAY for the past two years. It's been fabulous and there are so many wonderful memories housed in that lil piece of real estate. Now on to learn how to live with a MAN....EEEEEEP!

5] Football season starts today woohooooooooo! I may not have a college team [darn those lancers] but I love me some FOOTBALL! GO EVERY TEAM! [man I sound like such a girl]

6] LOVE YOU! MISS YOU! MEAN IT! niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine daysssssssssssssssss!

August 28, 2013

The Highest High to LOWEST LOW

That has been the past few days.

This past weekend was amazing.


SO fabulous that it made me cry tears of thankfulness.

Tears of joy and appreciation.

It was an incredible feeling, one that words can not do justice.

I was ready to attack the next two weeks and kick wedding booty.

This week was slated to be insane, but I was ready to conquer it.

And then.....


the car crash happened.


Yes, I was involved in a car crash on Monday.

I'm okay and the other driver is okay, but it's a mess.

A big F*()in mess.

One that I don't need to be dealing with ten days before my wedding.

Thankfully it wasn't a high speed accident and while the air bag deployed,
I turned away so my face was unharmed.

I have a bit of whiplash, but all in all no worse for wear.

Except my pride. I'm embarrassed. I'm upset. I'm a bit overwhelmed.

But, I'm alive, unhurt and able to function, praise the Lord.

satan's trying to bring me down and I'm doing my best not to let him.

My family and fiance were amazing. They were there for me immediately.

They gave me hugs, let me cry, lent me cars and made dinner.

I'm annoyed that I lost a day of wedding planning and packing, but I'm okay.

If you can say a prayer for me that would be great.

I need grace, I need hope, I need more time and I need things to keep running smoothly with insurance and with repairs.

I'm so thankful no one was injured. So so thankful.

But, really?!?!? ten days before my wedding. REALLY!?!?

August 26, 2013


Hold the phone, it's Monday?!?!

My bachelorette weekend is over?



Yes it is, and my life is amazing.


Saturday was my bachelorette party and it was seriously one of the best days of my life. My sisters, mother and friends put together and amazing day, one that will live with me forever and created so many wonderful memories. 

I was up bright and early for my makeup trial with an artist my mother is friends with through work. She is extremely talented and did an amazing job. I looked very natural but with a little bit of extra pizzazz. I can't wait for my wedding day look :)!

Once the trial was over we headed back to my apartment where the girls had gathered. Everyone showed up wearing something pink [so awesome] and I gave the girls a small gift bag, which included pink beads a pink light up ring, candy and headache medicine for later in the day :)! There was some fun mingling and then it was time to jump in the van and head to the wineries.

Yes, I said van. The sissys rented a huge white van to drive everyone, to keep us all together. There may have been a few mimosa roadies on the way. We had about an hourish drive, but the time went extremly quick because everyone was chatting and having fun together.
Awesome driver, SportySpice

Van crew
The first winery was Bluemont and it was absolutely breathtaking. It was up on a hill and you could look down into the town and see the beautiful mountains in the distance. We were set up on a deck and it was completely perfect.  Can I just say that God gave me the most perfect weather ever?!?! It was 80 degrees, no humidity and gorgeous skies.
First stop
Wait, is this party all for me?!?!
Gorgeous, amazing lovely friends
My amazing MAMA!!!!
CHEERS White Wine
Our server, Jed, was super fun and the wines were delicious too. I am partial to a sweeter white wine and their 'Happy Cow' wine was right up my alley. The girls were funny because they kept trying to get Jed to give me 'extra' tasting servings, but he wasn't playing along. So, we improvised ;)
I think I need some more :)
My fabulous group of friends
After we completed our tasting, people bought a bottle of the red/white and we wandered around the property and of course had a fun photoshoot. Not only do I have gorgeous friends, but we had the most amazing backdrop too.
Love all the pink :)!
Pool crew
Kickball ladies
Teacher friends
Team wedding planning

Bridal party minus one
Friends for 20 years
My amazing family
Pink Pants man bought me THREE bottles of wine
We were at the first winery for about two hours and after making a few friends [pinkpantsman], it was off to stop number two. The second stop was Twin Oaks and it was up in the woods. Our server Sue was super awesome, but the wines were not as great as Bluemont. But, it was still an amazing time and I was feeling preeeeeettttttyyyy good after the tasting, so I was super lucky the sissy packed a picnic/soberup party.
We ride in styyyyyyyyyyyyyyyle
2nd winery
The picnic was incredibly delicoius, with crackers, cheese, fruit, olives, veggies, bread, dip and water :)! It was great to mingle with everyone and I just have to say my friends are so much fun. I had a great mix of new and old friends and I sat back and watched everyone chat and my heart was so full.
SNACK/soberup time

Such a lucky lady!
Love you MAMA
When everyone had eaten there fill, it was time to pack up and head back home. The hour ride home included a few naps by a few of the girls and yes, that included me!
Naptime Tebow style
After we arrived home, we had pizza, drinks and then it was present time. My friends are way too generous and kind and I loved everything I received. There was definitely a lot of pink :)!

There were a few....ummm...funny gifts that made this pink girl blush. It was all in good fun but I totally had some squirm-worthy moments. Babyspice captured one of the moments PERFECTLY!

Once we had eaten our fill of food, it was time to change into our dancing clothes. My neighbor and good friend got us the HOOKUP for table service in a DC club and I was so excited to go out dancing with some great ladies.
Summer Swim team friends
The DC crew
Pinky's getting married
Since we arrived in DC early, we headed to a bar to just hang out, have some drinks and chill before dancing the night away. The bartender gave me a free kamikaze shot, which was awesome, but had me a little worried about making it past midnight. Luckily my friends were kind and didn't try to kill me.
My beautiful JennJenn! Thank you for coming out!!!!!
The club we went to was called M.I.A and it has this awesome Miami vibe. My friend J got us the hookup with a table in the VIP section and it was amazing. We had bottle service, our own private dance area and our own private security guard for the night.
Our lil corner
YAY Sparkles
I did not stop dancing ALLL NIGHT!!!!

Three bottles for seven people...OH EM GEEE!
The bestest guy [minus C] in the WHOLE WORLD!
Yep, still dancing
The club got extremely packed around 12:30am, so we were escorted upstairs to a different VIP corner across from the DJs booth. It was so much fun looking over the rail at everyone. There was also a whole area for dancing upstairs that we enjoyed using. We made friends, drank drinks, chatted with the club promoters and were taken care of by our bouncers. IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!!!

What's up fog machine
My party crew! LOVE Y'ALL!!!
Perfect picture, even with the haze
We left the bar around 2:30am and then participated in some shenanigans at my apartment. Let me just say the left over pizza came in CLUTCH late night style. Then we all chugged water and passed out. For some rando reason we all woke up early Sunday morning, had coffee, girl powwow on my bed and then everyone left. C made me pancakes but I was not feeling to well that morning. Or all day for the most part. Sunday was R-O-U-G-H but 100% worth it. I wouldn't change a thing about this weekend.


I cannot put in to words how incredibly thankful I am for the wonderful people in my life. I had a mini meltdown Sunday afternoon and cried happy tears of thankfulness. Saturday was one of the MOST perfect days ever and I wish I could relive it over, exactly how it happened. I teared up because it was over, and is something I will never experience again. I know I sound cheesy, but I appreciated EVERY SINGLE thing that went into planning my perfect bachelorette.

And yes, I just teared up again. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my wonderful sisters, mother, best friends and friends. I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!

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