October 31, 2013

30 NOT BY 30

Last April I posted a 30by30 post.
A very ambitious 30by30 post since I posted it with only one year to complete everything. I had originally written the post back in 2011, but never posted because I thought it was too silly. Now I wish I had, so I could have looked back at it more. OH well. Ya live, you learn you get Luvs :)!
Anyway, I'm going to change this to a 33 by 33 list to give myself a sporting chance. Let's see where I am now and how much I still have to do in the next three years...gulp!

1) Get Engaged!!!!!!!!!

2) Buy  home with my husband

3)Run a Marathon

4) Cook a whole Thanksgiving/Christmas meal

5) Get Married!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6)Go back to Brazil for mission work

7)Volunteer with the youth at my church

8)Go to a Yankee's game in the new stadium

9)Go to a NCAA National Football Championship

10) Go to a Dallas Cowboys Football game at Cowboys stadium

11) Go with C to a Bengals game

12) Take an Destination Unknown trip with C

13) Visit Baby Spice at law school

14)Go Camping for the weekend

15)Ride in a hot air balloon

16) Do something CRAZY trendy with my hair

17)Sing a solo/duet/quartet at my church

18)Get better at math (not use a calculator all the time)

19)Tell people about my blog

20)Write regularly to a solider over seas


22)Set a fitness goal and stick with it for at least 6 months
WOOHOO wedding prep ;)

23)Decorate my place on a budget
Loved my one bedroom, 2012

24)Do a 'New Recipe a Month' program for a year

25)Become fully reliant on myself (not my parents)
[now that I have a husband I'll give myself half credit, but I still turn to them a ton]

26)Hike Old Rag mountain with C
October 2012

27)Visit Nashville
January 2013

28)Truly be able to tithe at church

29)Have all my Christmas shopping done by Halloween

30)Consider starting a family

31) Visit Europe

32) Complete a NO BUY Month

33) Change my job
I can't log off without wishing my very good blog friend, turned IRL friend, JANNA a happy birthday! I know you're missing your husband again, but I'm sending you a big hug and smoocharoo lovey! Hope today is fabulous! MUAH!
[stolen from her blog cause they are so cute!]

Happy Halloween to the rest of y'all! If your going out to party, please be careful while you're having fun! I'll be playing in a 9:30pm soccer game...outside....thank goodness for a mild fall! Have a fabulous day bunnies!

October 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Girls Prep

Today it's all about the ladies. And the fun beautification process that is the wedding morning hooplah. Oh my goodness it was sooooo much fun. I wasn't stressed, my girls were so helpful and the vendors produced amazing results. The morning seemed to fly by, but I was able to enjoy everything as well. We did  hair and makeup at my regular salon and they allowed us to pretty much just take over. We had mimosa's, coffee, snacks and tunes.

I didn't have to worry about being a bride that didn't eat, which was awesome. My mom decided to embrace her southern Tennessee heritage and hosted a 'Bridal brunch' for all family members the morning of the wedding at our host hotel. We were lucky the hotel was only five minutes away so we had a friend chauffeur us to and from so we could get breakfast during breaks in the beauty process. The food was awesome and it was great seeing people at the brunch before everything got started. I loved all the hugs and warm wishes and it made me EVEN more excited seeing people. Well done Mama B!

I chose to not have our photographer come to the salon because I didn't want to waste the extra money for a few shots of me getting all done up. I'm lucky to have some great sissys that love to take pictures so we have some fun gems from the salon and I'm so glad I have a few snapshots to look back on and remember the last morning as a Miss! :)

*Warning...this post is SUPER photo heavy, for good reason though ;)*

The beauty crew!
After everyone was beautified we headed back to my parent's house to chill out before we started getting ready. There were snacks, more coffee and of course more mimosas. Our planners were incredible at keeping us on time and allowing us time to just enjoy the fun moments at the house. While we were hanging out the photographer and videographer were in the house, snapping pictures and getting some great video footage I'm sure. I love all the small detail and lil moments our photographer was able to capture during the hustle and bustle.
Man I loved my bridesmaid dresses. The perfect color of pink and less than $100, LOVE IT!


My something borrowed

Something blue

Getting the card from Le Husband

C did such an amazing job with my gift. Since my engagement ring was my late grandmother's, he upgraded the diamond but never told me what he did with the original. I was hoping he would save it for a gift some day, and lo and behold that day was wedding day. He had the original diamond made into a necklace and it is soooooo beautiful. I was so touched to have a piece of my grandmother with me on my wedding day.
Mommy KNEW!!!! So sneaky!
Annnnnnnnnnnd the make up was almost ruined!!!
Luckily I have some funny sissys that help lighten the mood!

Daddy and I snuck down to the basement for some father/daughter dance practice. We planned something super awesome for our dance together and wanted to brush up on our technique. I can't wait to share our surprise!

And then, like a light switch flipping, it was time to get ready and everything started moving quickly. Not rushed, or stressful, just moments turned into minutes and minutes turned into a countdown. I must have said a bazillion times, 'This is really happening!' "Yay, I'm getting married"!

Mama B didn't stop smiling ALL DAY! It was so fun!

While the ladies were getting ready, our florist stopped by with the bouquets and I was stunned by how gorgeous everything turned out. They did such a fabulous job!

Don't know WHERE I get it from :)! She's so cute!
After everyone else was ready, it was wedding dress TIME! WEE!

My face says "I BETTER fit into this dress!!!!!!"

Once in the dress it was time to add all the special touches.
My new necklace :)!

Kent State Garter :)

The photographer LOVED these picture silhouettes my mom has down our main staircase. I would never have thought of getting this picture, but it's honestly one of my favorites :)!

We didn't do a bride/groom first look, because we didn't want to see each other until I walked down the aisle, but I was able to have a first look moment with my daddy. These pictures are ones I will always treasure, my daddy is my hero and having this moment was so precious.
So sweet!

I love his face!

Classic ;), someone doesn't look like a bride right here!
Oldest daughter is getting married! < 3 My parents!
And just like that,we were dressed and walking out to the limo. And then trying to find my engagement ring that I dropped because it was on my right hand. Never fear, little sisters to the rescue, thank goodness :)! The limo ride to the church was maybe five minutes and then boom, we were at the church!
Love the pink shoes and their pink dresses

While guest were being seated I was able to give my parent's their flowers.

OBVIOUSLY no flowers on the Army uniform, but still a fun picture :)
All of a sudden the wedding planner swooped in and told us it was time for everyone to line up. I remember thinking "Oh my gosh, this is it, it's GO TIME!". Mamma B and the sissys put the veil over me but I had a lil freak out moment and told them to unflip it because I wasn't ready, haha. They showed Daddy how to pull it down so it was even and then they all lined up for the processional.

I'm not ready yet...I'm not ready yet!
Surrounded by the women in my life :)
And then it was just Daddy and me waiting for the change in music cuing us up to walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams.
Little Bit of Class Little Bit of Sass
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