December 28, 2017

Year in Review { July - December}

HELLO, loves! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend. Insane the holiday has come and gone, huh? I didn't mean to be gone so much last week, but something completely unexpected happened and I had to step back and plan life. I don't mean to be vague, but it is something I'll address in the new year, not this week because everything is still incredibly fresh. Let's look back at the second half of the year, shall we?

Family came to visit for the 4th of July
My Heart

We traveled to Michigan for a wedding. It was gorgeous and a ton of fun.

An advanced BODYCOMBAT training brought me back to my instructor center. Cheers to finding my mojo again.

Thirteen hours on a Saturday brought another kickball championship and a very tired Sunday. It was nice winning again, even if it was with a different team, and the extra cash didn't hurt either. I also debated on an August training and heard from all of you I should JUST DO IT, so thank you!


Le Husband's family came down to visit and Mama B came into town for a funeral. 

Life got into my head and I had some issues trying to figure out my purpose and gifts. 

On the same note, I also started to really feel my age and y'all came to my rescue with advice. 

Hurricane Harvey made landfall and devastated multiple states and countries. So many organizations jumped into help mode and people were so kind donating money, time and services. 


The first week of September brought our  FOUR year wedding anniversary. 2016 - 2017 proved to be the HARDEST year of our marriage with more downs than ups, but we persevered, learned about ourselves, each other and recommitted to USE.

I shared the wonderful news of SPORTYSPICE'S pregnancy. We had known since the beginning of July and it was such a hard secret to keep. Oh and did I mention she competed a fitness competition at 12 weeks?

My second attempted at the NASM PT exam resulted in a PASS and I FELT SO ACCOMPLISHED!

Sportyspice and I pulled off an INCREDIBLE SURPRISE 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY for BABYSPICE and it was quite a wonderful weekend. She was surprised and it was lovely being a family of five.

I finally created a fitness class schedule I loved and our downstairs bathroom was finally completed. 


I shared what's new with me which included a new blog, an injury, and lots of friend love.

Babyspice came to visit me for a weekend.

Wrote about what I believe in.

After hearing a sermon I felt called to share how I was putting down the bricks in my life.

Visited family back in Ohio and had fabulous time with our lil nephews.


We flew to Ohio for a quick wedding weekend with family.

I auditioned for the role of BOOTCAMP COACH for Gold's Gym and was thrilled to join the team.

Most of my month was spend getting ready for, anticipating and BEING with my family in Arizona for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was magical and wonderful and just amazing. 

During a gender reveal we found out SPORTYSPICE is expecting a lil girl in MARCH! #teampink

We unexpectedly lost a soccer friend to an aneurysm and I was reminded HOW short life can be and vowed to 'live like Chris' and be more kind and friendly to others in his honor.


The month of holiday cheer got started with a fun traditions post. I also shared 10 things I wanted to do in the December.

My heart was so full of joy as we celebrated our first Christmas in our new home. There was a lot of looking back as I realized how happy this Christmas was from the sadness of last Christmas.

Lots of fitness and BOOTCAMP and we also took T-Bone out to dinner for the holidays.

I suffered my first canceled flight on my way up to DC to celebrate Sportyspice's baby shower. Thankfully I made it up before the party the next day and it was wonderful party. The family also celebrated Christmas early which was lovely.

An unexpected life moment happened right before Christmas which flipped my world around. As mentioned above it's something I'll talk about next month. But, I didn't let it steal my Christmas joy and Le Husband and I traveled up to Ohio for family Christmas which was the best extended weekend.

The end of the year will be wrapped up with a new plan in place, setting goals, finishing the house and getting ready to crush 2018 with style. I hope you haven't found these posts too boring, I love looking back, especially during a hard year. It helps keep things in perspective and I'm honestly in awe at how much this year as brought us here in Tennessee. 


  1. I absolutely loved reading your recap!!! :) The photos are the best.

  2. Love you BOFF! 2018 is going to be your year.

  3. The second half of the year sure brought so many big smiles!! Also... your sister competing in a fitness competition while being pregnant?! #lifegoals. She's amazing. I'm still giggling about the Santa suit, too. Hilarious! I like looking back at the year - it's a good exercise, though 2017 seemed to be quite anxiety ridden for me, lol. What LMW said above... let's make 2018 our year! I'm in if you're in!!!

  4. I love all this family time on here. The relationship you have with your sisters is amazing!

  5. I love how you and your family make it a priority to be together. So much love! Happy New Year!


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