December 29, 2017

Weekly Wins {The One Before The New Year}


Last weekly wins of 2017, wow. I had a few thoughts running through my head for this post, but then life and now the post is live. And I've decided to make it general

Weekly wins for the last week of December...

>>> LIFE! Living it. Breathing every day. Being able to move.

>>> Family! There for you when you need it, no matter what. Extended family through marriage and throughout the USA. So much wonderful family.

>>> Health! Moving well. Eating decent. Not hurting all the time.

>>> Options! Things change and you must adapt. Grateful for OPTIONS.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and CHEERS to 2018 new week < 3


  1. Those are all great wins to end 2017 & head into a new year! Happy New Year!

  2. I love your positivity girl! So many things to be thankful for and to consider a win! Can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for you!

  3. I love the weekly wins. I feel like this needs to be a priority for me next year. :) Cheers to adaptability. We aren't statues... we can move! :)

  4. Love this list- so much positivity and gratitude! Happy New Year!

  5. I love this list, it's perfect for the new year!

  6. Yes to health and family! The best :) I hope you have a wonderful start to the new year!

  7. Great things to be thankful for at the end of the year! Happy New Year!


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