December 19, 2017

Year in Review {April, May, June}

Hey, friends! Can you believe Christmas is only six days away? Yay, wahoo, and oh my right? Still quite a few things to take care of, but after my family Christmas on Sunday I'm kind of ready for the big day to arrive. Before we get there, let's look back at the second quarter of 2017, shall we?

I started a new job, which led to a much happier life.

April brought my 34th trip around the sun, leading to some self analysis. 

People responded well when I shared how often the 'bad self' takes over my brain.


Surgery at the beginning of the month scared the ever living sh*t out of me.

My gallbladder surgery was successful, even though the recovery was a lot harder than anticipated.

I was honest about my feelings about life, I confessed some work mistakes,  and my fear of being average.


My first DOUBLE DIGIT blogpost month since the move. Small peanuts, but still, I felt back in the blogging groove finally and found time for this little space. Shared about 'what you don't see' here, confessions of a group fitness instructor, and some joy bombs

A year after our move we went on our FIRST Tennessee hike and the view was gorgeous. Recovery was tough.

I took and F A I L E D my personal trainer exam... by four points. It was my own fault, but I was still devastated to have failed. I was embarrassed to tell my husband, my family, my friends and y'all. It was a rough few days to say the least. 

Le Husband and I took a weekend trip to a different lake and I got a new hairdo.

Completed my first What I'm Up To post in forever and got excited about family coming into town.

Second quarter brought about a much better balance with life and I started to feel human again. Especially after surgery. Summer was hot and I enjoyed a lot of time outdoors. Le Husband was traveling a lot, so I found fun ways to be on my own and continued to work on the house.


  1. Another great few months with things big and small! Even with the surgery and just missing the passing marks for your exam, there was still so much goodness and discovery!

  2. Sometimes it's hard to believe how much can happen in a year!! When you start to look back on it I'm amazed! Cheers to closing out one year and starting fresh soon!

  3. You have had quite a year of ups and downs, but always remember the downs make the ups more appreciated! I still just love your new hairdo, so adorable!

  4. Yay for the new happy job and so glad your surgery went well! Loved the blonde new do for summer! xo

  5. That view from the hike is breathtaking!

  6. i love looking back at the year that's passed....although i can't remember many significant details, i do remember being happy :)

  7. I love that smile in the gallbladder picture... it's so genuine and real despite the fact that you're about to have surgery. There's just a look of peace that comes through - despite all your worries. Is that weird? It definitely feels weird to say, lol.


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