December 15, 2017

Weekly Wins {Ten Days Until CHRISTMAS}

Are you ready? I think I am, mostly. I'm sure I've forgotten something though, it always happens. But, then that person gets extra because I buy something after sales, so kind of winning right? It was a long, busy week here, with not a lot of sleep, but it was also a good one too. On to the wins for the week, yay!

.:. SportySpice is on the East Coast aka HOME! YAY, wheeee! WAHOOOOOOOO!

.;. Today I'm flying up to DC to see family and cohost her baby shower. It is Santa Baby themed and we are oh so excited to celebrate Sportyspice and our lil baby niece. Some of my friends are coming up early to help and it will be a lovely afternoon for sure.

.:. Extreme gratefulness is the them of my heart even during the stress and bustle of everything this month. When I started writing my yearly recap I realized how far we have come since last year. A year in our home almost, wow! It's funny when you think about time, how short 365 days can seem when life moves at a happy clip. But when life is ever so hard, when days feel like years due to arduous work and stress it is easy to sink into the 'stuck in the weeds forever' feeling. Broken record, I know, but those of you dealing with tough times keep your chin up, okay? It will get better, I am living, breathing proof.

.:. Multiple glasses of hot cocoa were consumed this week. Glorious indulgence during the festive season. January with come soon enough, but for now, I'm enjoying delicious cocoa when I want.

.:. Management sided with me regarding the stolen class situation and I'm so thankful to be so supported. I honestly try to do my best to get along with everyone, support the team, while being someone people can count on all the time, so having someone go behind my back [again] totally through me for a loop. Knowing where I stand at my gym and being valued is amazing.

.:.Today is double payday, WOOOOOOP

.:. Le Husband finished making my Christmas card holder and I'm so stoked. Pictures to come next week because I still need my little clothespins. Any ideas, friends?

Wishing you an awesome weekend before Christmas. Catch you Monday, lovelies! < 3


  1. Have a ball in DC and woohoo to double payday!!! Life is so sweet with lots of cocoa too!

  2. Thank you for reminding me it's payday! I love the Santa Baby theme! That's really cute. Have a blast!

  3. Have the best time in DC for the baby shower! I'm sure it's going to be perfect! And your #3 is just the reminder I needed today. :)

  4. Have the best time at your sister's shower - it's going to be wonderful no doubt! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Yay for more family time and showering your sister-- santa baby sounds like the cutest theme! So glad everything worked out with the person who tried to take your class-- it really is the best knowing you're valued and supported by other staff/management!

  6. little clothespins - dollarstore first, then Michaels with coupon of course

  7. Yay for your gym having your back AND double payday!! I hope you had a great trip east, even if the flight ended up being delayed (a lot). :( Hugs!!


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