December 8, 2017

Weekly Wins {Fa La La La La Edition}

Fa la la la la, Friday's here! You with me, friends? Only two more Fridays until Christmas, weeeee and whoa. The days have been slow recently, but the weeks are just flying bye in a blink. Might be all the things I have on my plate right now, ha. Honestly, all of the hustle bustle has me quite joyous and seeing things from an even more optimistic perspective this week.

Weekly wins for the first week of December include:

|| Y'alls kind words on my post yesterday. I put a lot of heart and time into writing it, for you, but, mostly for me. I remember the heartache of last year so vividly and I try to be 100% transparent in the good and the bad. To those who mentioned they were in a dark place, know I'm praying for you and sending you so much love this season.

|| I dropped our Christmas cards off in the mail on Tuesday, woohoo. Still waiting on a few addresses and getting to the post office for Canadian postage, however I feel I can say cards are sent. Now begins the fun of the daily mail call.  

|| This week is a demo launch of BOOTCAMP and my first BOOTCAMP DEMO went extremely well.  I co-coached with a fellow fitness instructor and our energy was contagious. All of our participants worked hard, made it through the workout and had such kind words to say at the end. BOOTCAMP has been a lot of work and I'm grateful to be reaping a bit of reward this early. Fingers crossed for Saturday. 

|| Thursday night Le Husband and I took T-Bone out to dinner and he actually let us pay for it, shocker. He's big on treating us so it was rewarding to pay the bill. We also did a few chores around his house and finally set his email up correctly. Oh and he taught me the coolest way to bring water to a boil without electricity. #science

|| I thwarted someone trying to steal my class on Thursday and felt very smug the manager of the gym backed me instead of the other person. I do my best to stay away from drama but this dude keeps bringing it on himself and I'm tired of it. Vindication for the win!

|| Our house is 90% put back together after a week of disaster mess. Le Husband had to use up some vacation time so he decided he would paint the upstairs and depopcorn ceiling our bedroom. Yes, two weeks before Christmas. Yes four days before I'm having people over. YES, I KNOW! But now it is done and the house feels so much more complete. 

|| During the upstairs purge I found my candle warmer and have been using it with our Christmas tree scented candle. Our house smells sooooo delicious and festive it makes me smile every time I walk in the door. And so does all of our decor, it's just so cozy!

Hope your week went well and you enjoy a lovely weekend. Mine is filled to the brim with BOOTCAMP classes, subbing BODYATTACK, organizing the house and hosting a small casual get together with some fitness friends. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, see you on MONDAY!


  1. Good for you for sticking up for yourself & your class! I'm glad that the launch went well! The days really are dragging but holy cow are the weeks flying! Seriously only 17 days until Christmas & 24 days until 2018?!

  2. Yay for dinner with T-Bone and getting your Christmas cards out. Such an amazing feeling! Happy Friday girlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. I need to hear more about this boiling water without electricity please! So glad the launch went well and you kept your class! Have a great weekend and enjoy those depopcorned ceilings!

  4. oooh how do you bring water to boil without electricity? fancy. i can't believe someone tried to steal your class! glad your manager had your back. i saw on instagram you all were painting ceilings, we have to do that soon and we just keep ignoring it lol. we will have to drop cloth everything because we basically have to do the whole house. blah. have a good weekend darl!

  5. I'm glad to hear everything worked out well with your class!

  6. Why do people steal? I'm glad you stood up for yourself and didn't let him steal your class. It sucks that some people don't want to put in work or get their own stuff. We were going to do some painting and depopcorn three of the rooms in our new house, but the Mr has convinced me to wait until after Christmas at least.

  7. Ugh painting makes such a huge mess! But it's so worth it when it's done and all nice and perfect!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. YAY for a de-popcorned ceiling! I need to get our cards in the mail. I really should put that on my to do list for this weekend! It's been so exciting getting cards in the mail this week!

  9. Painting is such a pain but it's always nice when it's done! :)


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