July 12, 2017

Whirlwind Wednesday

Somehow Wednesdays have become my recap my life days. Why? I honestly don't know. Maybe it has to do with time. Maybe it has to do with the fact I can't seem to want to open my computer at home. Maybe it has to do with the fact the past 20 days have been insanely busy and crazy. Probably a culmination of everything I guess. Today is just a recap mishmash which might not make a lot of sense. Onward to the bullet point style post.

|| My family left last week and Wednesday was one of the hardest days I've experienced in a long time. Waking up, getting ready to go to a job I don't like because I don't have much time off, while my sisters were at home broke my heart. I just wanted to hang out with them a little bit more and I couldn't. Life can be so hard sometimes. Yes, I know people have it harder. Yes, I know we are lucky with technology but it's just not the same. The only constant thing in life is change and I know I need to embrace that mentality with our distance. Hopefully some day soon I'll get there.

|| Le Husband and I took a very quick trip to northern Michigan last weekend to celebrate dear friends getting married. Again I felt the drag of not having vacation as we had to make it only a three day trip, with two days traveling. It was quite a trip with lots of driving but well worth it in the end. We were able to explore the beautiful destination of Petosky and reunite with great friends. Kickball couples for life.

|| Gold's Gym Fitfest this week and I'm drowning in choreography. Every quarter I tell myself I'm going to learn the new releases immediately and not wait to the last minute and EVERY QUARTER I'm scrambling to learn releases the day of, night of and right before class. Life just keeps happening and I will admit I'm grateful for a quiet office where I can practice right now. Wish me luck, I'm launching three formats this week!

|| I also decided to further my BODYCOMBAT certification and attend an advanced training on Saturday. Did I mention already that I DON'T have a COMBAT class right now so I've barely cracked open the release? Ha, yeah, that's going to be a fun Friday after work. Sometimes I don't understand why I do this to myself.

|| Le Husband is traveling more than ever and I'm so proud of him in his job. Weeks like this it's nice to have the full house to myself one or two nights, but other times I miss him a lot. Our relationship has gotten back to where it used to be now we are more settled and I'm so grateful. We aren't perfect and we still have LOTS to work on {communication}, but the fun spark heart emojis have been back for a bit and I'm beyond thankful.

|| My crazy pants instructor life and some plans in the future have me in a bit of a funk right now. I'm feeling kind of lost again, without a direct path and an increasingly feeling of melancholy is right in the back of my brain. I attribute a lot of the blah to my diet which completely derailed from the tracks the last two weeks. Good foods in should help my body and mood, right?

So, friends, how are you? What's happening? Tell me in the comments!


  1. So sorry about the family part - I know thats super tough! Fitness wise you're rockin it out of the park! Glad you and Le Hubs are in a happy place too!

  2. That sunset - gorgeous! I loved seeing you reunited with your family, but I'm sorry it's been so hard going back to the ol' routine. Sending lots of *hugs* <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. I'm glad you were able to be with friends for the wedding. You look beautiful!

  4. Your husband and you are so cute. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to be home while at work because life is happening there. Adulting is hard.

  5. Guess what, up close to Petosky is where we were on our family vacation. You guys are absulutely adorable. I'm so sorry you had to work and not get as much time with your family. I work at a job I hate so I know it can be frustrating.

  6. I'm so glad to hear that (overall) things are going really well! I think marriage is a constant learning curve. I know, especially with deployment, Ryan and I always have to work on communicating better - and that's over 3 years in! Good for you guys for always doing the work and celebrating each other <3

  7. Thought I'd stop by as it has been way too long! Glad things are going well...wishing you nothing but the best!

  8. You guys make such a cute couple! That's so tough not to have much time off and miss out on special time like that with family and friends. :(

  9. Sweet girl I'm so sorry you continue to struggle. I just know you are such a hard worker and there is going to be some huge reward for all this adversity the past year. You and your hubby looked so great for the wedding and hello...wedding cake is my fave! yum!

  10. Love this picture of you and your husband!! :) Makes us happy!

    Katherine & Brandon | www.oneswainkycouple.com


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