November 2, 2017

What's New With You {November}

Started this drafter earlier in the day on Wedsneday and then the WIFI went out at work so poof, it gone. Now I'm coming to you with a sheet mask on my face before I read and go to bed. Sometimes you just have to late night blog post, right?

What's New With You

What's new with me you ask?

House update: The downstairs bathroom is finished and our gallery wall is 99% complete. We just need to print out the small pictures and then boom, dunzo. I'll have pretty pictures for you soon, but for now, here's the wall. 

Fitness update: Tonight I'm auditing to be a BOOTCAMP coach and I'm nervous but excited. But nervous. It is a big opportunity and for more money per class which would be awesome. I also officially start my Personal Training next week with our Fitness Manager....yup, it's getting real.

Family update: I see them in 16 days and I CAN.NOT.WAIT!

Le Husband update: He's rocking his job and traveling a lot, so I miss him. But, it makes the weekends and weeks he doesn't travel more fun. We make sure to go on a date night once a week now since he's sometimes gone for fourteen days at a time. He's doing a new workout program right now and dude is gonna get jacked. I need to step up my game.

Workout update: Besides teaching I haven't been to the gym at all and I can feel it in my classes. With PT starting I don't know what my schedule will be yet so I haven't gotten back into the lifting groove. I really need to add some yoga into the mix too. I'm feeling kind of off honestly. 

Alright, that's all I've got right now. Boring, I know, but it's a blog post. And I love this link up. 

What's new with you?


  1. Yay for PT starting soon- I keep saying this, but I'm so excited for you! Spending time with family is the best- so much to be excited for you!

  2. That's awesome you get to see your family so soon!! Always exciting. And having date nights when your husband IS home is awesome!


  3. so proud of you again for the PT stuff! And good for you guys on date night. And man I know how much seeing the fam bam means so here's to hoping the next 14 days zoom by. love you lots

  4. I hope you post the gallery wall - love home decor ideas. Also, Hope the auditing goes well. Youre killing this PT stuff.

  5. Yay for finishing the bathroom and almosttttt the gallery wall. Bonus? No one died in the making of the gallery wall!

  6. Killing it! You already look amazing girl, so only step up your game to challenge yourself!

  7. can't wait to see your gallery wall! i think you showed pictures on instagram or something and it looked amazing. good luck with your bootcamp coach audition!! sounds awesome. and personal training - you go girl. i'm so excited for you to see your family :) sorry that you are feeling off, hope you feel 'on' soon :)

  8. I hope the audition went well! I'm sure you nailed it!


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