November 13, 2017

Weekending: The One With A Wedding

Oh hey there. I'm back after an unexpected break {more on that Wednesday}. Enjoying my Monday after a fantastic weekend away for a family wedding. Double bonus, I took FRIDAY OFF! It was so lovely not being at work AND being with my husband. He's been traveling none stop and right now weekend trips are our only chance to see each other.

This weekend I:

... flew up to Columbus Thursday night to meet Le Husband.

... slept in Friday morning then headed further east to Glouster for the wedding.

... checked into the adorable lodge {that I failed to take a picture of, doh}.

... met up with family for dinner and drinks after the rehearsal.

... helped set up for the reception, so fun.

... woke up Saturday, hit the gym and watched football before the wedding.

... bundled up to combat the bitter cold in Ohio.

... watched a wonderful couple say their vows and be blessed by God.

... convinced Le Husband to participate in a photoshoot, whoop!

... drank, danced and ATE the night away in celebration.

... recovered with a lazy morning then headed to the airport.

... enjoyed a free upgrade and free movies while flying the friendly skies.

... came home, unpacked, did laundry, prepped food, cleaned the house.

Now I have a slow cooker soup cooking and I'm ready to take on this week. How was your weekend?


  1. That sounds like a beautiful (perfect) whirlwind of a weekend! Also, that cake looks like I need to eat it right meow. Happy Monday, friend! Here's to a great week :)

  2. You look stunning! Love that picture if you two!

  3. Yay for a fun weekend away with le Husband (and cake. Cake is always good!)... can't believe you scored an upgrade, too! How lucky is that?! Absolutely gorgeous picture of you two. I love the bride's dress, too!

  4. What a wonderful weekend with your family! Love that you got extra time with the hubs! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Wedding fun, cake, photoshoots, and a free airplane upgrade? Yes please! Fabulous weekend sweet friend <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Well that was quite a weekend!! You and Le Husband looked gorgeous at the wedding. Love your dress!! And what a beautiful bride!!

  7. Loving that bride's dress. so unique!!!
    & you look gorgs as always!!!

  8. You look beautiful and I absolutely love the bride's dress, it's simple but so classic.

  9. Love your dress! Sounds like a fun whirlwind weekend trip! I'm sure it was nice to catch up with freinds even though it was freezing out!

  10. Nothing better than a family wedding! Love the pics of you and LeHusband. I had so much fun this weekend reliving college years, so much fun, I had no time to recap it!

  11. How gorg is the bride and her dress! Sounds like a whirlwind trip!

  12. Again, hot couple. And her dress is gorgeous.


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