October 9, 2017

The Baby Weekend - The Sissy Not a Kid

Wah, it's Monday. I'm tired, sleepy, cranky and just a bit sad because Babyspice just drove away to head back home to DC. I know each day is a blessing and I want to be kicking booty this weekend, but right now that ||woop|| feeling just isn't here. I miss her already, sadz.

What's getting me smiling today is all the fun memories squashed into a quick three days together. She arrived Friday afternoon and we honestly hit the ground running. Or pumping. Or CPRING, because your girl right huuuur, needed an updated CPR certification and I dragged Babyspice along to get hers too. #oldersisterproblems

Once we completed the course it was off to SOCCER TACO to watch the United States Men's National Team play Panama. The USMNT stunk their last qualifying game so we were a bit nervous, however, Friday night they came to play and rocked it like no other. It was a great evening of chips, guac, margs, goals and sissy. #ole

The rest of Friday night was spent sissy timing hanging out then to bed early because guess who was asked to sub a BODYPUMP class Saturday morning? Yup, this girl. You will be happy to know I ASKED BABYSPICE before committing to help. Of course she was all for the workout it was fun seeing her face in the class. Afterwards we had fun posing and playing on stage, because yeah, that's just what we do.

Next stop was Honey Bee Coffee Company for their delicious artisanal coffee and pastries. Babyspice chose the Cold Brew Nitro coffee and I ordered the Lavender Honey Latte. Oh my delicious and caffeinated. The vibe is a fun one, we sat outside relaxing and stretching while we enjoyed our mini breakfast before brunch. Yes, that is a thing.

Our brunch was with T-BONE, woop woop. There is a delicious restaurant right near his house so we picked him up and got a seat on the water. I had the fantastic chicken and waffles and Babyspice enjoy the BBQ eggs benedict. T-Bone is doing well and looking good for 91, we enjoy spending as much time as we can with our super cool dude of a grandfather. 

Good granddaughters help around the house to say thank you for brunch. When we dropped T-Bone off we both notice the leaves everywhere so we offered to take care of the front yard and the driveway before the rain settled in early next week. I felt so much better when we drove away, knowing we helped make the house more functional and helped it look better, too. Don't worry, next time I get to break out the chainsaw, T-Bone already pointed out what needs to be done.

After brunch it was time for yoga stretching and a nap before preparing for the evening's festivities. Man, naps, are they not the greatest things ever? Too soon it was time to get up and get ready but we did and headed downtown to meet some of my faves. The evening starting at our favorite wine bar where flights, bottles and champagne were had as we discussed fitness, life, friends and Europ. Too many laughs with this fabulous crew

The next stop was an upscale Mexican restaurant and it was quite delicious. More margaritas were had and then it was off to the Library. For reading. Ha, sike. The Library is a speakeasy themed bar and super fun. More drinks, more laughs, more fabulousness and then it was bedtime.

Sunday morning we were up for church [rough start though] enjoyed a great service then headed out for one last brunch. Took longer than expected but the coffee and muffin made up because they were to die for delicious. 

We chilled out at home for a bit then it was off to another fitness class because, yeah, your girl always helps out a friend in need. I admit, it's so nice to have a sissy in the class, someone to smile at more, someone to make you want to rock it a lil more and someone to give you feedback. The ladies in class loved our humor and everyone worked super hard which was the best. 

After class we headed home, did laundry then headed to my aunt and uncles house for dinner. T-Bone made an appearance too, so it was the fun family affair. Yummy food, family fun and a few more drinks passed the time and suddenly it was time to head home and get ready for the week.

Our bodies were exhausted from the fun weekend but neither of us wanted to sleep yet. So we packed her up, prepped food and then finally went to sleep. This morning came much to quickly and I'm super bummed to be the only sissy in the house now. The countdown to Thanksgiving is on now.


  1. What a perfect weekend celebrating your sister!! Looked like a blast! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Glad you had a fabulous weekend with Baby Spice! Sending all the hugs to get through this Monday <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. What a fun weekend with your Sis! :-)

    Also, I love that your grandaddy's name is T-Bone. He sounds awesome. It's so good to have a strong relationship with grandparents, especially if they are still around.

  4. Sounds like a busy - but fun - weekend! I'm glad your sister was able to visit.


    here from the Weekending link up!

  5. Sounds like you and the sis had a blast! Goodbyes are never fun...hoping this week goes well for you! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  6. What an awesome weekend you guys had!!! I love when T-Bone makes an appearance! :)

  7. I'm glad you & your sister had such a great time!! All of the food looks so good.

  8. I don't live near my sister and it always sucks a little extra when she has to leave. I feel ya. I'm glad you had a great time while she was there tho!

  9. Sounds like y'all had a great weekend together. I wish I had a sister to do all the sister things with! In the mean time I pray my girls will have an amazing sister bond to do all the things together with!

  10. Naps are a must every day LOL. sounds like a fantastic weekend and all that food --- YUMMM!!

  11. What an awesome weekend! Your lavender honey latte sounds like an awesome combo (and looks so good, too), and so many fun adventures!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. What a fun weekend! And you guys seriously are the best grand-daughters doing the work! That's what family is for, right? Also, teach me your mini breakfast before brunch ways. I need ALL THE FOOD in my life!

  13. You guys had the best sister weekend ever! Super jealous!

  14. What a great weekend with your sister. Loving all the food pictures and how much you guys did this weekend!


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