October 27, 2017

Weekly Wins: Last of October


Boom shakalaka, it's Friday!!!! Hope you had a great week so far and cheers we only have today until the weekend, right?!? My week was a good one with quite a few wins. Let's check em out:

|| I made it through my first DOUBLE in a month. WOOOHOOO!

|| A friend and fellow fitness instructor subbed my Tuesday night class so I could chill and let my body recover from the double on Monday. So wonderful having friends who are willing to help out whenever they can.

|| Since I had more time for food I made a deliciously healthy meal. All about the oven roasted brussel sprouts, I jazzed this dish up with mushrooms and prosciutto.

|| I slept for nine hours Tuesday into Wednesday. Man, waking up refreshed is the best.

|| Cooler mornings [blech] mean FALL CLOTHING {woop}! Finally being able to break out the vests, scarves, boots, booties, and flannel makes me feel better about the cold.

|| Sportyspice is halfway through her pregnancy and looking fabulous. #growbabygrow

|| Our cousin gave birth to a healthy baby girl and used a family name we all love. YAY baby!

|| We received our bootcamp materials and I understand most of it which is awesome. Now, I just need to practice cueing with an authentic self and I should be able to nail the audition.

|| My blog email is finally cleaned up. I did have to just delete, delete, delete which I hated, but I needed a new fresh start. I pledge to be better about responding to y'all.

|| Fall TV is back and everything has been so so so so good so far. Loving my regulars and new shows. Anyone her watch BULL or Seal TEAM!?!?! So much to discuss.

|| I get to leave earlier than normal today to meet Le Husband. Two pm can't get here soon enough!

If you're going out for Halloween parties have fun and be safe, friends. Check you Monday! < 3


  1. Congrats on surviving the double! Yay for getting to leave early to see your husband! Your sister is looking adorable. I slept for a long time Tuesday into Wednesday as well. Happy Friday! Have an amazing weekend!

  2. damn, if i lived near you, you could test your bootcamp routine/material on me! my trainer used to do that (make me do insane drills at muay thai and if i survived, he'd make the entire class do it lol).

    your sis looks great! by 20 weeks, i think i was in whale territory haha

  3. haha why did I laugh so hard at that meme. Yay for Friday!!! Your sis looks adorable btw.

  4. yay for getting in some good sleep this week and surviving a double! Sporty Spice is looking fab! Enjoy the weekend lovely lady! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  5. TGIF! The brussels sprouts you made look soo good! They're one of my favorite things to order, but I never think to try and make them at home. Your sister looks so great! When is she due, I think we must be close to the same time?

  6. I am literally on the edge of my seat and holding my breath while watching Seal Team and The Brave each week! LOVE!

    How is sporty spice already halfway done?!?!

  7. OMG. Sportyspice is adorbs!!! Love!! Happy weekend with Le Husband!

  8. She looks fantastic!!! :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I watch Bull! I'm a few episodes behind though


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