October 3, 2017

I'm In The Mood For


Hot cocoa while cozy on the couch watching a movie

Flannel and sparkly tops with jeans

Cupcakes that contain no calories

Pho, gimme all the Pho!

A weekend where I can just lazy around and do nothing

Smores, because why not?

Decorating for Thanksgiving

More peace and less heartache

Creating a new workout routine so I can get stronger

More sleep

A spa day complete with facial, mani, pedi and massssssssage

Waking up early for a sunrise with the birds

Purging of all the old in our house and completely getting everything finished

Family time

inspiration from steph


  1. WHY can't they make cupcakes without calories?!?

  2. I was in the mood for smores but ended up just eating all the Hershey bars. yikes.

  3. sign me up for those cupcakes without calories please! although, i'd take all the calories in the world for there to be no more heartache.

  4. Yes yes yes! All the hot chocolate. And warm fires! I'd also really really like to eat all the food and never gain weight. Is that a thing?!

  5. Yes to calorie free cupcakes and I just splurged and bought whipped cream so I can make my hot chocolate at home a little more lush!

  6. If you find cupcakes with no calories feel free to send them my way haha.

  7. I'm totally with you on the spa day. I'm hoping that will be my treat after I finish all these law school apps with my kiddo... or definitely post November 1 apps. Yup yup yup. Spa day please! (And S'mores... because when is a s'more NOT a good idea?!)


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