October 17, 2017

The Last


Thing I ate... brisket stuffed sweet potato and a small piece of baguette.

Show I watched... episode two of Law & Order True Crime: The Melendez Murders

Account I followed on Instagram... ArtisticPops

Blog I visited... Hungrymeetshealthy.com for a truly incredible post. #brave

Activity I did... taught BODYATTACK98!!!

Song I listened to..."Let Me Love You" Dj Snake and Justin Beiber. #bodypump103

Time I swore... this morning when a police officer decided to ride slow in the right lane. #gofaster

Product I used... peel face mask because my face is destroyed after last week and weekend.

Book I read... Key Lime Pie Murder Mystery.

Thing that frustrated me... trying to get a sub for a class. #spoileralertitscoverednow

Time Le Husband shocked me... how excited he was to see my Friday night. I love him dearly, but superfluous works of affection are not his love language [gifts + physical touch are his jam] so hearing he was happy to see me [said multiple times] made me all happy mushy inside.

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  1. Yay for getting your class covered & yay for mushy love feelings!!

  2. I also read Christina's blog/post; it was heartbreaking and awful that she, and millions of women around the world, are/have been victimized like that.

  3. Yay for the return of Le Husband and getting your class covered! I've been wanting to watch the Melendez Murders, is it worth finding on demand?
    Green Fashionista

  4. Thank you for sharing Christina's post. It is scarily all too common. Yay for the affectionate return of Le Husband!

  5. A brisket stuffed sweet potato sounds delicious! How is the Melendez Murders? I saw the previous for it like a million times before it started but we forgot to record it. So glad you got your class subbed and your husband is back!!

  6. Oh my that brisket stuffed sweet potato sounds amazing! I've been meaning to watch that Law and Order about the Menendez brothers, that story is such an interesting one.

  7. How did you like the Key Lime Pie Murder Mystery book? Oh my the brisket stuffed sweet potato sounds delicious! Never tried anything like it.

  8. And now I'm totally intrigued by Key Lime Pie murder mystery!


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